Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Lux in League of Legends

Lux is an excellent caster champion that can zone her enemies away from minion range during the early game. She is such a lane bully in the laning phase that gives ADCs a hard time to score CS. Her value does not fall off either-even if the game reaches the 30-minute mark, as she can be used as a carry champion too. By late game, she would have so much damage and ability haste built that she can cast her ultimate often. This is great to clear minion waves and use it to deal heavy poke damage on the enemies. She is also great at setting kills for her ADC champion anytime during the game. With that said, let us take a look at 5 of the best ADCs you can pair with her.

1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a great ADC to pair with Lux because of her W snare. Once an enemy is caught with Lux’s Q, that enemy will be guaranteed dead with this duo in the early game as the CC chain is too much, along with the burst damage they both deal.
An excellent cheese strategy you can use in the early game with this duo is to wait for the enemies on the tri brush. If they went to leash their jungler take the Red buff, they are gonna walk towards the tri brush to get back to lane. When this happens, be sure to take Caitlyn’s W and Lux’s Q. plant traps in the bush where you expect the enemy to walk to. When they walk to your trap, just hit them and make sure Lux uses her Q just at the right time before your snare duration ends. If the enemy survives, try to predict where they will flash and put a trap on that location so you can finish them with a headshot.

Great Item You Can Build on Lux on This Duo

Luden’s Echo

This item seems like a greedy build for Lux support, but this item really is excellent during the laning phase. Not only will this item help you establish lane dominance from Lux’s annoying skill spam, but this also gives her a mana boost that makes her cast her skills even more. This item also has a great recipe item that gives Lux a massive value in the early game. Every time she levels up, she gets a massive boost in mana regen, which means you can threaten enemies even more with your Q and Cait’s W combo. 

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2. Morgana

Now, this is really a fun build, not really an attack damage champion, but Morgana can be picked to be a carry champion at the bot lane. This is a very dangerous duo to face in the bot lane. As they stack their CCs together, you won’t be able to play the game. Even if you build a QSS, you will still be immobilized by their skills. 

Morgana or Lux can open up a pick with their Q ability. When an enemy is hit, be sure to stack your skills at the right time to maximize the duration of the enemy’s immobility. Morgana can build DPS items like Liandry’s and Demon Embrace along with grievous wounds items to prevent enemies from healing. They have lots of CC abilities, so they really don’t have to worry about ganks in the early game, provided that they have good river vision so they can react quickly on ganks. 

Great Item You Can Build on Lux on This Duo


Playing this duo with this item would be really funny as your enemies won’t even be able to move for more than 5 seconds. It might be funny, but still, this item would be scary when you play against this duo. Locking down an enemy assassin champion is the best way to bring value out of this item. Preventing champions with excellent mobility to move is always the best way to deal with them. 

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3. Jhin

With both of the champions having long-range skills, lane dominance is imminent. Hitting a Q with Lux on an enemy means a free W hit from Jhin, and this is an excellent poking technique you can use in the early game. Both champions can also follow these roots up with high damage making them win early trades and establish lane dominance.

In the late game, these champions have incredibly long-range ultimates they can both use at the backline. During team fights, they can stay behind their teammates and still deal tons of damage to enemies. Suppose the enemies manage to get a plank. In that case, Lux can peel on Jhin with her Q, and his W. Jhin is no pushover when he is within range of his auto-attack as he can deal over a thousand damage with a single hit in the late game. 

Great Item You Can Build on Lux on This Duo

Mikael’s Blessing

You won’t spend much time in the frontlines with this duo, so it is reasonably safe to say that Jhin is very protected in the backline. But if an enemy champion manages to get to the backline and CC Jhin, this is a great item you can build to deal with that situation. When Jhin gets out of a CC from an enemy, Lux can secure his escape or help his kiting with her Q ability. Both of them can burst enemy champions if they choose to approach Jhin at a closer range. 

4. Ezreal

This duo has a very high all-in burst potential with its low cooldowns and high damage outputs. Once caught with a Lux Q + E combo, Ezreal can continuously poke the enemy down with his Q spam and W enhancements. If the enemy manages to get away, both of them can finish that champion off with their ultimate abilities. 

Ezreal is a very squishy champion if he focuses on building damage items, so you’re going to need to focus and cast your W on Ez frequently, so he won’t get his health poked down by enemies. Ezreal can also build tank items, and if he does, you can focus on your Lux by building damaged items so you can help him deal damage.

Great Item You Can Build on Lux on This Duo

Staff of Flowing Water

The increased ability haste that Ezreal can get from this item is excellent as it helps him cast his abilities more often. Make sure to use this item’s passive just before Ezreal uses her ult, or you use your ult. This gives you an extra 20 ability haste giving your ultimates low cooldowns. 

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5. Ashe

A very excellent lane bully duo in the laning phase. This duo spends most of their time casting their abilities on enemy champions in the early game to zone them out of minion EXP range. If they manage to do this, Ashe can power farm ahead of the enemy ADC and gain the upper hand for the mid-game. 

Their power spike is post-level 6 because of their ultimate abilities. Ashe can open up a fight with her ultimate, and Lux can follow up with her Q to extend CC duration. Both of them can throw their skills to burst down the enemy, and be sure to use Lux’s ult at the beginning of the fight so that you won’t take away the kill from Ashe

Great Item You Can Build on Lux on This Duo

Mejai’s Soulstealer

With this duo, you are guaranteed to secure early kills. An early Mejai’s would benefit Lux as she can stack it up in the early game. This will give them better damage outputs and extend their lead into an unstoppable snowball. Lux can peel for Ashe while she can also act as a carry champion with her high damage output.

Lux is a grand champion that can peel and play aggressively. She has high versatility, which means there are lots of ways you can play here, depending upon the situation. She works great with most ADCs, but the ones mentioned above are the top 5 ADCs with so much value when paired with Lux support. With all that in mind, I wish you Goodluck on your next games. See you on the rift summoner, GLHF, when you decide to play a game as Lux support. 

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