Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Nami in Season 12

Nami is that support champion that seems boring when you look at her kit. Still, when you play her or encounter her as the support for the enemy ADC, you’ll know what she is capable of. Nami has everything support can give to an ADC and then some. She has an incredible first skill that can be used to peel or to set fights. She throws a bubble in one location. Every unit caught in that location is trapped within the bubble for a short period, or it could end as soon as the units get damaged, and the bubble is popped. 

Nami can be played aggressively or defensively. She can harass her opponents early on in the game as her poke ability damages champions and bounces back to heal her and her ADC. If you ask me, this is an excellent trading skill as the enemy doesn’t get anything in return because you can heal yourself. When going on an all-in with her ADC, Nami’s kit is perfect for an aggressive and very safe playstyle which you will discover as we get to know the best champions you can use with Nami. 

5. Lucian

This combo is a classic. Lucian’s kit is made for Nami. Their abilities and stats synergize so well that they can go on an early game fight and come out on top. With this duo’s aggressive playstyle, they can dominate the lane early and control the game’s tempo in the bot lane, zoning the enemy duo out of minion range and furthering their lead. 

How Does This Combo Work?

Nami can start a fight by poking enemies with her W, damaging them and healing her simultaneously, basically a free trade to bring the enemy’s hp down. When they are prepared to go on an all-in, make sure all of Lucian’s abilities are up. Nami can bless Lucian with her E to give him bonus movement speed and damage that slows the enemies hit with it. 

This is perfect as Lucian needs to kite the enemy and the movement speed from Nami’s skills give that to Lucian. Another thing is that Nami’s E empower on Lucian slows enemies down so it will be easier to kite or chase them. After opening up a fight with bother their E’s, Nami can cast her Q on any of the two champions they face, and Lucian can burst them with his Q. They can finish the enemies by repeating this process or by finally using Lucian’s Ultimate.

A late-game engagement is much better because it will revolve around Nami’s ultimate. When she hits enemies with this, they are knocked airborne and slowed for a duration. It will be easier to hit them with Nami’s Q. Once hit, Lucian can do his thing and finish them all off.

Best Item for Nami on this duo

Mikael’s Blessing

Nami has everything and ADC needs except for one, cleansing CC abilities. With all of her skills, she is perfect to set up kills or protect ADC’s, but once Lucian gets locked down (this is bad because Lucian relies on mobility), the fight is over. So this item would be of huge value to the duo when built and used at the right time.

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4. Caitlyn

This duo works around their skills that provide CC. Caitlyn can cast her skills at a long range, which is great because Nami has such a short range to hit their enemies with her skills. While Nami becomes the aggressor for the early game, Caitlyn can follow up on her harasses at a long and safe range.

How Does This Combo Work?

With Nami and Caitlyn, any enemy hit with Nami’s bubble is pretty much dead. Once hit, an enemy will be stunned for 1.5 seconds, enough time for Caitlyn to put a snare below the levitating enemy. When the enemy comes down, Caitlyn snares them for a duration and makes her deal burst headshot damage. This duo can go all-in on any champion caught with their stuns.

After that, Caitlyn can use her Q empowered by Nami’s E. Caitlyn can chase enemies trying to run away from them because of her long-range and empowered attacks that slow enemies down. If it’s not enough, Nami can extend the enemy’s immobilization by casting her ultimate upon them, stunning them again and slowing them down for some time. Enemies won’t run from this duo as they have so many slow and long-range abilities that can finish enemies off from a distance. Nami’s Q also has great magic damage, which helps Caitlyn quickly bring their HP’s down to 0.

Best Item for Nami on this duo

Chemtech Putrifier

This item doesn’t only put grievous wounds on the enemy hit with it. Still, it is boosted every time she heals Caitlyn, making her inflict 60% grievous wounds. A grievous wound cast upon the enemy is always welcome. It reduces the healing they receive, be it from lifesteal or any heals given by their ADC’s. Knowing that Nami can abuse this with an aery keystone, this item’s value is a steal. 

3. Draven

Draven doesn’t really need support to help him get kills as he has great damage output that outclasses most ADC’s in the bot lane. His great mobility coming from his W resets is second to no one. But with Nami being a great enchanter, all she has to do is put all she enchants on Draven just before the fight starts, land a bubble, and her job is done. 

How Does This Combo Work?

