Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Sona in Season 12

One of the oldest support champions in the league of legends. Sona has been in and out of the meta many times before and has been used as an ADC a mid laner mage, even at the top lane. But this season, she is back at being a support champion, and man, are their champions that work great with her. So let us take a look at 5 great ADCs you can pair with a Sona in the bot lane. 

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1. Ezreal

Sona has a great early game poke, so it only makes sense that a champion with great poke works well with her. Both Ezreal and Sona can harass their enemies even from far away as the lane. Sona can empower both Qs to deal even more damage to enemies, even in the early game. 

This is an annoying tactic if you are playing against this duo. They take control of the lane early on and don’t let you take cs and exp. You will then be forced to ask a gank from your mid laner or jungler. If the gank fails, then the game could spiral out of control.

They also have great synergy when it comes to late games. Sona has an impressive all-in potential because of her ult. Ezreal can follow up on this and constantly bombard the enemies with his long-range artillery. His ult easily hits multiple enemies as well when they are caught by Sona’s ultimate. 

Great Rune To Consider When Playing With Ezreal

Aery Rune

Being a poke-heavy champion, Sona can highly abuse this ability to its full extent in the laning phase. It adds damage to her already impressive Q damage making this poke lane really annoying. Her W also works for Ezreal as it extends the shield she can give him with her W. 

Best Mythic Item On This Duo

Imperial Mandate

What better way to extend your poke power than building an Item made for poking. This will be an insane build on this duo as they can easily proc its effects even at a faraway range. Ezreal can insanely empower his Q damage with his spell blade item, a grasp of the undying Sona’s Q and imperial mandate. One hit from Ezreals Q would be devastating. 

2. Lucian

Talk about early game domination. Lucian is king when it comes to early game skirmishes. Empowered by Sona’s Q, he can easily dominate the bot lane once he learns all 3 of his basic skills. He can go for an all-in attack once he reaches level 3, and Sona can enchant him so he can easily kill the enemy bot lane. (Clonazepam)  

With Sona also helping him poke enemies, they can get control over the bot lane early on. The late game, however, empowers Lucian even further. Sona can boost his movement speed, heal him, and empower his basic attacks simultaneously. She can also use her ult to assist Lucian’s ultimate, making him hit his target with all of the bullets from the culling.

Great Rune To Consider When Playing With Lucian

Aery Rune

It simply is a great poking rune, same as when Sona plays with Ezreal. 

Best Mythic Item On This Duo

Ardent Censer

Capable of throwing multiple basic attacks because of his passive and animation cancels, Lucian can fully utilize the bonus damage effects of Ardent Censer. This damage can be stacked with Sona’s Q, and it also allows Lucian to attack faster. 

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3. Draven

Early game lane domination is what this duo brings to the table. Draven has serious early damage because of his spinning axes. Sona can empower that even further with her Q. She can even boost Draven’s movement speed to easily chase enemies for an early kill or flash burn. No matter what happens, early kills are guaranteed with this duo. 

Draven simply needs to spin 2 axes and tell Sona to prepare for an all-in chase. Draven can set Sona’s ultimate during the late game by slowing enemies down with his E. Once everybody is dancing to Sona’s ultimate, Draven can easily kill them all with his AOE damage. He can finish them one by one with his basic attacks. 

Great Rune To Consider When Playing With Draven

Presence Of Mind

Sona’s skill has high mana requirements. Even though she needs to spam her abilities to have a great impact on Draven, she needs to watch out because she can easily run out of mana. Picking this rune allows Sona to spam her abilities as Draven can easily kill enemies. As a result, Sona will refund her mana every time Draven kills an enemy champion. 

Best Mythic Item On This Duo

Shurelya’s Reverie

Building this item would open up lots of play styles for Draven. He can use this item to roam lanes and score takedowns. He can also use this item to chase or run away from enemies if team fights go wrong. Sona just needs to coordinate with Draven when she activates it. 

4. Vayne

Sona is a great champion for Vayne because it fixes Vayne’s weakness of early game uselessness. Vayne will have excellent poke damage that she can use. Vayne can use her Q to empower her next basic attack, and Sona can enchant it with her Q as well for it to deal insane damage in the early game. 

Sona is really a great champion to peel and initiate fights for Vayne. She has her E that speeds Vayne up for chasing and disengaging. She also has her W to heal Vayne in the middle of the fight. Her ult is also a great initiating ability, prompting Vayne to go all-in and use her ult. 

Great Rune To Consider When Playing With Vayne

Dark Harvest

You can play as aggressive mage-type support on Sona on this duo because Vayne also has a skill that she can use to peel for both of them. Sona can build damage items to empower her Q pokes, and Dark harvest work great along with a Lich Bane. 

Best Mythic Item On This Duo

Luden’s Tempest

Not only does this item give Sona an early game item to mitigate her high mana requirement, but it also gives Sona a great burst damage poke when she finally builds it. Following this build path will make Sona a late-game carry that can help burst enemies down. High-ability power also makes Sona heal Vayne better. 

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5. Caitlyn

Some champions need to walk up to the enemy to be able to hit their empowered basic attacks. That is not the case for Cait, as she can hit enemies from far away. Cait has a very long range. Her basic attack can be considered a poke ability because nobody can compete with her range. 

She also benefits from Sona’s ult because it puts enemies into an immobilized state. She can easily lay traps beneath them. Sona also helps Caitlyn play safe until she reaches her power spike. Once Caitlyn builds a storm razor, they can easily mow enemies down and easily chase them. Enemies won’t be able to run away from Caitlyn as she can finish enemies with her ult. 

Best Mythic Item On This Duo


This item gives this duo the ability to extend their CC durations for more than 5 seconds. This allows Caitlyn to land more traps and burst enemies even better. 

Final Thoughts

Sona is one of the classic support champions out there, meaning most players know how to play with her, so all you have to worry about is communication. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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