Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Malphite in Season 12

Malphite is not typically played in the bottom lane as a support, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be played as one. Malphite has the best engagement ability in the game. His Ult has a large AOE, which can initiate a fight anytime in the game as long as he has it. 

He’s pretty useless without his Ult as he only acts like what he really is, a hard rock. But when Malphite is partnered with the right champions, he can win games with a crucial ultimate initiate. Now that we know what Malphite can do as support let us look at the ADC champions who profit the most from his abilities.

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1. Yasuo

Of course, the bread and butter of every low-rank player, Yasuo. When you are at the league of legends’ lower ranks, you might often see this duo. The reason is that it is straightforward to use this duo. Setting up kills in the early game is easy as long as Malphite has his ultimate up. 

When setting fights, Malphite simply ults the enemy, and Yasuo can quickly follow it up with his Ult as well. When the combo ends, Malphite can slow the enemy’s movement speed for Yasuo to kill. 

If the enemy decides to fight, Malphite can use his E to slow their attack speeds down, giving him and Yasuo, the upper hand to the trade. Malphite also has great pokes, which can be synergized with Yasuo’s aggressive approach as well.

Great Item You Can Build On Malphite For This Duo


You might want to extend the Crowd Control duration on the enemy after casting both of your ultimates. Yasuo is very immobile when there are no enemy minions around. Malphite can fix this by locking the enemy down in one place. Yasuo can continue hitting that champion long enough for the enemy minions to arrive so Yasuo can freely dash minions and kite enemies. 

2. Ashe

Ashe is gonna be your best bet when it comes to lane synergy with Malphite. Ashe has the range and the slow to bring down the enemy in the laning phase. Malphite can also spam his Qs on the enemy, so the enemy will often be slowed. Continue doing this with this duo until such time you can all in on them to either kill them or take their summoner spells. 

Both of their ultimates work together as well. Malphite can quickly engage the enemy with his Ult, and Ashe can stun them after they get down from Malphite’s Knock up. It will be challenging for the enemy to run away from this duo. They have perpetual slow abilities, so enemies have to either fight or die. 

Great Item You Can Build On Malphite For This Duo

Imperial Mandate

Malphite can cast his Q from a far distance. This would proc imperial mandates passive damage. Ashe can also follow this up with her W. This is a solid poking strategy to win the lane against your enemy. The bonus movement speed from its proc also comes at a massive value for Ashe, who needs it for kiting.

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3. Kai’sa

Kai’sa is a powerful late-game marksman assassin. With Malphite as support, Kaisa would want to play as aggressively as possible. Malphite can constantly harass the enemies with his Q slow until Kaisa is ready to go in an all-in. 

Because of her ultimate ability, Kaisa can quickly follow up on a Malphite engagement even though she is at a faraway range. Kaisa can quickly dash towards the enemy champion caught by Malphite’s Ult and burst that champion down with her empowered Q. 

During the late game, Kaisa becomes an assassin who can trade hits if needed. With Malphite, you should target squishy enemy champions with your Ult so Kaisa can follow up and burst them down. A one or two pick is always great for the team.

Great Item You Can Build On Malphite For This Duo

Locket Of The Iron Solari

Malphite lacks peeling abilities; he really has no way of protecting his ADC for team fights, except for his Ult. When they combine their ultimates, and the enemy doesn’t die from Kaisa’s burst, that champion could retaliate and kill Kaisa because of her Squishy nature. With that in mind, you’re gonna want to cast exhaust on that champion and use the activity of Locket so Kaisa can survive the exchange.

4. Varus

This time, you’re gonna want the ADC to initiate the fight. Varus can open up a fight with this duo because his Ult needs some time to hit all the nearby enemies. Varus should cast his Ult when he sees the enemies clumped together; this will start the passive of his Ult to creep up on other enemy champions nearby. 

For this to be successful, Malphite should follow it up with his ultimate so that all champions are guaranteed to be stunned.

After this combo, Varus can use his E to slow and apply grievous wounds on the enemies. With all the AOE damage they have dealt, it would be easy for Varus to finish them off all at once with his empowered Q. This would be much more satisfying if Malphite had a mage item build.

Great Item You Can Build On Malphite For This Duo

Luden’s Echo

Malphite has very impressive burst damage when he is built with mage items. An all-in combo from him followed by an empowered Varus Q would one-shot the enemy given that Varus has Dark Harvest runes.

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5. Miss Fortune

MF needs a great engagement ability from her teammates to fully utilize her Ult. This is where Malphite comes in as his ultimate is the best engage and lock down ability in the game. Malphite also has his q, which slows the enemy down, furthering the immobility for MF to use her ultimate to its full extent.

During the laning phase, though, this duo is very weak. They don’t have peel abilities which makes them very susceptible to ganks. But if you manage to avoid death multiple times and get to the late game, this duo would demolish the entire enemy team if they land their ultimates at the right time. 

Great Item You Can Build On Malphite For This Duo


This is perfect for malphite as it extends the CC duration for MF to hit the enemies with her Ult. This also works excellent for Malphite as it boosts his ability power, further empowering his burst potential. This means this duo can basically one-shot an enemy caught by their combo.

Malphite doesn’t get picked a lot in ranked games and is just usually picked for trolling games. Even though he has a great engagement ability from his Ult, his other abilities don’t really suit a support role. Still, given the right synergies, he can significantly value his team and his ADC. With that and mind, thanks for reading summoner, GLHF on your next games.

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