Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Nautilus In Season 12

Being the 2nd champion with the most CC abilities, you can make so many plays with Nautilus. You can use him to peel for your ADC champion so much or engage in fights with your hook and roots. Possibilities are endless with Nautilus’s kit. 

He works so well with champions who can poke greatly and have all-in potentials and AOE ADC champions. While skirmishing, Nautilus can peel for his ADC and engage at the same time. He can also be used as a frontline champion with his incredible tankiness. 

He has a self-peel ability that he can use to disengage and a shield to prevent burst damages. With his high damage stats that come from his abilities that have AP scaling, he can also trade with other champions on a 1v1. He can use so many CC Abilities on enemies and finally disengage with his Q that he can cast on walls so he can afford dosh towards them. 

The cooldown on his Q is also reduced when he casts it on walls, meaning he can get around the map pretty fast and is excellent at roaming to help other lanes. With all of that in mind, let us now look at the top 5 ADC champions you can pair with him. 

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1. Caitlyn

You might see Caitlyn up in most of the top ADC champs. You can play with particular supports, and that is because of her long range and her snare. With Naut and Cait’s duo, CC will be terrifying as they can stack their skills up to prolong the immobilization of the enemy to more than 5 seconds. 

She also has long-range abilities that deal burst damage which is perfect as Naut is a frontline champion who can keep enemies at bay. At the same time, Caitlyn provides artillery support for him. 

How This Combo Works

Nautilus can greatly peel on Caitlyn on the laning phase because, at level 1, he already has two CC abilities. One from his Q that roots and pulls himself towards the target and his passive that roots enemies the first time he hit them. 

The only thing that Naut needs to do in the early game is to provide excellent vision to the river and help control the minion wave. With this strategy, Caitlyn can safely farm under the protection of Nautilus and quickly acquire her core items. 

Caitlyn can be played safely and aggressively at the same time. Because of her long attack range, she can stay at a safe distance while farming. She can also poke her enemies with her Q which has excellent damage and is long-range. This is a great way to be a lane bully, especially with the help of Nautilus. There is not much the enemy team can do with Caitlyn’s harassment. 

Best Item For Nautilus On This Combo

Knight’s Vow

The designated passive of this item is really great when enemies slip past your defenses for your ADC. Nautilus is a tank champion that can protect his ADC effectively. Still, when enemies get the better of you and get to Caitlyn, Knight’s Vow is excellent as it redirects damage she receives towards you. It also has a passive that increases the movement speed of both champions when they are moving toward each other. 

2. Draven

When Nautilus goes in for the kill, the ADC should be capable of doing an all-in combo to finish off everyone caught by Nautilus. Draven is just that as he has all the skills needed to take down the enemy team at any given time. A great addition to Nautilus’s kit is Draven’s E, which also serves as a CC ability with a slow effect. 

How This Combo Works

Commitment is the key when playing this combo. There is nothing better than starting a fight, and you seem to lose the fight in the middle of it. Still, when you commit enough and continue throwing your basic attacks, you come out on top. 

That is what this comp should do. As Naut takes all the damage he can, Draven should stay behind his back and auto-attack all enemies within his range. Just as when it seems you have to disengage, just continue as Naut’s shield should be coming back up to give him more survivability. Just commit with your empowered Q and finally finish enemies off with your whirling death. 

Nautilus can lock all enemies down with his abilities. All you have to worry about when playing as Draven is commitment. Naut’s ult is a perfect initiating ability as it creeps up towards the enemy, which is cast upon. When Nautilus’s ult hits multiple enemies, be sure to follow up with your AOE abilities like your E and ultimate to stack on the damage. The slow that Naut provides will help you kite better. 

 Best Item For Nautilus On This Combo

Zeke’s Convergence

With Nautilus always being close and personal with enemy champions, this item will work great. Nautilus can cast his ultimate on the farthest enemy behind enemy lines. This will proc a freezing slowing effect to the enemies besides Nautilus. Another neat thing about this item is that it gives Draven bonus damage, which is so great that it stacks with his Q’s bonus damage.

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3. Jhin

This champion’s skit relies on his allies to root enemies or lock them down in one place so he can land his skills easier. Sure, he can predict enemy movements but hitting locked down enemy champions is more accessible than predicting and missing most of your skillshots. 

