Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Shen in Season 12

Shen has been around long enough that he has been used in most roles already. One such role is the support that players until now play him as. Shen is a very durable champion that can negate basic attacks coming from enemies when he is within the proximity of his Sword. 

His rework made him an even better champion. His kit has become more useful when he is played as support. She is a great utility champion who can support all lanes even if he plays at the top lane. He is incredibly durable and is capable of doing tower dives. 

His taunt can be combined with flash, which can be the decisive factor if you use it right in the late game. His best ability, though, is why Shen is one of the best utility champions out there. He puts an insane amount of shield on the champion he casts it on. 

He then teleports to that champion, and he can aid them in the fight. He can quickly taunt enemies right after he arrives. Now that we know Shen’s capabilities let us look at the best champions he can go to within the bot lane. 

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1. Draven

Shen has a great engage ability, which is his taunt, and it has a low cooldown. Meaning he can use it as often as he needs to. He can use this ability every time an opportunity presents itself. Even if Shen goes in, enemies won’t burst him down because of his W which negates basic attacks. 

When Shen lands a taunt, Draven has a small window of opportunity to kill the enemy hit with the taunt. Draven being the executioner he is, can easily profit from Shen’s taunt. With 2 spinning axes and Constant casting of blood rush, Draven can easily score a takedown in the early game. 

This duo guarantees a kill every time Shen hits his taunt. If not, then it is guaranteed that enemies will use their summoner spells just to get out. Shen can also reset without having much to worry about because he has his ultimate. 

Whenever Shen recalls, and Draven gets into a fight, Shen can easily ult him and support him throughout the fight. Shen has a huge impact on the entire map, and with Draven having an early game lead, Shen can roam the entire map and help all lanes. He has to reserve his ult, though, as he should only use it whenever Draven needs help. 

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Important Rune For Shen On This Duo

Ultimate Hunter

Shen’s ultimate is very useful and has great value for the entire team. For that reason, the cooldown on this skill is insane, with its base being 200/180/160. That is why Ultimate hunter is such a great rune for Shen. He needs this to roam and always have his ultimate up to help Draven.

The Best Mythic Item To Build On Shen For This Duo


This is a new preseason item recently introduced to the league of legends. It is an excellent item for initiators because every time they stun an enemy or an enemy immobilizes the wearer, this causes enemies to repent. In basic words, they become more susceptible to damage, increasing all sources of damage they receive by 12%. 

2. Jinx

With Arcane’s success, people are playing Jinx more often now. Shen is great support for Jinx simply because of the amount of peel Shen can give Jinx. She is a great late-game hyper carry that needs all the babysitting she can get in the early game. Shen can stay beside Jinx for the entirety of the game, ensuring she avoids numerous deaths before reaching her insane power spike (pun intended). 

When playing as Shen, make sure to use your taunt in the early game as a way to peel for Jinx. Just let her farm until she builds her core items. You should always stay at the frontline, making sure nobody gets past you so Jinx can CS in peace. 

Suppose some champions can flank Jinx. In that case, you can immediately use your ultimate on her to prevent her from being burnt down. Once you arrive, taunt the enemy champion and let Jinx work her magic. 

When the late game arrives, and Jinx has already reached her power spike, always look for taunt picks and start a snowball lead for Jinx. You can be a great initiator and peeler for Jinx in the late game. No matter what, Shen’s value will never fall off in this duo.

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Important Rune For Shen On This Duo


Being the champion beside Jinx, the guardian is basically the best rune you can pick for Shen. It also works as a great lifesaver that synergizes with your ultimate. Upon arrival, you can give Jinx an extra amount of protection with this rune. 

The Best Mythic Item To Build On Shen For This Duo

Imperial Mandate

Shen and Jinx need movement speed to keep up with their enemies when Shen’s taunt is down. Luckily, Shen can build this item so that when they proc its effects after a taunt engage, they will gain bonus movement speed to keep up with enemies until Shen’s taunt comes off cooldown. 