With this duo, you can play defensively as Nami, stay behind Draven’s back and let him be the aggressor even in the early game. Every time Draven wishes to poke the enemy ADC, he can simply tell nami to enchant her with her E to boost his speed and damage up. The basic attack also slows enemies down so enemies won’t be able to walk up to Draven’s range and retaliate. This is a great early game poke that the duo can rinse and repeat to establish lane dominance. 

Nami can stay in these bushes and constantly threaten enemies if you gain control on the brush bot side. As the loading screen tip, sometimes threatening to castability is much better than actually using the ability. Anyway, they can also have an all-in combo if an enemy is hit with Nami’s Q and an ult follow-up. Draven profits greatly from this because he can easily land his Ult and Eon as their enemies.

Best Item for Nami on this duo


With Draven being an aggressive champion that loves to get to his opponents’ faces while killing them, you would find great value on items that can be cast from a faraway range. Plus, not only will this item heal Draven, but it also damages the enemies he is close with. 

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2. Vayne

Nami excels so much with her all-in potential. She is sure she can be used as a poke champion because of her W that heals her allies and damages enemies, giving them nothing in return when it comes to HP’s advantage. But Nami’s true value comes from her all-in potential, and what better champion is there when it comes to all-in fights. Once Vayne uses her ultimate, it’s all or nothing because her offensive effectivity comes down greatly when it comes down. 

How Does This Combo Work?

Vayne is one of the greatest champions who can go all-in on the enemy team. Her invisibility that comes from her Ult + Q is great at 1v5 fights. This duo should play as safe as possible during the early game, controlling the wave and asking for ganks. Nami can babysit her because of her speed boosts and heals, but come a late game, when Vayne acquires her core items and stats, the game changes. Nami excels at enchanting her ADC partners with her skills and providing them great mobility and peels. Nami can open up a fight with her ultimate. 

Once Vayne sees an enemy is hit with it, she can pop her Ult and kill that enemy. Nami can enchant her with her items and E’s ability to give Vayne more speed and damage. As Vayne hit’s the enemy with bonus damage from her Qs, Nami can stay at her back, enchanting her again and again and supporting her with a bubble stun. 

Once Vayne scores a takedown, her ultimate will be prolonged so she can hunt for more enemies relying on Nami’s E and heal. If Vayne wishes to disengage, Nami can speed up her skills and cover for her by stunning enemies using her bubble. 

Best Item for Nami on this duo

Ardent Censer

With Nami’s enchants, she surely makes Vayne a killing machine in the late game with all the peels she can provide. But with Ardent Censer, she empowers Vayne to a whole new level. This item gives Vayne more attack speed and damage, which is always welcome as Vayne relies so much on her basic attacks. Nami can frequently cast this, especially when she has an aery keystone.

1. Samira

Samira is also another great champion when it comes to all-in plays. She loves to get inside enemy ranks and deal AOE to all of them. Nami is great with her because most of Nami’s skills are AOE. Like her bubble that can stun multiple enemies, the sun bounces off enemies and heals her and Samira altogether. Her AOE skills allow Samira to cast all of her skills to guarantee a kill. 

How Does This Combo Work?

So, Samira can start really early and play aggressively, especially with Nami’s support at her back. Samira can easily poke enemies before going all-in in the early game. Going in is not a problem because of Nami’s heals. She can also self-peel with her W that blocks any projectile within her vicinity during a late game, though their combo is otherworldly strong. 

Seeing as Nami has a very low pick rate this season, enemies will be surprised at what this duo can bring to the table. With recent changes to Nami, her E can now be procced even my abilities. This is great as Samira can deal great damage with her Q poke every now and then. Still, when she decides to go all-in with her ultimate on 5 enemies, Nami can cast her Ult to knock them all up and slow them for a short duration. She can easily hit them with her Q. 

If she manages to knock multiple enemies, Samaria can dash in and stack up on her passive and cast her ultimate. Nami can enchant her with item actives and skills, guaranteeing a free multi-kill for Samira. 

Best Item for Nami on this duo

Cosmic Drive

Nami needs her skills to be on low cooldowns to spam her enchants on Samira to help her get kills easier. Plus, the added movement speed and AP burst from this item is also great as it enables Nami to deal even better damage and more heals. 

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Final Thoughts

Nami is a great engage champion that can really work great with all aggressive champions. Just make sure that if you are playing with or as this champion, you have great comms with your duo, as synergies happen when there is great communication between two players. This way, they can stack up their skills to maximize their effects and durations. With all that said, thank you so much for reading. I hope you had fun and discovered things here. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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