Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Pantheon in Season 12

Pantheon is a very versatile champion that can be played in different roles. He was once played as a support champion before his major rework. It surprised everybody by the amount of poke he was capable of. He was played very aggressively in the bot lane as support that he had a very high ban rate back in the days. 

But now, after his major rework and in season 11, he can still be played at any role, but his kit as support has grown even better. Now his Q is a skillshot and not a targeted ability anymore, which means he can poke enemies at a much greater distance. He also can dive enemies now, even if there are multiple champions on the enemy team. 

He can engage with his stun or an empowered stun improved by pressing the attack rune. After engaging and poking with his Q, he can run back and prevent damage towards himself. He can use his E, which negates all sources of damage (except towers) while moving. With that said, let us now take a look at the top 5 best ADC champions you can pair with Pantheon support.

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1. Ezreal

Pantheon is a natural carry champion in the early to mid-game. He has incredible roaming potential post level 6, and that is why Ezreal is a great champion to pair with him as he roams the map to help other lanes. Pantheon can be built like an assassin, so his value comes at roaming the lanes and scaling pretty hard. 

How This Combo Works

Ezreal should simply CS until the late game. He can pretty much stay safe at bot lane because of his long-range and his E ability. During the laning phase, Pantheon should help him take the lead and have an item advantage on the enemy duo. 

As soon as this happens and Ezreal can fend for himself, Pantheon should focus on rewarding enemy jungle and helping his jungler do counter jungles or gank mid or roam top. Whenever Pantheon initiates a fight with the enemy, Ezreal can still impact this as his ultimate has a global range. 

When Pantheon lanes with Ezreal, though, their all-in combo is really something. Pantheon can bring their enemy’s HPs down along with Ezreal’s Q. Their poke is next level as it has a very long range and serious damage. 

Pantheon can walk up and stun one enemy when the enemy’s hp is half or even less. They can both finish that champion easily. When enemies manage to get away, Ezreal can secure the kill with his ultimate, followed by Pantheon’s ultimate, so there really is no running away from this duo.

Best Item For Pantheon On This Combo

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

This item is not only great for running back to lane, but it is also a great item to roam as it provides the user a movement speed passive when out of combat. This will work great as Pantheon can stack it to the movement speed provided by his Boots of Mobility. This is also a great engaging item. It gives you a burst of movement speed, making it easier to close the gap between you and the enemy champion. 

2. Kai’Sa

One of Pantheon’s greatest assets is engaging even if he is very far away because of his ult. But there is a problem: if Pantheon engages like this, almost nobody can follow him. It leaves him alone to fend for himself, but with Kaisa as his ADC, it will be better as Kaisa can follow Pantheon even if he is far away.

How This Combo Works

During the laning phase, it is quite pretty normal as Pantheon pokes enemies with his Q, and Kaisa stacks her tear and CS until she reaches her power spike. But as soon as Kaisa gets her mythic item, and they are both level 6 and have their ults up, the game becomes pretty fun as their engage become very effective at surprising the enemies. 

Both of them can hide in the fog of war and wait for the right moment to strike. Pantheon should go first with his ultimate, and this will immediately spook the enemy champion. If Pantheon gets the jump on one enemy, he can immediately stun that champion and poke with a q tip. 

Kaisa can also quickly follow Pantheon because Pantheon can proc Kaisa’s passive with his; therefore, Kaisa can quickly dash to the enemy. It also gives her a shield to protect herself. Both of them can finish that champion, and it will be a quick in and out. Kill gold is always great on this duo as they snowball pretty fast with items. 

Best Item For Pantheon On This Combo

Umbral Glaive

Pantheon profits greatly on lethality items as it scales with his abilities. This item also has a great passive ability that detects wards, increasing the damage you deal with wards. When a ward is nearby, it is quickly blocked by this item’s passive, and you can see one shot that ward to quickly take it down. 

This item is also very cheap, which you can build very early in the game, and its value won’t fall off even in the late game. 

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3. Jhin

Again, it is much better to hit enemies stunned by your support than acting like a chad and predicting everything. With Pantheon/Jhin, skillshots will be much easier to land, and the burst potential on this duo is great. 

They both have long-range skills which they can use to poke in the early game until the late game. Even though the peel on this comp is weak, the damage makes up for it. Sometimes the best defense is to kill your enemies fast enough so they wouldn’t even have the chance to lay a finger on you.

How This Combo Works

Opening up a fight is great at any given time of the game. Pantheon can initiate with his stun and Q poke followed by his shield to prevent damage. Jhin can follow up on Pantheon’s engagement with his W that roots enemies as well. 

This CC chain would give Jhin the best opportunity to kite the enemy champions. Jhin can also take enemies down at a much farther range if he wishes to stay safe. Jhin can use his ult as Pantheon stays at the vanguard. They can both synergize their skills to burst enemies down. They can both build lethality items so they can scale pretty hard against the enemy ADC. 

Best Item For Pantheon On This Combo


This duo relies on Pantheon’s engage, which means he will be up close and personal with the enemy team most of the time. It is okay as he has a shield that prevents damage, but you can save this skill by building an eclipse. 

This item doesn’t only provide burst damage, but it also gives the user a burst of movement speed when proceeding along with a flat amount of shield. This is great as you did not only burst the enemy, you also peel for yourself. 

4. Caitlyn

A good Caitlyn player can land up to 3 snares per fight, even in the early game. Pantheon can guarantee the first one because of his stun. Cait can also capitalize on the fact that Pantheon is an assassin champion. 

Most enemies will choose to run away most of the time. When enemies run away, their movement direction is predictable, and Caitlyn can use it to her advantage and plant traps on the enemy’s trajectory. 

How This Combo Works

Pantheon can poke along with Caitlyn with their Q abilities as both have long-range and high damage. This alone can be used to bully the enemy and establish lane dominance. You can both use this ability combo to zone enemies away from minion range and gain the upper hand on exp and gold lead. 

The late-game engages are also incredible. During the late game, Pantheon would have built his lethality items already and could one-shot enemies. But when his damage is not enough, Cait can follow up on the kill secure with her ultimate that has burst damage and extremely long range. 

Best Item For Pantheon On This Combo

Duskblade of Draktharr

You will be spending most of your time in bushes when you build your Pantheon like an assassin. This item is great as its passive is proceed whenever you are unseen by the enemy team. This item lets you deal burst damage, and it also provides invisibility whenever you perform a takedown. This is great for positioning in the late-game team fights to target squishy enemies. 

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5. Varus

With this comp, you can basically use both of your Qs, and you pretty much win the lane in the laning phase. Varus has excellent Q damage, and it can even be empowered to deal much greater damage. Pantheon’s Q is the same and can also be empowered to execute enemies better. 

How this combo works

Either Varus or Pantheon can open up fights, Varus can use his ultimate to root the enemy for a long time, and Pantheon can stack his W stun to prolong the crowd control. After that engagement, both can use all their abilities to bring the enemy’s HP down. To finish it all off, they can use their Q abilities again. Dark harvest also works great on this duo. 

Best Item For Pantheon On This Combo

Black Cleaver

Suppose the enemy decides to build against your lethality. In that case, you can have Pantheon build a black cleaver to bring the enemy’s armor down. This item also provides great ability haste for Pantheon so he can spam his abilities even more. 

Final Thoughts

Pantheon is a great engage champion with poor peeling abilities. He only has one stun and a high cooldown. But his damage really makes up for it as he can finish enemies once hit with his stun. Pantheon is really interesting support, so you should play him more often. This champion is also a bit of cheese this season, so you can abuse that. GLHF on your next games summoner, see you on the rift.

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