Top 5 Best ADCs With Soraka to Pair in League of Legends

Have you ever laned against Soraka’s support? I know how annoying it is if you don’t have to ignite or grievous wound inflicting item. Soraka heals her ADC so much with a pretty low cooldown that their enemies are already near death after trades. Soraka’s ADC is still standing at full health. Another annoying thing from Soraka is she constantly bombards you with her Q that slows you and speeds her up. It also heals her so she can spam her heal on her ADC even more. 

To top it all off, she also has a silence ability that can be instantly cast, giving you no time to react. She is excellent at peeling for her ADC and poking enemies as well. She really works with almost every ADC in the game, meaning is a generalist support champion. Still, some outshine others when it comes to laning and late-game fights. Let us take a look at 5 of the best ADC champions that you can pair with Soraka. 

1. Tristana

Champions that jump into the fray put themselves in danger, and that is what Tristana does most of the time with her rocket jump. In the early game, Tristana can go all-in on the enemy duo after she reaches level 3. At this point, she reaches her power spike with 3 of her skills. She can easily burst enemies with her stacked E. Soraka can stand behind her and provide Tristana with Silence and damage when she jumps into the enemy. Every time Tristana Receives damage, Soraka can heal her so she can stay in the fight longer. 

The late game, however, makes Soraka’s heals stronger and have lower cooldowns. She needs to focus on getting near Tristana to heal her as she fights enemies close range. Spam your heals as Tristana trades and use all of your heals once you see her health go down fast. 

The Best Item for Soraka on This Duo

Ardent Censer

Tristana relies on her attack speed and on-hit damage when trading with enemies. Seeing as how Soraka can cast her heals frequently, this item really has great value on her. Not only will this item enchant Tristana but the entire team once Soraka uses her ultimate. 

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2. Vayne

Vayne is a very squishy champion that can be killed pretty quickly if she doesn’t have lifesteal. Soraka can fix this for Vayne as Soraka is the ultimate heal champion. She literally is played for the sole purpose of healing her allies. It might not be a good idea to play two squishy champions in the bot lane, especially when the enemy has assassin champions. Still, you can mitigate this by buying lots of wards on Soraka and preventing flanks from the enemy team. 

Vayne is an all-in champion that is very strong but also needs extensive peeling. Soraka can heal Vayne as she kites through multiple enemies in the late game. Soraka can also keep up with Vayne because her passive boosts her movement speed when her allies reach a certain hp threshold.  

The Best Item for Soraka on This Duo

Shurelya’s Blessing

A quick engage from a late-game Vayne is scary, even when she has a high movement speed.  Shurelya’s Blessing is perfect for game initiations and chases. Vayne relies so much on speed from both attack and movement. She is a very agile champion that is hard to catch once her movement and attack speed are boosted. 

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3. Ashe

Sometimes Soraka won’t keep up to ADC champions with extremely high mobility like Kaisa. She works best with Ashe, who can only walk and slow enemies down with her arrows. Suppose enemies manage to get the jump on Ashe and burst her down. In that case, Soraka can easily bring her health back up and use her Silence along with Ashe’s ult to quickly disengage from enemies. 

Soraka can also extend the duration of Ashe’s 5-second stun with her Silence that can root enemies down. This is a fantastic combo because Ashe needs enemies to stay still to be able to kite them. Ashe’s arrows slow enemies down, meaning they won’t reach her by simply walking up to her. Soraka also has the ability that slow the enemy’s movement speed down. 

Which she can use to stack up to Ashe’s already impressive stun. It would also be easier for Soraka to heal herself because she can hit her Q often, thanks to Ashe’s slows. This lets Soraka heal Ashe more frequently. 

The Best Item for Soraka on This Duo

The Staff of Flowing Water

This is a great item on Ashe, knowing that she is very strong when she spams her W ability. Every time Soraka heals Ashe, she gives her an extra 20 ability haste, meaning Ashe can cast her W faster. This can be a huge turning point for a battle looking at how it’s great for slowing enemies down and dealing damage simultaneously. 

4. Samira

Samira loves to dash behind enemy lines and fight them there. This puts her at risk of dying fast, so a Soraka pick is natural for this champion. With Soraka as support, Samira can easily do as she pleases and dash towards enemies all the time without worrying about her health. 

The bread and butter for Samira’s pentakill potential are her ultimate. Sure this is a strong ability. Still, it can be easily stopped with a single hard CC. Soraka can fix this by using her silence as Samira casts her ult. This way, nobody interrupts Samira. In addition to that, they can get rooted if they stay inside Soraka’s E long enough. 

The Best Item for Soraka on This Duo

Mikael’s Blessing

When Samira gets hit with a stun or a root, it ruins her flow or momentum to get her passive up. With this item, you will be able to cleanse Samira’s CC and let her continue her momentum on gaining stack on her passive for her to cast her ult. 

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5. Jhin

It’ll be much easier to hit your root as Jhin when enemies are slowed. Once Soraka hits her Q and slows an enemy, it’ll be followed by a cascade of combos from this duo. Jhin hits his root on the enemy, and he can AA that champion to the full extent of his 4 bullets. Soraka can extend the root duration with her E and silence. With Jhin having an extremely strong early game because of his 4th shot, kills are almost guaranteed every time they hit this combo right. 

The Best Item for Soraka on This Duo

Knight’s Vow

Soraka needs the movement speed to keep up to Jhin every time Jhin crits. He has a very high movement speed come late game because he will always be landing critical hits. Knight’s Vow is a great item for Soraka so she can keep up with Jhin’s running speed. This item also redirects damage that Jhin receives to Soraka, giving him a permanent peeling factor. 

Final Thoughts

When playing with a Soraka support, try to pick champions like the ones mentioned above, don’t be afraid to go all-in and commit to fights. Soraka excels at prolonged fights because she can heal her allies often. Just make sure to never back down once a fight erupts. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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