Nautilus excels at providing CC for his allies, and he is just perfect for helping Jhin land his skill shots perfectly. 

How This Combo Works

Nautilus has a solid early game engage when he decides to get his Q. He can immediately lock down enemies for 2 seconds or so from the get-go. This works perfectly for Jhin as he can simply walk up to the enemy champion and hit them, just as when Naut’s CCs go down, Jhin can use his W to prolong the duration. He can use all 4 of his bullets, making this early trade a massive success for the duo. 

The late game, however, is much better as Nautilus will have learned all of his skills. Nautilus can simply walk up to the enemy team and initiate a fight with his Q and lock them all down by hitting them one by one as they are slowed by his E. He can use his ult on the farthest enemy, so everybody on the opposing team is knocked up. 

While Nautilus is doing this, Jhin can be behind his back or be farther away and still hit enemies with his skills. His W and ultimate have really long ranges and significant damage, especially when partnered with a dark harvest rune. Jhin can easily land all 4 of his ultimate shots on the enemy team as Nautilus has low cooldowns on his skills to lock enemies down. 

This duo should abuse this and pick enemies one by one or take them all at once. Nautilus can stand at the vanguard of the battle while providing CC for the entire team. As Jhin provides artillery support, all allied champions can do their jobs and finish off the entire enemy team. 

Best Item For Nautilus On This Combo

Shurelya’s Battlesong

Ever since removing the Righteous Glory item, Shurelya’s has been a great engage item for supports and mages alike. A great engagement is when the enemy is surprised by your sudden arrival, giving them little time to react and counter your tactic. A quick run-down engage by Nautilus is excellent, and it also gives Jhin extra movement speed to help him kite enemies

4. Ashe

Constant slows are very annoying. How much more if you top it off with a chain of CC abilities that lock you down for more than 6 seconds? That is what this duo brings to the table as their abilities synergize so well. Plus, this duo’s engagement is so great that its value doesn’t fall off even during the late game. 

How This Combo Works

It’s as simple as Ashe can basically attack the enemy or cast her W upon them, slowing their movement speeds down. This way, it’ll be easier for Nautilus to land his Q. When a Nautilus lands his Q on you, it is guaranteed that you will not have a great time. Ashe has lots of ways to follow up on Nautilus’s engages. During late games, this duo is great at picking off carries, even assassins.

Ashe can sneak an R cast on an enemy assassin. When they are hit, Nautilus can cast his Shurelya active and run that enemy down. When the duo reaches that enemy, Ashe basically spams her basic attacks and W on that enemy as Nautilus locks her down even further. 

And when you are immobilized for more than 6 seconds, and all you can do is basic trade attacks, you are pretty much dead. Especially when you are an assassin champion that relies so much on mobility and dash abilities that provide burst. 

Nautilus can also peel for Ashe as she backs him up with an excellent scouting ability to prevent flanks from enemy mid-lane or jungler. 

Best Item For Nautilus On This Combo

Imperial Mandate

Ashe has a really long range, but on that note, she really has poor mobility. All she does is walk, and that is why the movement speed boost provided by the proc from this item works great on her. She can simply move faster while slowing enemies down, and they won’t ever get the chance to get near Ashe. 

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5. Ezreal

He is the best champion if you wish to play weakside lane. Ezreal can stay at a very safe distance while farming, even under the tower. He can basically settle for farming the entire half of the game while Nautilus roams around and helps the entire map. 

Ezreal has poor wave clear but excellent last hitting abilities, which is okay. He will be focusing on farming the entire mid-game as the enemy bot lane duo wastes their time sharing exp and gold.

Best Item For Nautilus On This Combo

Boots of Mobility

As you look to help other lanes, Nautilus should have a high movement speed to get around the map fast. 

Final Thoughts

Naut is one of the best support champions out there because of his kit and tankiness. He provides a little of everything so he can play offensively or defensively. He can engage and peel at the same time and deal tons of damage also. Nautilus is worth abusing as of the current season and even after this one, so look to use this champion on your next games and GLHF. See you on the rift summoner. 

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