Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Morgana In Season 12

Famous for rooting enemy champions for a very long time that it tilts them. Morgana is a very aggressive champion who roots you so long that you die when you hit her Q. She is a very strong laner and can be partnered with almost every ADC in the game and still come out as the winner of that lane. She has a great initiation ability that secures kills all the time. 

Her W also deals so much DPS damage when partnered with a Liandry’s, making it great to zone enemies. She can also peel for her ADC duos as she can use her Q when a gank happens so her ADC can run away. Morgana also has the famous black shield, which prevents enemies from crowd controlling any of her allies. 

A late-game Morgana is also excellent as she sets winning teamfights for her team because of her ultimate. Did reading this hype you up? Well then, read along as you discover great ADC champions you can pair with Morgana and stomp lanes with your discovered duo.

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1. Caitlyn

Of course, the very first one is the very champion that can really follow up on Morganna’s Q. Caitlyn has a very weak early game as she deals peanut damage with her basic attacks. Still, when partnered with Morgana’s Q, she can hit all her spells, which hurts. In the laning phase, this duo can play aggressively with Morgana, always walking up to the enemy duo to threaten them with her Q. 

Caitlyn can take advantage of this by freezing the minions to a spot where she is safe from ganks. Continue doing this until Caitlyn builds her first core item. When that happens, you might want to push hard and abuse the enemies under their tower with Caitlyn’s long-range and Morgana’s abusive spells. 

The duo can combine both their root and snare abilities to prolong the crowd control on the enemy. Landing both of these also guarantees a burst of damage coming from both champions. 

This works really well as Morgana can land her ultimate on the enemy prolonging the CC even further. When an enemy gets close to Caitlyn, Morgana can simply Q them. If not, then she can use her black shield on Caitlyn so she can run away and prevent her from being locked down. 

Best Item For Morgana On This Duo

Imperial Mandate

A proc from this item that comes from Morgana’s Q is a free burst from this duo. Caitlyn can use her snare on the caught enemy and deal bonus headshot damage stacked with Imperial Mandate’s damage proc along with a movement speed boost. The movement speed boost works great as Cait can use this to kite or chase the enemy champion. 

2. Miss Fortune

Landing Morganas Q can get hard when enemies have fast movement speed or great mobility. Still, with this duo, MF can help Morgana land her Qs more. The slow from MF’s E gives Morgana better chances in landing her Q. They also have great poke synergy in the laning phase. 

MF can pick the comet keystone that deals great poke damage partnered with her E. Morgana can also pester the enemies with her continued W spams and the constant threat of Q cast. In the late game, this duo can demolish the entire enemy team just by themselves. Morgana should make sure that she has her flash and Zhonya’s ready so she can hit 5 enemies with her ult. 

When enemies are finally stunned by Morgana, MF can easily ult them all down, either bringing their health bars low or killing them in the process. 

Best Item For Morgana On This Duo

Shurelya’s Blessing

Morgana needs a way to get inside 5 enemy team members to cast her ultimate to maximize its value. Shurelya’s works were great in doing just that. As an added bonus, this item also benefits MF as it gives MF even more movement speed. MF already has high movement speed, and casting this will make it easier to catch enemies. 

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3. Jhin

When partnering with Morgana support, the best strategy is to have a champion who can follow up on her Q well. For this reason, Jhin is one of the best ADCs you can pick with Morgana support. Morgana’s Q +W combo and Jhin’s W follow-up are enough to take away half of the enemy’s health in the laning phase. 

You can play aggressively in the early game with this duo as soon as Morgana has 3 of her skills. Of course, Morgana should be the one to initiate a pick with her Q + W combo. Jhin can follow by walking up to the enemy champion and hitting them. Time your Jhin’s W so you can maximize the duration of the CC on the enemy.

The late game is a different story, though, as this duo only gets stronger. With Jhin having his damage grow almost tenfold from his early game stats, this duo always guarantees kills every time Morgana hits her Q on an enemy champion. 

Especially when Jhin has the dark harvest rune, he will finish almost any enemy upon the 4th shot of his ultimate. It’ll be easier for him to hit the enemies as Morgana throws her Q at them.

Best Item For Morgana On This Duo


Extending the crowd control on the enemy is the best way to lock them down and ultimately kill them. With this item and all of Morgana’s CC, combined with Jhin’s W follow-up, enemies will be annoyed dealing with CC that lasts more than 5 seconds. If enemies get caught in that perpetual CC, it is 100% guaranteed to be killed and face a grey screen.

4. Kalista

The craziest combos come from those picks nobody really notices, which Kalista/Morgana does. Sure this duo has a weak early game with Kalista’s short-range and lack of damage but they sure do demolish team fights post level 6. 

When playing this duo, you have to play safely in the laning phase as you cannot contest most of the enemy’s early game synergies. Make sure to put enough vision in the river so you can guarantee your safety and only focus on farming and avoiding fights. Post level 6, however, your engagement will be so strong that enemies will run as soon as they see you use your ultimate. 

Why you ask? This is because Kalista has her ultimate that knocks enemies airborne for a substantial amount of time. Morgana can immediately cast her ultimate upon arrival. When enemies are finally back down in the ground, Morgana’s ult pops and stuns them again. 

With more than 5 seconds of CC time on the enemy, this gives Kalista plenty of time to put all her spear stacks on them and pull them by the time the CC ends. This would guarantee a multi-kill in any team fight. 

Best Item For Morgana On This Duo


With all the CC happening, the grievous wounds from this item work well. It reduces healing coming from every panicking enemy because of your monster engagement. 

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5. Varus

It is widely known that dodging Varus’s Q is effortless as you see it coming from a mile away. But when partnered with Morgana’s Q, good luck dodging that. Morgana’s W also works well with Varus’s E. Morgana’s DPS from her W deals great damage and partnered with Varus’s E. Grievous wounds and slow is a great way to poke enemies and prevent their healing from pots. 

Their ultimates also synergize so great that Morgana can open up with her ultimate and move to guarantee a 5-man stun. Just before it pops, Varus can cast his ultimate on anyone on the enemy, and the creeping stun starts. 

It is guaranteed to hit the enemy because everyone will be stunned by Morgana’s ultimate. When this happens, enemies will be immobilized for more than 5 seconds giving your entire team an effortless Ace. 

Best Item For Morgana On This Duo

Rylai’s Crystal Sceptre 

Morgana needs to slow enemies down if she wants to hit them all with her Ultimate stun. This also gives more time for Varus’s ult to creep up on everyone when the stun ends. She can also use this item to harass enemies in the mid-game. Morgana can also use this item to secure her Q hits. She can use E first on her enemies and slow their movement speeds down. This would make it easier for her to hit her Q. 

Final Thoughts

Morgana is an intimidating support champion in the bottom lane. People say that when you play against a support Morgana, you are almost assured that you would lose that lane against her. She works very well with all supports because of her Q. 

This is a great CC ability cast from a very long range and can be used either as a peeling or initiating ability. With all that in mind, thank you for reading, and I’m sure it hyped you up to play the listed ADC champions above along with your Morgana duo. GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift. 

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