Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Poppy in Season 12

Poppy has found her way into the support role after people discovered her ability to lock enemies down for an extended time. She literally prevents you from casting your flash, and she stuns and slows are just so annoying because of its very low cooldowns. She also deals excellent damage, and she has an amazing peeling ability for her ADC. 

I mean, what more do you want from a support champion? She is very underrated because not much knows about her potential. In the lane, she is meant to be played alone. She already has a very low pick rate. But I assure you that you will win more games when you practice poppy and use her as a support or a tanker at the top lane. Now let us take a look at the best ADC champions that can profit from her kit.

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1.  Vayne

Both of their kits revolve around sticking their enemies on walls to keep them stunned. Poppy also has a skill that prevents enemies from dashing or flashing away from her. Poppy can also act as a shield for Vayne so she can keep enemies away from reaching Vayne.

How This Combo Works

One of the best things you can do on this duo is locking down enemy champions in the wall. Either can start a fight by pinning an enemy champion against the wall. When enemies get stunned on the wall, they can both follow up on this with their abilities. 

Poppy can smash an enemy into the wall and keep them stunned and slowed for a long time. She can then pop her W to prevent them from dashing away or using their flash. Poppy’s combo can also lock an enemy down for more than 5 seconds, and Vayne can stack her condemn as well. This combo keeps one champion locked down in one place, which is everything that Vayne needs to kill that champion.

Peeling scenarios are also good with poppy whenever Vayne gets caught by the enemy team and her condemnation. Poppy’s ultimate can be used to knock everybody off away from Vayne and send them flying far away. You can also use Poppy’s top as a part of her sequence combo to prolong Crowd controls on the enemy team.

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Best Item For Poppy On This Combo


With this item, the enemy caught by your wall stuns will be even more annoyed as he won’t be able to play the game anymore with all the CC chains you can dish out. Everfrost has an AP scaling, but its value becomes much greater on Poppy with its active effect. 

2. Draven

Draven excels in killing enemies because of his super strong basic attacks empowered by his Q. In reality, he needs a champion who can take damage for him and act as his shield as he mows everybody down with his set of skills. 

How This Combo Works

Poppy can start the game and play safe and let Draven farm for his items first. Once Draven acquires his core items, Poppy can start running everybody down and setting kills for Draven to give him a lead against other enemy champions. Poppy can easily catch up to enemies because of the speed up she gets from her W active. 

She can use this to position herself to set up a wall stun on the enemy champion. Draven can make this easier for Poppy by helping her by using his E ability on the enemy, slowing them down and knocking them aside. 

This can bring that champion closer to the wall for poppy to stun easily. Once locked down, Poppy can sequence combo that enemy while Draven throws his axes on this unlucky champion. That champion would then receive bursts of damage coming from both champions while being stunned for a long time.

Poppy is also a great tower dive champion because she is a tank champion. She has a passive defensive increase from her W, which doubles her stats whenever she reaches a certain hp threshold. She also has a shield she can pick up, making her even tankier to tank turret shots. 

An early tank boot is great, so whenever you build these boots, make sure to notify your jungler for a tower dive, as you can pull it off even in the early game. Draven will also be easier to hit his ult as Poppy locks enemies down on the wall with great ease. 

Best Item For Poppy On This Combo

Deadman’s Plate

This is a great early game item. It gives the user an early movement speed boost. It works great on poppy as the slow she can proc from this item is crucial every time they pick a kill. This is also great as it gives Poppy more tower dive leverage to help Draven achieve more kills.

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3. Caitlyn

Caitlyn and poppy really don’t have much synergy, but Caitlyn can capitalize on Poppy’s wall stun is great. This can give her a great opportunity to hit her Q and snare to burst down the enemy champion. It’ll be much easier to hit enemies with her Q, and even if poppy sends them flying away by her ult, Caitlyn can still finish them off with her ultimate. 

Best Item For Poppy On This Combo

Shurelya’s Blessing

Engaging and positioning are key with this duo as they need to be at the perfect spot to land their combos. Especially for oppy, she needs to run beside the enemy champion for her to be able to stun them against the wall or push them towards her ADC so her ADC can easily catch up to that champion.

4. Kalista

Kalista works so well with Poppy that it is a cheese comp. People don’t usually pick this duo in the bot lane, so players don’t know how to react. Kalista is a late-game champion, meaning this duo should play as safe as possible during the early game. 

This is possible because poppy can really peel in the early game for Kalista. Her shield slows, and wall stuns work great to keep enemies away from Kalista. This ADC also benefits Poppy’s kit as she can kite the enemy quite well with Poppy’s influence. 

During the late game, however, their ult combo works really well on engages. Kalista can use her ult to prepare poppy to knock enemies airborne. Upon arrival, Poppy teases everybody she hits airborne. She can use this moment to stun all of them with her ultimate tap. They won’t also be able to use dash abilities because of Poppy’s W. 

Best Item For Poppy On This Combo

Turbo Chemtank

Poppy needs to find a way to catch up to enemies when Kalista’s ult is down. Turbo Chemtank has been the replacement for Righteous Glory, and it works really well on engaging enemy champions. It provides a burst of movement speed and slows enemies down whenever Poppy gets within their range. 

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5. Kai’Sa

This duo works because Kai’sa stays behind the back of the poppy most of the time and relies on her peel. Kaisa will also depend on Poppy’s CC abilities to have the upper hand on the enemy team. Whenever Poppy engages an enemy, Kaisa can use her ult to position herself better, or this duo can 1v1 the enemy bot lane. 

Poppy can lock down the enemy ADC as Kaisa ults her way towards the enemy support to burst that champion down. While the enemy ADC is locked in the wall by Poppy, Kai’sa can then follow up on that and kill the enemy ADC up next. 

Best Item For Poppy On This Combo

Knight’s Vow

Prevents Kai’sa from bursts that come from assassins. Poppy is a tank champion. She can take all of those damage for Kai’sa instead. Poppy can also move faster when coming to Kaisa’s rescue because of the passive movement speed provided.

Final Thoughts

Though not a popular support champion and not a popular champion in general, Poppy can still be a great player in the bot lane. When partnered with players who know what they are doing, this champion can be a slice of cheese in the lane. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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