Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Pyke in Season 12

Laning against a Pyke that has control of the bushes can be a horrifying thing. One hook from him, and poof, you’re gonna expect a grey screen. Pyke excels so much at surprising enemies with his hail of blades attack speed and burst from his Q + E combo. 

He is an assassin, but he is still a great support champion who can babysit most ADCs. He specializes in engaging enemies and threatening them all the time. The music that plays when he enters his invisible state just puts a bad vibe when you play as an ADC. With all that said, let us now take a look at the top 5 best ADCs for Pyke right now!

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1. Draven

Pyke is a champion that doesn’t care about peeling you. He kills enemies fast enough, so they don’t kill you first. This is why Draven is an excellent duo for Pyke. They are both similar and don’t care about safe laning. 

All they care about is how to get close to the enemy fast enough so they can immediately kill them. This duo has a solid early game, so much so that enemies choose to back away at the lane and only walk up if they have a supporting gank champion. 

How This Duo Works

Pyke simply is an aggressive initiator that Draven profits from greatly. Pyke can hook enemy champions and burst them with his E and Hail of Blades proc. This alone could bring the enemy ADCs health bar down to half. 

All Draven has to do at this point is to make sure he has 2 spinning axes and enough mana to spam his blood rush. Suppose Draven can’t follow up on this quick enough. In that case, he can just simply cast his ultimate to help Pyke deal damage. And he can bring the enemy down to Pyke’s ultimate execution threshold, and he can simply execute them. Pyke’s ult also kills procs Draven’s ult, so there’s that. 

Best Item For This Duo

Umbral Glaive

Pyke is an invisible initiator, which means he spends most of his time in his hidden state or inside bushes. Building an early umbral glaive gives you an early lane dominance. He is powerful when he has control over the bushes. He can also profit well from this item because he can roam and be unseen most of the time. 

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2. Miss Fortune

Champions who don’t need babysitting are the go-to champions when playing with a Pyke support. Miss Fortune excels very well because of her fast movement speed, long-range E slow, and excellent wave clearness. 

With this duo, Pyke can go hyper-aggressive in the early game and establish lane dominance. When Pyke manages to start Miss Fortune’s snowball, he can leave and roam other lanes as Miss Fortune can pretty much play a weak lane and still win it. 

Their ultimate combo also works really well with each other. Most of the time, enemies manage to get away from MF’s ultimate with just a sliver of health. Pyke can finish them off with his ultimate granting bonus gold for both champions. He can chase runaway champions with his E or W.

Best Item For This Duo

Youmuu’s Ghostbalde

Pyke would want to have excellent movement speed on this comp as he will be roaming around so much. With all the bonus movement speed and invisibility, people won’t know where Pyke is currently at. He might be at the top lurking in the bushes or running down bot lane to help MF clear enemies with both their ults. This item gives so much movement speed that assassins like Pyke become unpredictable. 

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3. Sivir

Again, champions that don’t need peeling work really great with Pyke, and Sivir is one of those champions. She has excellent wave clear, which means enemy laners won’t be able to harass her under the tower. She also has self-peeling abilities that can get her out of a pinch. 

She has a spell shield that restores mana and an ultimate that acts like Shurelya’s Blessing. She can also build lethality Items which means she can bring enemies down to half their HP with just her Q. Pyke can finish enemies damaged by Sivir with his full combo. He can be sped up by Sivir so he can chase running enemies better. 

Best Item For This Duo


Pyke procs the passive of Duskblade every time he eliminates an enemy with his ultimate. This is great as it gives you enough time to position yourself better to cast your ult when Sivir yet again hits her Q and brings the enemy’s HPs down to a quarter. 

4. Caitlyn

Another champion with great wave clear and who can self-peel, but with Caitlyn, let us focus on what they can offer as a duo laner and not Pyke being a roamer. Pyke can Hook stun enemies with ease, and Caitlyn can lay down snares below the affected champion and provide burst so Pyke can finish them off.

They are such lane bullies that they will always bring enemy health bars down to a quarter, forcing them to stay for a risky CS or go home. If they choose to go home, choose the right moment to crash the wave to get the maximum value of the recall trade. 

Best Item For This Duo

Umbral Glaive

Providing all the visions from behind is excellent as Pyke really is not great at peeling. Preventing flanks from the enemy team is how you can deal with the fact that Pyke doesn’t have significant peeling. Dewarding enemy wards in the bot lane bush are also great. It prevents the enemy top laner’s TP, which can be a real table-turner. 

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5. Tristana

A champion who can deal burst damage works perfectly with Pyke. When enemies are quickly brought down to half of their HP, Pyke celebrates as he simply waits for another damage instance. He can easily cast his ult and gain a kill and a bonus gold, even for his teammates. 

Tristana with Hail of Blades or PTA can do just that and what’s even satisfying is that Tristana can either rocket jump away from the enemy or push them away with her ult, so she is secured. The trade will be in Tris’s favor. If Tris manages to do this, Pyke can basically cleanup and last hit everyone with his skills. 

Best Item For This Duo

Prowler’s Claw

This is a significant gap closer which also gives Pyke his much-needed Lethality. Casting this item also offers Pyke bonus damage to the unit he cast this on, which means The HP threshold for that champion gets more comprehensive. Pyke can finish that champion much faster. Combos also become much more complex as Pyke uses this item instead of his E as a hap closer

Final Thoughts

Pyke is an excellent support champion, but he does not support champions in a way. He focuses on kills so enemies can’t kill his ADC. He is a very aggressive laner even in the early game so make sure to pick champions who can go all-in at earlier levels like the champions mentioned above. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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