Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Senna in League of Legends

Senna can be played as a support and an ADC at the same time. Playing her gives you the advantage of having a peeling champion and artillery support. She damages enemies at a long-range and gives them a hard time by healing both you and her while damaging them. She scales really hard, and when she reaches late game, she might just be even strong than the ADC she is partnered with. Now let us take a look at who these ADCs might be.

1. Lucian

Of course, you guessed it, the best ADC you can play with Senna is none other than her husband. Nothing is better than playing a hyper-aggressive ADC champion partnered with a support champion that can dish out the same amount of damage and provide CC and heals. Lucian can play hyper-aggressive during the early game as he can assure that Senna can back him up with her long-range and heals.

Especially when Senna picks a glacial augment rune. Lucian can quickly get in on the enemy and do his animation cancels to make a quick burst. While this is happening, Senna can stay back and hit enemies far away and slow them down with her glacial augment. Anytime Lucian gets damaged, she can position herself to hit Lucian with a heal and the enemy with damage. 

Their late-game domination is also quite strong. Lucian will have a very annoying dash commitment because of his Navori sharp blades. Whenever Lucian wishes to go all-in on the enemy, Senna can imply assisting him with an ult shielding Lucian and damaging the enemy team. Senna can help Lucian secure kills because, at this time, Senna would have stacked her passive high enough to have even greater damage than Lucian. 

Best Item for Senna For This Duo

Umbral Glaive

This item has great value, especially when built during the early game. This gives the duo excellent roaming power, be it in the mid-lane or the enemy jungle. They can coordinate with their teammates and set up ganks. This item guarantees success as it is easy and fast to reward.

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2. Kai’Sa

Sometimes Kaisa just wants to 1v5 the enemy team, and she can possibly come out on top of it. Still, it is not assured because she is squishy, but with Senna as support, Kaisa can demolish teams of 5. Senna can cast her ult on Kaisa whenever she decides to dash into groups of enemies (given that she has a huge lead). This will provide a burst of damage on enemies hit with Senna’s ult, giving Kaisa an easier time finishing them with her empowered Q and The Collector. 

During the early game, however, when Kaisa is still not that strong, Senna can Harass the enemy team and zone them away from minion range so Kaisa can farm in peace and quickly reach her power spike. Senna should look to gain control over the bot lane bushes to establish a threatening presence. All Senna has to do whenever the enemy gets in her range is hit them along with her glacial augment multiple times and heal Kaisa whenever the trade is over.

This duo also has great roaming potential. Senna can hide Kaisa on her E ability and provide bonus movement speed for Kaisa. This can work great along with Kaisa’s E movement speed boost, making her kite enemies even better.

Best Item for Senna For This Duo

Duskblade of Draktharr

With Senna being a pseudo-ADC champion, she also needs to build damage to help Kaisa in the late game. Kaisa can fall off during the late game because she can be easily countered by brawlers. So, a Senna with Duskblade helps Kaisa deal more damage and kill the said brawlers. This item also gives Senna invisibility. She needs to look at how she only fires shots one at a time and slowly, which means she needs to better position herself. 

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3. Draven

Draven pokes enemies hard, be it late or early game. What is more annoying than 2 ADC champions poking on you? One more thing that Draven can take from this duo is the fact that he is an all-in champion that tends to leave his supports behind. Senna can be useful in times like this because her ultimate is a great peeling ability, even if Draven is far away.

The combo with this duo comes when Draven tries to chase enemies down with 2 axes spinning. He can run them down pretty easily, but he puts himself at risk by leaving his support behind, so Senna can support him with an ultimate cast to damage enemies and shield Draven. When Senna finally catches up to Draven, she can help Draven poke enemies with their overpowered damage, especially in the late game where both of them are capable of one tapping enemy champions. 

Best Item for Senna For This Duo

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Senna needs to catch up to Draven, spamming his blood rush to outrun and kite enemies. With Senna staying at a far range, she can maintain the bonus “when out of battle” movement speed from youmuu’s passive along with its actions that give her bonus movement speed. This item also gives Senna the ability to burst enemies because of its lethality stat.

4. Caitlyn

This duo is very annoying to lane with, especially in the first minutes of the game. They both have extremely long ranges that enemies have to walk up to them to reach. They can simply hit and walk back enemies, and the trade will go on their side, and the enemies have nothing in return. They can both establish a huge lead on the enemy bot lane with this tactic which is great as Senna needs to ramp up to help her teammates out during the late game. A Caitlyn with a huge lead also demolishes teams of 5, provided that she holds the game’s tempo. 

Best Item for Senna For This Duo

Rapid Firecanon

With Senna, you might wanna extend your range even further as you harass enemies. You can build this as your 2nd or 3rd item, depending on the situation of your lane. This would help Caitlyn establish lane dominance even further. 

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5. Twitch

Twitch is a champion who can self-peel because of his slowness and invisibility. Senna doesn’t really excel at babysitting champions when it comes to the early game, so Twitch is a really great pair for her. However, during the late game, if Twitch decides to flank the enemy team and kill them all, he would be behind enemy lines where no one could peel for him. Senna can cast her ultimate to help Twitch kill enemies faster and shield him as he does this. 

Best Item for Senna For This Duo


Given that Senna won’t reach Twitch behind enemy lines, redemption is a great item build as she can cast this even if her target is far away.

Final Thoughts

Senna should play safely in the early game as she is a late-game champion. If the situation arises that she can easily poke enemies, then grab the opportunity as you have a long-range and a slow from glacial augment. Even if your ADCs value falls off in the late game, you can help them deal damage as you become stronger later. Practice more on how you understand the game. You will know that any other champ is basically the best to partner with any support. GLHF on your next game summoner, see you on the rift.

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