Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Seraphine in Season 12

Seraphine is usually referred to as Sona 2.0 as her abilities are quite similar to that of Sona’s. What’s more, Seraphine is a champion greatly influenced by music, which is also a major factor for Sona. She is a champion that can spam abilities fast and is very annoying to lane with. 

She can be played very aggressively, which could really annoy every player laning against her. Imagine constantly anticipating her abilities and thinking about walking back or side-stepping, so you don’t get poked. Seraphine has an incredible early game poke, which can turn the favor of the early game towards her along with her duo. 

Seraphine also has an amazing passive which lets her double-cast whenever she reaches a certain stack of her passive. This means she can cast a free spell every time she double casts. She can use her double cast on her Q to burst enemies down in the early game, her W to provide a shield, speed boost, and heal for her nearby allies. 

Finally, she can double-cast her E to slow and root them when they get hit with the second cast of the ability. Seraphine works great with ADCs who have some form of slow or CC with them as her E is empowered from slow to a stun when an enemy’s movement speed is impaired. 

She also works great with ADCs that have AOE abilities that take out multiple enemies all at once. With that in mind, let us take a look at 5 of the best ADCs you can pair with Seraphine. 

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1. Ashe

Just like what I have mentioned above, Seraphine’s E is empowered whenever the enemy’s movement speed is impaired. The slow from Ashe’s arrows is considered an impairment to the enemy’s movement, so Seraphine doesn’t have to worry about having her double-cast up whenever she decides to root an enemy champion. 

Ashe can simply walk up to that champion and hit them with her basic attack or her W.
This duo also has great early game poke damage as both of them can cast their skills at a long-range. They work great post level 6 as they can synergize their ults to maximize CC duration and have great engagement. 

Either can cast their ultimates first to catch enemies off guard; when the CC ends, the other can stack up her ult to prolong the duration of the CC. Their ults also have an extremely long-range, which they can engage even if they are far away. With Sera having great spam abilities, they can both bring the enemy’s hp’s down before going on an all-in engage to secure a kill.

The Best Item To Build On Seraphine For This Duo

Chemtech Putrifier

This item allows Seraphine to constantly put her enemies under the effects of grievous wounds. It would also be easier for Ashe to proc the empowered passive of this item because of her long-range coming from her basic attack and her W. This is a great item to build if you wish to go on early game trades. 

2. Draven

Of course, suppose you want to bring out the highest value of an aggressive support champion. In that case, you also need an aggressive ADC to the capital on early game kills. Seraphine excels at bringing enemy HPs down low in the early game, which greatly synergizes with Draven’s early game high kill pressure. Draven is a monster in the early game. 

He reaches his power spike whenever he learns his Q and his W. Both of these skills alone give Draven a strong kill potential in the early game. You can add it to Seraphine’s hyper-aggressive skill spamming, and you have yourself a duo who can guarantee multiple kills in the early game. 

Both of their E’s also work great together. Draven can cast his E first, so it slows enemies down. Seraphine can follow up with her E as well to guarantee a root on the enemy team. When an enemy champion gets rooted, Draven can easily kite that champion down and kill them. 

It’ll be much easier if he already has 2 spinning axes. Another great combo is when Seraphine hits her R on multiple enemies. This would give Draven the best opportunity to cast his ultimate and hit everyone affected by Seraphine’s taunt. 

The Best Item To Build On Seraphine For This Duo

Shurelya’s Blessing

This duo needs extra movement speed to catch up to enemies with great mobility abilities like Ezreal. The movement speed that Sera can give Draven with this item is so useful. All that Draven needs is a boost of movement speed to kill his enemies. 

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3. Jhin

Every time Sera hits her E double cast, it basically is a free W for Jhin, and they can both follow it up with their poking abilities. Both of them have early game spam abilities that they can synergize to maximize the effects. Seraphine can spam her Q to bring the enemy’s HPs down Jhin can also follow this up with his bouncing grenade and W combo to bring the enemy duo’s HP down to half or even lower. 

Poke and long-range abilities are the bread and butter of this duo during the early game. However, the late gamer puts Jhin in a better position because he can now one-shot enemies because of his core items. For Jhin to do this, though, he needs to hit enemies, which is hard given that his abilities are easy to dodge. 

Seraphine can fix that with her multiple CC abilities she can stack together. Once enemies are caught by Seraphine’s ult, she can follow it up with her E and double-cast Q to bring enemy HP down. With the maximized CC duration, Jhin can easily hit 2-3 of her bullets, with the 4th one being up to him as the CC would already be gone. 

The Best Item To Build On Seraphine For This Duo


Seraphine’s kit focused on damaging spamming abilities and only giving her a small shield to aid her allies. Seraphine can build Redemption to stack with her W double cast and fully heal her entire team from the brink of death. 

4. Miss Fortune

Poke heavy champions synergize with Seraphine as these types of champions can help Seraphine poke in the early game. A great champion that has an early game poke is Miss Fortune. She can pick the Comet rune, which can easily hit her enemies when combined with her E. 

The slow E prohibits enemies hit with it from moving away fast enough to dodge the comet’s damage. Miss Fortune’s E also guarantees the root from Seraphine’s E, making for a great play in the early game. Miss Fortune has incredible damage meaning she can profit from early game kills to propel her towards a fast-growing snowball. 

She doesn’t have great 1v1 potential, so she needs Sera to always stay by her side and set kills for her. Luckily Seraphine works great when it comes to this kind of scenario. The synergy from their skills works great. They can also achieve a pentakill together when their ults hit multiple champions. Imagine in the late game, and everybody is preparing for a team fight. 

Sera lands her ultimate on 5 enemy champions, which can be followed by her E root. None of the enemies will be able to run away from Miss Fortune’s ultimate. All of them will be eating the entire damage of MF’s bullet time.

The Best Item To Build On Seraphine For This Duo

Imperial Mandate

With Sera’s constant poking, she can constantly put procs of this item on the enemy champion. Miss Fortune can easily proc this with her E, which deals bonus magic damage and gives MF bonus movement speed to chase enemies down.

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5. Sivir

Sivir is one of the best ADCs to poke enemies. Sure, her Q is slow and easy to dodge but when SIvir builds Lethality along with Dark Harvest, getting hit with her Q once is pretty scary. A single hit alone would bring half of your health down. Pair Sivir with Seraphine, and you got yourself a duo with the best poke synergy. 

Both of them can burst their enemies down with their basic abilities alone. When Seraphine double casts her E on the enemies, Sivir can easily hit them with her Q. This combo alone could chip away 70% of the enemy’s hp even at the early game. This combo gets even better when Sera learns her ult.

The Best Item To Build On Seraphine For This Duo

Rylai’s Crystal Sceptre

This item is great on Seraphine because it doesn’t only slow enemies down. It also guarantees the root from her E even though she doesn’t have a double cast up.

Final Thoughts

Seraphine is excellent at poking down champions, so ADCs that profit well on Dark Harvest works great with her. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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