Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Sett in Season 12

When you see Sett, you might think he is a top lane only champion because he is a melee champion and his gap closer is weak. How can he support the bot lane? Well, indeed, he has a very poor gap closer pre-level 6, but he has excellent CC and trade potential. 

He can be played as support by picking the hex flash keystone. Sett is actually excellent support and is actually very strong throughout the game. All he has to do is coordinate with his ADC, so they gain control over the bot lane brush, and voila, you control the lane. 

Having hex flash as your keystone, you can trade it pretty early with the enemy ADC. Quickly flash towards them and go all-in on them. Just make sure you have your W ability as your first skill. But enough of this, for now, we’ll look further into this strategy as we learn about the 5 best ADCs you can pair with Sett. 

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1. Draven

Sett has an outstanding engagement coming from his face breaker. If your jungler is a champion who can clear buffs leash-less, there is a great strategy that could catapult your Draven towards a huge lead. Start the game by going to the third bush in bot lane, waiting there along with Draven. 

Once both enemies appear along with their CS, walk towards them, so you come off as a surprise and use a face breaker on them. Continue trading with them until they are very low. This would either force them to flash. If not, then use your flash so you can get ahead of them while walking. This would really force them to flash. 

When Sett has a hexflash, there is no need to worry that you trade your flash with them. Once you perform this strategy well, Draven would have gotten 2 kills or made the duo base with their summoner spells spent. This way, Draven would have complete control of the minions when they return. You will have control over the bushes. 

2 champions putting pressure on the enemy duo would surely give them a huge gap in gold and exp. Once the game reaches mid-game, you probably would have gotten your turbo chem tank already. Make sure to abuse your great gap closer and high movement speed to pick enemies. Find more kills for Draven to snowball fast and one shot every other champion with his spinning axes. 

The showstopper, Sett’s ultimate, is also great when combined with face breaker. Sett can engage with this Combo to ensure a 5 man stun.  Draven can cast his ultimate on them so he can hit all of them at once. This will guarantee half or even more hp chipped off the enemy team’s hp bars, giving your entire team the upper hand. 

The Best Item To Build On Sett For This Duo

Turbo Chemtank

Obviously, engagement will be the priority of this duo as Draven has a very high kill pressure. Playing hyper-aggressively and catching enemies off guard should be Sett’s main goal so he can help Draven snowball. Turbo Chemtank also synergizes with Sett’s Q, giving him extra movement speed whenever he moves towards an enemy champion.

2. Aphelios

Aphelios is quite hard to play in the early game. His damage is mediocre, and his kit isn’t made for the early game. That is why he needs extreme babysitting or support with great engage and kill pressure so he can either farm peacefully or get kills from his OP support. A sett is great for Aphelios because he can solo the enemy duo by himself as long as he has a hex flash and he reaches his level 3 power spike. 

As Aphelios, focus on farming and reaching your core items fast. Let Sett do his own thing by scaring the enemy duo away and trading their flashes so he can assert lane dominance. Sett can proc his relic from time to time to gain gold, but when you play as Sett and have Aphelios as your ADC, make sure to always fake engage the enemy, so they always walk away from the minion range. 

If the enemy ADC has weak or no mobility skills, Sett should always look for engage and bring that enemy ADCs health down. When Aphelios reaches his power spike, look to constantly find kills whenever you have your Gravitum gun. These root enemy champions make it easier for Sett to CC them and find kills for you. 

This duo’s ult works great together. Sett can open up with his showstopper and face breaker on multiple enemies. Aphelios, having his infernum, cast his ultimate on 5 people caught by Sett’s CCs and completely burst them all down by Aph’s OP AOE damage. 

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The Best Item To Build On Sett For This Duo


With this duo, Sett will be playing hyper-aggressively, spending most of his time inside enemy ranks, and always being surrounded by enemies. Sett can use this item for prolonged survivability after doing his full combo (ult + face breaker + haymaker). 

Doing so would bring his health very low, and casting this while in the middle of 5 enemies would easily bring his hp back up, making him an incredible tank and damage dealer at the same time.

