Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Maokai in League of Legends

Maokai has been around for a very long time already. Even in the early phases of League of Legends, Maokai’s name was very famous back in earlier seasons. He was a tank who could take all the damage from enemies with ease and heal back up. But today, you chose to play him as a support, and you’ve come across this article. Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m gonna show you the top 5 best ADC you can pair with Maokai. But first, let us learn all about Maokai’s abilities.

Maokai wasn’t like this before. He got a complete overhaul which improved his gameplay and design. His kit as support basically revolves around his saplings. He can stack his saplings on the bush, where if he stacks enough, he can bring an ADC down to half of his health. That is just the tip of the iceberg for this support champion. 

With Maokai, you can initiate a fight with your W ability to dash towards your opponents and root them upon your arrival. Another great ability you can stack with his engage is his Q that deals a ton of damage and knocks enemies back depending on where they are standing when hit with Maokai’s Q. His ult, however, is slow but has a large AOE that you can use to your advantage. Now let’s head over to the best ADC champions you can pair up with Maokai.

1. Tristana

First up is Tristana, a hyper-aggressive champion that loves to get into the heat of the battle. Tristana has a very long range which is excellent in following up Maokai’s abilities. With this duo, an engagement from Maokai will never be wasted as Tristana can rocket jump within range anytime. She also works excellent with Maokai as he slows and roots enemies down for Tristana to hit and run. 

This duo is also perfect for playing weakside as they can both peel for each other. Tristana can use her ult to push enemies away. If that isn’t enough, Maokai can use his ult to give space for Tristana to run ahead. During the late game, though, Maokai can go ahead and do a split push as Tristana joins the ranks of their teammates and go on team fights. 

During the late game, Maokai would have built tank items already, which needs 2 or more champions to kill him. He has so much heal that they need to call strong champions to deal with Maokai’s split push. Maokai can leave Tristana as she can really self-peel with her rocket jump and ultimate.

The Best Item to Build on Maokai On This Duo

Imperial Mandate

This item would often be procced by Maokai’s saplings as it has a long cast range. If saplings fail to hit them upon arrival, they can run and chase enemies until they explode. This is an excellent poking technique that Tristana can abuse as she can rocket jump towards the enemy hit with this and proc the passive of Imperial Mandate.

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2. Kalista

Another great duo who can peel for each other in times of need. Kalista can use her ult if ever Maokai is in danger, or Maokai can use him to give space for Kalista to run. This duo also has great early game dominance. Maokai can engage enemies and just heal the damage they deal with him. Kalista can follow up on early engages from Maokai thanks to the passive ability that lets her leap a short distance every time she throws her spear.

They also have great synergy on their ultimates, and they should abuse this as soon as they both reach level 6 and level up their ults. Kalista can cast her ult to initiate the fight. Maokai should go and cast it upon enemies knocking them airborne. Maokai can immediately follow this up with his ability to burst enemies down. Finally, Kalista can finish them off by pulling the stacks of spears she put on them.

The Best Item to Build on Maokai On This Duo

Shurelya’s Battlesong

Kalista has an average range, and she needs to catch up to the enemy for her to stack spears on them. With this item, catching up on enemies would be easier, making root engages from Maokai easier as he can close the gap between him and his enemies faster.

3. Miss Fortune

Taking Mao’s ult into consideration, MF’s ult would synergize with this skill so well. Maokai can use this ability whenever their ultimate is up. When multiple enemies are caught with this ability, MF can cast her ultimate, making them all eat all the bullets she can throw for the duration of her ult. 

The early game would also be a nightmare when facing this duo as Mao engages and peels perfectly for MF. Mao can engage, and MF can profit by staying at a safe range while hitting the enemy champion. If the enemy decides to retaliate, Mao can simply Q them out of MF range. It would be an exchange in favor of MF and Maokai. 

The Best Item to Build on Maokai On This Duo


Maokai is great at locking down enemies with his ult. Still, this item can further prolong this CC’s effects, which is excellent for setting up MF’s ultimate. The bonus ability power this item gives would benefit Maokai so much because of its increased damage to his AP-based abilities.

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4. Caitlyn

Chances are, enemies will want to run away from Maokai every time he walks towards them, making it hard for ADC champions to hit them. But with Caitlyn, with all her long-range abilities, especially her ult, she will find this interaction very helpful on her side. 

As Maokai roots them down with his ult (pun intended), Caitlyn can prolong these CC durations with her W and burst enemies down with his headshot passive. Maokai can then follow it up with all his slows and knockbacks granting Caitlyn even more chances to kill the enemy.

The Best Item to Build on Maokai On This Duo

Gargoyle’s Stoneplate

With Maokai, you’re gonna want to spend most of your time up close and personal with the enemy champions. For that, you should build this item to increase your survivability and keep them at bay for as long as possible so your team can finish them off. This is also great as Maokai’s heal passive scales with Maximum health, making you heal more for each proc. If enemies get past your defenses, run back towards Caitlyn and keep all enemies away from her.

5. Jhin

It doesn’t mean that Maokai put down his ult. You should run along with it. Other enemy team members could have a way of getting past this, and they might get the jump on you. That is why Jhin is excellent with Maokai support, as he can take enemies down from a faraway range. Enemies caught by Maokai’s ultimate will be rooted for several seconds. This is the perfect time to use Jhin’s ultimate as they won’t be moving, and they will be easily hit with it. This is also a tremendous initiating combo for your entire team to follow up on.

During the laning phase, however, this duo would destroy bot lane because of their combined skills. Maokai can stack saplings in the bush. When an enemy triggers them, Maokai can engage that champion and burst them down. Jhin can follow this up with his W root making it an easy one-sided trade. 

The Best Item to Build on Maokai On This Duo

Turbo Chemtank

Formerly righteous glory, this item is excellent in initiating fights because it speeds the caster when approaching enemy champions. This item slows the enemies down when the caster arrives at their location. Every time an enemy is slowed, it means Jhin can easily land his W on them. This item also has excellent defensive stats giving Maokai even more survivability every time he goes in.

So those are the champions that work great on Maokai. He is a potent initiator that you should play more. GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift.

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