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3. Lucian

Squishy champions with high mobility are typically countered with champions like Zed or Talon and Lucian being one of those squishy champions. He needs support that can prevent him from being one-shot. That is exactly what Shen can do for Lucian, protect him with a fat shield, so assassins’ bursts don’t one-shot Lucian. 

Another great thing about this duo is that Shen can also use his ultimate to set kills for Lucian. Shen can use it as Lucian goes in on the enemy bot lane duo. Enemies would easily fall for this bait and trade with Lucian. 

Before the fight starts, Shen can cast his ult Lucian to give him a shield and quickly taunt enemies upon his arrival. Don’t worry. Enemies won’t get away from Shen’s taunt because Lucian can keep up with enemies because of his dash. Lucian can keep a close distance between him and his enemies, so Shen can easily taunt them all when he arrives.  

Important Rune For Shen On This Duo

Font Of Life

This rune marks every enemy Shen hits with his slow and taunt, giving Lucian extra healing whenever he hits marked enemy champions. This rune also works great if Shen has a Knight’s vow to mitigate the damage that Lucian Receives. Also, Lucian can cancel the animation, meaning he can hit enemies with his basic attack multiple times for a short period. He can proc the effect of this rune often.

The Best Mythic Item To Build On Shen For This Duo


Partnered with the Font of Life rune, you can give Lucian lots of healing even though you don’t have the skill to heal Lucian. Proccing the effects of this item along with Font of Life will give Lucian enough sustainability during trades and team fights. 

4. Jhin

Sometimes Shen can be played as support but still be a frontline tank that can trade hits with enemy champions. He needs a champion that can aid him even though they are at a faraway range when he does this. Jhin is great in this duo as his skills have extremely long ranges. 

When Shen hits an enemy with his taunt, Jhin can quickly follow it up with his W guaranteeing a root to extend the fight between Shen and his foe. Shen wins extended fights because of his W and passive, which grants him a shield every time he uses skill and is off cooldown. 

Upon reaching level 6, She can still continue trading with enemies even if Jhin is far away. When Shen gets into a fight, he can keep enemies occupied and taunt them as soon as Jhin uses his ult to assist Shen. 

Important Rune For Shen On This Duo

Hail of Blades

Shen will want to deal damage with this duo. He is already tanky because of his W and passive. Whenever Shen taunts enemies, he has a small window where he can hit them without them retaliating. That is why Hail of Blades is important for Shen on this duo. He needs to stand up on his own for each trade so that Jhin can last hit the enemy Shen brawled with. 

The Best Mythic Item To Build On Shen For This Duo


This is a great item for champions who wish to catch up to enemy champions and trade with them. Stridebreaker is a great follow-up skill to slow enemies down, so Jhin can hit his 4 bullets ultimate.

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5. Vayne

A champion that has very high mobility is perfect when it comes to synergizing with Shen’s ultimate. In the late game, Vayne will reach her power spike no matter what happens and she will have an extremely high movement speed when fighting enemies with her ult up. 

This is a perfect setup for Shen’s ult + taunt combo which really helps Vayne a lot in securing late-game kills. 

Important Rune For Shen On This Duo


After taunting multiple enemies, Shen needs to have enough defensive stats to survive the fight. Aftershock gives him high defensive stats after taunting enemies and it also has a fair amount of damage he can deal to enemies beside him.

The Best Mythic Item To Build On Shen For This Duo

Gore Drinker

As late-game fights rage on, Shen will look at the possibility that he has to be the one to engage multiple enemies to set kills for Vayne. His taunt works great but it puts him in a lot of danger when he is in the middle of the enemy team. He can use this item just before he dies so his health comes back up again and extend the fight to help Vayne.

Final Thoughts

Shen is a really tanky late game champion with lots of utility. He does not have a high skill requirement so he is pretty basic to use. Try to use him often as top or support and your team might just win more team fights. 

Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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