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3. Kai’sa

With Sett being a champion that can pull enemies away from their allies, it only makes sense that he works great with Kai’sa as her Q works best when enemies are isolated. It means one enemy receives the full damage of her Icathian rain. In the early game, a neat thing you can do is wait in the enemy’s tri brush (if you are on the blue side of the map) and wait for the enemy support there. 

If the enemy starts red, their support will surely leash their jungler and walk over the tri brush when the leash is over. Start off with Kaisa’s Q and Sett’s E, just as when she is about to walk over the brush, both of you should start hitting that champion. She will be half healthy before she even realizes she is being ambushed. She will surely use both of her summoner spells to try and get away. 

Sett can react to this by using his flash and casting a face breaker on that champion to pull them back again. Kaisa can then finish that champion off with the proc from her passive and isolated icathian rain. After this, Kaisa would surely have the gold and exp advantage of the lane. In the late game, however, this duo becomes even stronger as their skills really break the enemy team’s formation. 

Sett can use his showstopper to access the opposing team’s backline and CC them all together. With a complete Combo, Sett is looking at half of the enemy hp. This Combo would also put a stack of Kaisa’s passive on everyone, including the enemy backline. 

Kaisa can use her ult for a quick assassination on the enemy backline carries and quickly get out with her empowered E. Once Kaisa’s team follows up, she can clean all the remaining enemies to the best of her abilities. This duo really is a team-fighting monster. 

The Best Item To Build On Sett For This Duo

Stride Breaker

Sett has all the CC he needs to initiate an incredible team fight for his team and Kaisa. However, he lacks the abilities that slow enemy champions so Kaisa can easily kite them. This is where the stride breaker comes in, as he can use it on multiple occasions. 

One such occasion is when he is chasing an enemy champion and casts his stride breaker so he can land his face breaker on them. Another is when he ults and hits all 5 enemy champions, just as when the face breaker’s stun ends, he can use stride breaker to slow all of the enemies down.

4. Kalista

Kalista really is an underrated champion who fell off in popularity ever since season 11 started. Kalista really works great with Sett as their engagement and tower dive potential are great. This duo reaches their power spike post level 6 when both of them have their ultimates up. 

Kalista should cast her ultimate when hidden in a brush so it doesn’t notify the enemy duo of an upcoming engagement. Sett can dive on both the enemy duo and guarantee a knock-up followed by a face breaker stun. Sett can grab the enemy ADC or support (whoever is squishier) with his ultimate and bring that champion closer to Kalista. 

This Combo guarantees a kill as both Sett and Kalista have their damage amplified by Kalista’s W passive. Another factor contributing to it being an easy kill is that both of them can CC the enemy duo for more or less 4 seconds. 

The Best Item To Build On Sett For This Duo

Deadman’s Plate

This item would constantly make Sett move fast. He doesn’t need to proc a Turbo chem tank to catch up on enemies, all he has to do is walk up with his Q activated, and he can catch them, followed by a slow from proccing Deadman’s Plate passive. This item would also give Sett enough defensive stats for him to dive enemy champions under enemy turrets. 

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5. Ashe

Ashe can constantly slow enemies down, giving Sett great variety in his item builds. Meaning Sett can opt out of items that provide him movement speed and instead focus on items that make him even more durable. 

The engagement on this is pretty basic. Ashe hits the enemy with her W and follows up on it with a few basic attacks. Sett can easily catch up to the enemy due to his Qs bonus movement speed, and hitting a face breaker would also be pretty easy. 

Peeling on this duo is also great as Ashe can self-peel with her W and slow passive along with her ultimate. Sett can use either his ult or icebreaker to keep enemies away from Ashe.

The Best Item To Build On Sett For This Duo


Being the show stopper, Sett will really be the one that enemies will always try to hit because he will be the one who will always close the gap on the enemies. This item gives him great defensive stats; it also gives him the ability to inflict grievous wounds on enemy champions which is always great in trades and team fights. 

Sett can build this item early on when playing with Ashe, so trades would always come out in your favor as this item would dampen the healing effects of pots. 

Final thoughts

A sett is an incredible engager that benefits mostly from champions with excellent trading potential. He works great with ADCs that can run enemies down without the need of being enchanted. That is why you notice most of the top 5 champions are the ones who usually play hyper-aggressive. 

Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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