Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair with Rakan in League of Legends

If you ever need a support champion that can CC 5 members of the opposing team for quite some time, then Rakan is your best bet. He excels so much on quick in and outs in teamfights, he dashes around shielding everyone on your team, and CC’s the enemy team so quickly. He also provides great peels in the early game and can be played aggressively. With items like Zeke’s Convergence, Rakan can initiate a fight alone and still survive. 

His quick ULT + flash + W is so unpredictable and fast, people have little to no time to react at all. Next thing they know, everyone on their team is taunted and followed by an airborne. A 5-man CC that lasts more than 3 seconds is more than enough for the entire team of Rakan to collapse on the entire enemy team. Rakan also works best when he stays near his ADC. That is why Runes, like Guardian, best suits Rakan. Now that you know what Rakan can offer let us introduce you to the 5 best ADCs for him

1. Xayah

Of course, this should be a no-brainer. The best champion you can pair Rakan with is her girlfriend, Xayah. Picking this duo gives them a unique buff that they only get from each other. Their abilities are empowered when they are together. For example, the recall passive buff is one of the many buffs you can get when paired with Xayah. Either of the champions can start channeling recall.

 As soon as the other is about to finish the channeling, they could click on each other to become one and recall together. This is great when one is in danger and needs to have a quick getaway. Rakan can stay in a bush as Xayah runs away from enemies chasing her. Rakan starts the recall channeling, and just as soon as Rakan is about to leave, Xayah can cling on to him to quickly evade her pursuers. 

Rakan also buffs his E when partnered with a Xayah. His E range is doubled, meaning he can go in and initiate fights with his W CC and quickly get back to Xayah even if she is far away. With fast hands and great mastery of Rakan, you can set up kills very quickly and provide a shield for Xayah. One great combo they can do together is Rakan’s full CC combo on multiple enemies. 

Once Xayah sees Rakan is about to land it on multiple enemies, she should start casting her ult. Once the CC is over, Xayah can pull all the feathers to damage all enemies and provide another stack of CC to the enemies. This is a great tactic for teamfights, be it early or late games. 

Best Item for Rakan on This Duo

Zeke’s Convergence

With this duo, Rakan will want to abuse the buff on his E dash. Meaning he will abuse it and set fights more often with his ultimate. Zeke helps him provide more immobilizes to cripple the opposing team. Plus, if he procs this item’s passive, he can stay beside enemies and slow them so that Xayah can easily hit her feathers and position herself better to maximize the people she hits when she finally pulls the feathers back to her. 

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2. Tristana

Rakan is an all-in champion that loses his value once he uses his ult and W together. Once these skills are down, he basically is just another support champion that provides mediocre heals and damage. So, he needs champions with all-in potential, champions who need to find value once they use their skills. 

Tristana is a great all-in champion that can also quickly get out of fights. A Tristana loves to rocket jump in the middle of fights so she can get in range to do her 4 shot kill on enemies and reset her rocket jump. With a champion like Rakan, they can both surprise enemies with both of their all-in potentials. 

Once Tristana goes in for a kill, Rakan can easily dash towards her and get in range to land his W airborne on the enemy. Once set with the combo, Rakan can pop his ultimate to extend the CC duration and let Tristana fire away on the enemies. Suppose ever-threatening champions are getting near Tristana. In that case, she can use her ult to push them away and continue killing enemies. Tristana’s rocket jump resets also synergize with Rakan’s E dash. 

Best Item for Rakan on This Duo

Ardent Censer

Rakan can quickly proc the effects of this item as he can cast his E ability twice, and it has a fair amount of cooldown. Partnered with Zeke’s Convergence, every time Rakan sets kills for Tristana, he can empower Tristana’s kill potential so high. 

3. Samira

It would be really satisfying playing as Samira and having all enemies clumped together. You dash towards their middle and cast your skills on them to instantly fill your ult stack. With this combo, you can do just that. Looking at how Rakan can easily hit 5 enemies with his CCs and lock them down for more than 3 seconds, it will be easier for Samira to stack up on her passive. 

Samira being another all-in champion, benefit greatly from Rakan’s sets. Just like what I just mentioned, Samira can easily go all-in on the entire enemy team and easily get a pentakill. Just make sure that if you are playing Rakan, play the sequence on your skills well to maximize the duration of your CCs. 

Both of them have dash abilities meaning they will be playing hyper aggressively while having great peeling coming from Rakan and Samira themselves. Samira can get ult quickly on stunned enemies because she can hit multiple enemies with her AOE skills. Once the CC ends just right, so you block any skillshots the enemy has in store for you. 

Best Item for Rakan on This Duo


When starting an initiate and he is sure he can land a CC chain on multiple enemies, Rakan should pre-cast redemption so when Samira gets in and casts her ult on the enemy team, she is guaranteed a heal after the enemies get off of Rakan’s CCs. This item also provides true damage on enemies caught by its effects, so it will help Samira finish enemies off faster. 

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4. Yasuo

This should also be a no-brainer looking at how Yasuo really depends on airborne and CC skills provided by his allies. With Yasuo gaining popularity in being played in the bot lane, this duo should be a killer combo. Yasuo also has great all-in potential he can use along with Rakan’s all-in set of abilities. Yasuo doesn’t need much peeling in the bot lane as he can self-peel with his dashes and wind wall. 

But when partnered with Rakan, they can use both dashes on enemies and play hyper aggressively by poking them even in the early game. The cherry on top of this combo is whenever Rakan lands a multiple-man knock-up. Once hit, you can almost hear Yasuo’s mastery 7 spam as he quickly blinks on the enemy team and cast his last breath. 

Once he casts his ult on multiple enemies, Rakan can extend the CC as he can taunt everyone as they come down from Yasuo’s ultimate. This should give Yasuo enough time to finish them off one by one with his steel tempest or finish them off all at once with his tornado. 

Best Item for Rakan on This Duo


Extending CC on the enemy with this item is hella great. Still, the mythic passive on this item is also great for Rakan as it gives him extra AP bonuses every time he builds a legendary item. Rakan also has burst potential coming from his W and ultimate, so a boost in AP is always welcome.

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5. Kai’Sa

Not really an all-in champion, but she can turn into one given enough babysitting and farming. Kai’Sa has excellent burst damage come late game after building herself all the core items she needs. Kai’Sa becomes somewhat of an assassin when it comes to 1v1 as she can burst enemies down with her empowered Q partnered with a collector. During the late game, Rakan can easily set kills for Kai’Sa. 

Every time he sees an enemy, Rakan can fully combo that champion. It doesn’t matter if it is just one enemy or multiple. With Rakan’s set, Kai’Sa can quickly follow him with her ult and burst all enemies down in one fell swoop. Rakan can also protect Kai’Sa with his guardian rune. E dash and Q heal if ever an enemy champion lives and gets the chance to retaliate to Kai’Sa. 

Best Item for Rakan on This Duo

Ardent Censer

Empowering Kai’Sa should be Rakan’s focus when it comes to his item build. Ardent censer does just that as he casts multiple E shields on Kai’Sa. This would empower Kai’Sa to kill enemies faster as it gives her bonus damage for each hit and increased attack speed. This is perfect if ever Kai’Sa went ahead and built Runaan’s Hurricane.

Final Thoughts

Being an all-in-based support champion, it only makes sense that he should be paired with all or nothing ADCs. But there is no doubt that Xayah is the one and only best champion you can pair with Rakan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great plays on other champions as well. You just have to understand the game better to make a boring pick to a monstrous duo. Always practice so you can understand bad picks and counters more and make the best out of them. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift. 

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