Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Shaco in Season 12

Shaco support rose in popularity a few seasons ago, and nobody expected him to be viable. It is hard to play Shaco support when you don’t know how to play him well, so his pick rate is quite low. But he is a support that works well when there are enemies with gap closers and aggressive enemies. Shaco prevents all-in engages from enemy champions and stops the momentum of an enemy’s initiation. 

You should look for ADC champions to follow up on Shaco’s box triggers from a long-range to bring the best out of this support. Shaco as support relies heavily on his ability to turn invisible and the CC that his box provides. He also works well with champions who can peel for themselves and have long-range abilities or basic attacks. 

The reason for this is that Shaco lacks peeling abilities. He also lacks heals and shields, but he is great at keeping enemies at bay and giving them a hard time to go near Shaco’s ADC. With that out of the way, let us take a look at the top 5 viable champions you can play along with Shaco support.

5. Caitlyn

When you play with Shaco support, expect the bot lane to be filled with his boxes. Spots where enemies can hide or places where enemies can use to close the gap between them and Caitlyn. You have to be prepared and predict the movement of enemy champions. Whenever one of Shaco’s boxes is feared, be ready to quickly react to it either by hitting them multiple times or hitting them with your Q. You can also walk up and plant an E beneath an enemy champion and do a full combo. This could either guarantee a kill or a flash being burnt by the enemy champion.

Best Rune You Can Pick for Caitlyn on this Duo

Fleet Footwork

This rune would give Caitlyn the heals that both of them lack in the lane. This is one of the best runes to use, so you can save up on buying potions every time you reset. This also gives Caitlyn bonus movement speed to quickly react to Shaco’s box triggers. 

The Best Item You Can Buy for Shaco on this Duo


When enemies trigger Shaco’s boxes, he can easily go to them fast to either hit them or slow them with his E. With Everfrost, Shaco can extend his CC duration on the enemy champion to give Caitlyn enough time to plant her snares and do a full combo on the enemy. 

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4. Ezreal

Here is a champion that you can play with Shaco well. Not only does Ezreal have an extremely long-range and safe lane playing, but he also has a self-peel ability he can use to get away from enemies. He can also use this ability to quickly follow up on Shaco’s box triggers. He can use his E to close the gap between him and the enemy feared by the box. It will also be easier to land Ezreal’s W + Q combo, which deals great damage. Ezreal can easily use his ultimate to follow up on Shaco’s ambushes if he can’t reach the enemy fast enough. 

Another great thing that this Duo can do comes from Shaco being a great roaming champion. Ezreal having extremely long ranges and self-peel abilities means he can play a weakside lane. Meaning Shaco can leave him behind from time to time to solo the exp and gold as Shaco roams the map helping their teammates’ secure kills. 

Best Rune You Can Pick on Ezreal for this Duo

Grasp of the Undying

When playing weakside, your Champion needs to have high survivability and great sustain so he can heal himself while still dealing damage. Grasp of the undying works well on Ezreal as he can easily proc it with his Q. This rune also works great with Divine Sunderer giving Ezreal a strong poke and great sustain. 

3. Jhin

Usually, Jhin does not need peeling as he can take enemies down from a faraway range. Jhin has to worry about when an enemy flanks him like an assassin or a Talon that can jump walls. Shaco can easily mitigate this by planting boxes behind Jhin or on locations where enemy flankers usually pass by. 

Jhin also has a great follow-up on Shaco’s boxes. He can easily hit his W whenever somebody triggers Shaco’s boxes. He can also tell Shaco to engage enemies by using his Q and going invisible to surprise enemies. Once he procs his passive and Q on the enemy, Shaco can follow it up by planting a box in front of that enemy and using his E to slow it down. Jhin can follow up with his W and his ultimate. This is a pretty basic combo but can guarantee a kill most of the time. 

Best Rune You Can Pick on Jhin for this Duo 

Fleet footwork

This is a great rune you can pick on Jhin to give him more movement speed so he can catch up to enemies that they both engage from a long-range. Jhin also needs this rune to sustain himself in the lane because if enemies get past Shaco’s boxes, Jhin needs to look out for himself.

The Best Item You Can Buy for Shaco on this Duo


This item prolongs the duration of Shaco’s CCs on enemies. This is perfect simply because Jhin needs all the CC his allies can give him to easily hit all 4 of his bullets from his ult. This item also gives Shaco a mythic passive that increases his magic damage which is great for the damage coming from his boxes and E ability.

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2. Miss Fortune

Champions that can lock enemies down for a long period have great synergy with Miss Fortune. She can easily follow up on the CC from his allies because she has a high movement speed, and her skills can be cast from a long-range. 

There is a trick that great Shaco players can do to lock enemies down for more than 5 seconds. This is by planting boxes strategically and baiting enemies onto them. MF should take notice of Shaco’s boxes and know if Shaco will do this trick. If Shaco manages to do this, it will be the perfect time for MF to cast her ultimate. She can make that enemy eat every bit of the bullet she can throw with her ultimate. 

Best Rune You Can Pick for MF on this Duo

Dark Harvest

Throwing the possibility of early poke damage, MF can pick this rune for late gameplay. She can easily kill enemies with her ult, especially when she partners this rune with The Collector. When enemies reach a certain health threshold, they will be easily executed. 

The Best Item You Can Buy for Shaco on this Duo

Chemtech Putrifier

When this Duo successfully lands their ultimate combo, they will proc the 60% grievous wounds coming from this item. It would also help kill enemies faster as it dampens the strength of their heals while they receive the full extend of MF’s ultimate. 

1. Tristana

When you play this Duo, once an enemy activates a box, they are basically dead. Imagine an enemy stepping over Shaco’s box. Tristana can jump over this Champion and do a full stack of her E. This combo easily guarantees a kill. It also gives Tristana a reset for her rocket jump to chase enemies if they flash away after that combo. She can also use it to get away from champions if there are champions who came to help the Champion that got caught. 

Tristana can also use her ultimate to push enemies towards Shaco’s boxes. Shaco can plant multiple boxes in one location. Tristana can use her rocket jump to position herself better so she can push that enemy towards Shaco’s boxes. This is a free combo that looks awesome if you can pull it off. 

Best Rune You Can Pick on Tristana for this Duo

Cheap shot

This rune lets you deal true bonus damage to enemies who have their movement speed impaired. Her rocket jump can proc this on enemies caught by Shacos boxes. Her ult can also proc this for true bonus damage on the enemy. 

The Best Item You Can Buy for Shaco on this Duo


Shaco can go for a full AP build on this Duo to help Tristana secure kills even faster. This item also procs grievous wounds on enemies caught by Shaco’s boxes. 

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Final Thoughts

Though not really played that much as a support, you can still find value on this pick when you know what you are doing. This pick is also valuable when there are enemy champions like Zed, Vayne, or Master Yi, Champions that need to get real close and personal with your ADCs to deal damage. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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