Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Malzahar in League of Legends

We don’t usually see Malzahar support, but when we do, players’ builds usually revolve around countering their ultimate ability. Building multiple items to deal with one champion’s ability is too much, especially when you play Malzahar support. During the early game, he indeed does close to nothing. His skills are hard to hit, and his voiding doesn’t really do that much damage. But when he reaches level 6, things start to get interesting. He can lock enemies down for 2.5 seconds, enough time for any ADC to finish the unlucky enemy champion. Now let’s look at the top 5 best champions to pair with Malzahar as support. 

1. Ashe

For Malzahar to use his ultimate on the enemy champion, he must get close, so the enemy is reached by his Ult’s range. Luckily Ashe’s Ult can set the fight and close the gaps between Malzahar and the enemy. 

Malzahar is pretty annoying to lane against post level 6 as he constantly threatens everyone with his Ult. Sure, players can build QSS or pick Cleanse against him, but if they manage to cleanse Malzahar’s Ult, Ashe can always follow up with her slows and ultimate. Malzahar can also build DPS items so that his value doesn’t fall off during the late game. Building DPS items like Liandry’s and Demon Embrace give him enough damage output to help the entire team in the late game, even if enemies cleanse his Ult off.

The Best Item to Build on Malzahar For This Duo

Mikael’s Blessing

Chances are your enemies are gonna counter counter-pick Malzahar and pick champions with CC abilities. Your passive alone will protect you from these abilities, but Ashe will be susceptible to stuns and roots. That is why Mikael works great on Malzahar when partnered with his silence ability. This combo alone would be enough to peel for Ashe.

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2. Ezreal

Ezreal is a demanding champion to master because of the nature of his skills. The majority of his abilities need skillshot knowledge, and it can be hard to land everything. Luckily, Malzahar locks champion down in one place, making it almost impossible to miss skillshots as Ezreal.

Once caught with Malzahar’s Ult, Ezreal can go all-in on the enemy champion and throw all skills in succession to that champion. This is enormous burst damage that might just kill the enemy. If not, Malzahar can use his other abilities to keep the enemy from running away. With Ezreal’s low Q cooldown, kill security is guaranteed.

The Best Item to Build on Malzahar For This Duo


After the duration of your Ult as Malzahar, be sure to use Everfrost at just the right time to extend the CC duration. It would also be easier for you to land your Q to silence the enemy. If used correctly, the CC chain you can produce from this item is immaculate.

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3. Miss Fortune

Oh, this has got to be the best ADC to pair with Malzahar. During the laning phase, it might be hard to land Malzahar’s Q on the enemy as it is effortless to dodge. But when partnered with MF’s E slow, things get more challenging. A great MF E and Malzahar Q is a great poke ability that has a long-range. This duo’s laning phase might be weak when countered with champions who have long-range abilities like Ezreal but come post level 6, they reach their powerful power spike.

Their combo is as easy as pressing R to win. Malzahar can flash forward to close the gap between him and an enemy champion, or MF can just use her slow so Malzahar can get close and cast his ultimate on the enemy. When done right, MF can use her Ult on the enemy for its entire duration. If the enemy has no cleanse or QSS, that champion will be forced to eat every bullet MF can throw.

The Best Item to Build on Malzahar For This Duo

Shurelya’s Blessing

Building this item would benefit Malzahar so much that he wouldn’t depend on MF’s slows anymore to land an ult to the enemy. He could basically activate it and run the enemy down and cast his Ult on them.

4. Jhin

Malzahar really is not an excellent support champion if the ADC he’s paired with has no CC follow to his ultimate. Luckily Jhin can follow up on Malzahar’s Ult even if he is far away. He can either use his W or Ult to damage the enemy even though they are far away. It is also great as both champions can establish lane dominance. They are both threats that enemies need to pay close attention to.

With this duo in the laning phase, Malzahar can walk up and threaten the enemy with his E + W combo, which chips away a vast portion of an enemy’s health. Jhin can follow this up with his W so Malz’s voiding can get close to that champion. Come level 6, Both champions will have powerful synergy, but most of this will revolve around Malzahar’s Ult.

Malzahar can walk up or flash towards an enemy champion and use it on them. Take note that his Ult lasts 2.5 seconds, so be sure to calculate the duration of skill when you play Jhin. Stack your W root to the enemy just after the end of Malz’s Ult. Finish off enemies with Jhin’s ultimate or Malz’s E.

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5. Ziggs

Another AP bot lane carries that has lots of burst damage. With this duo, enemies will be forced to build magic resist items to mitigate their combined damage. Which is excellent for your AD-based teammates like assassins. This will be a very aggressive duo as both have long-range skill shots. Both of these champions can synergize their skills to gain the upper hand on the enemy.

Ziggs can use his W to push the enemy towards them. Malzahar can silence that champion along with his E DPS. Ziggs ult is also easy to dodge as all you have to do is walk away and be on its outer radius in no time. With Malzahar, you can lock enemies down in one spot for Ziggs to land his ultimate on the enemies at the center of its radius for more severe damage. 

With all that in mind, these are the best ADC champions you can pair with Malzahar support, GLHF, on your next game’s summoner. See you on the rift.

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