Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Swain in League of Legends

Swain is between engaged support and a burst mage. Though the late game, he transitions to being a tanky battle mage that can solo teams of 5 and come out on top. He has so much healing from his passive, and the more enemies hit with his ult, the more he heals. However, his kit also allows him to be played at the top lane and in the bot lane as support. He has a great early game engage that can catch enemies off guard. 

Once seen with his E Swain, he can then burst enemies with his basic abilities from a faraway range and receive nothing in return. With this early game combo, he is excellent with ADCs that quickly snapped enemies down or someone who can follow up on his CC and pull. Extremely mobile champions also benefit from Swain support. So now let us take a look at 5 of the best ADC champions we can pair with Swain. 

1. Jhin

First up is Jhin, a champion who almost guarantees a takedown each time he hits his W root. Kills are guaranteed each time this happens because he can quickly follow up on his damage. When he reaches his 4th shot, enemies are usually low in hp already. His 4th shot scales to how much hp his enemy is losing. Meaning the lower their health is, the greater the damage of his 4th shot will be. 

After getting caught by Swain’s CC himself, he can pull enemies towards him. This is the perfect time for Jhin to use his W to root the enemy so they can go all-in on that champion. Swain has a skill that slows enemies for a long time which is excellent for Jhin to follow up on. 

The duo should throw all of their abilities on the caught champion so Jhin can finish that champion with his 4th shot. Keep doing this, and you will have a lane focused by mid and jungler ganks. Play safe and control the wave towards your tower to prevent unexpected ganks or even flanks. Once Swain reaches his tank state, both of them can stop worrying about wave management and continue to push all the way to the enemy turret. Swain can tower dive, and Jhin can finish from far away. 

The Best Mythic Item for Swain on This Duo


Swain excels at providing CC and is slow for his ADC, but he lacks hard CC duration. Everfrost fixes that problem as it can slow and root enemies at the same time. Swain can follow up on this with his pull and another E if the CC is sequenced right along with Jhin’s W. The root duration would last for a good 5 seconds, which if you think is more than enough time for Jhin to kill their enemies. 

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2. Caitlyn

Another champion that ensures a kill every time she catches enemies with her W. Caitlyn’s traps does her deal bonus damage to the enemy that stepped on it. A good Caitlyn knows how to do a quick succession in skill to burst enemies down once caught by her trap. Swain can extend the CC of Caitlyn’s trap by pulling the enemy. He also has a good burst meaning that once they catch one champion by even one of their CCs, a kill takedown is inevitable. 

This duo puts a lot of pressure in the lane during the laning phase by using their long-range abilities and continuously threatening enemies with their complex CC abilities. Caitlyn can lay down traps to zone the enemy ADC in the laning stage paired with Swain’s E that threatens enemies every time they get in range. This constant zoning of the enemy will give your duo an advantage on gold and exp. 

The Best Mythic Item for Swain on This Duo


Swain needs to act as a vanguard in the late game on this duo so Caitlyn can safely hit enemies from behind. Riftmaker gives him a tremendous amount of omnivamp, making him heal stronger and survive fights longer. This item also lets him deal true bonus damage as he also has amazing DPS. 

3. Sivir

This comp focuses on poking enemies and winning the lane. This duo is excellent at harassing the enemy under the turret because of their skillshots. Sivir deals insane damage with her Q alone. Swain can also poke using his basic combo of E pull and Q. This two can bring enemies down to half hp bar every time they hit their basic pokes. 

Sivir can build towards a lethality build, so her poke becomes even more potent. Watch out for enemy tanks making against Sivir’s poke build, though. Once they get tanky, poke builds won’t work anymore, so be sure to transition both your and Swain’s build in the late game if it so happens they counter your build. 

The Best Mythic Item for Swain on This Duo

Liandry’s Anguish

This item serves as a late-game item for Swain, which can also be great at the early game. The DPS from this item chip’s away at the hp of the enemy bot lane duo every time Swain casts his Q. He also gets a free strong poke whenever he hits his W ability on the enemy. The mythic passive of this item is impressive on Swain as he pokes reliance. The extra ability haste this item gives for each legendary item is excellent. 

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4. Ashe

Ashe wins the lane by using her range advantage on most champions. Her skills are also long-ranged, so bullying the enemy laners out of minion range will give them both the upper hand. If the enemy duo wishes to take CS and walk up to Swain and Ashe, they can harass them with their skills, and an all-out brawl would result in Ashe and Swain as victors. They will have the range and CC advantage over the enemy, factor in the damage coming from Swain. 

Ashe’s ultimate will also be an excellent poke that has a global range, both of them can impact the entire map because of the scope of their skills. Ashe can hit arrows from bot lane all the way to top or mid. When enemies are hit, Swain can follow it up with his W ability cast from a long-range. Hitting this long-range poke would guarantee a ¼ hp take away from the enemy. Great help for their ally to secure a kill knowing that Ashe’s long-range arrow stuns an enemy for 4 seconds. 

The Best Mythic Item for Swain on This Duo


Again, Swain needs to be like a wall so enemies won’t get past him and get to Ashe. He can serve as a Tank with significant damage, and enemies won’t take him lightly. Some will focus on him if he builds this item as he as well as a threat. 

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5. Ziggs

A great lane that has both AP damage and would force the enemy to build magic resistance. Suppose they do not build defensive items such as MR items. In that case, they risk being poked heavily as this duo deals heavy magic artillery damage. However, if the enemies built defensive, they are sacrificing their damage-dealing capabilities, so they really don’t have a choice but to play safely and ask for ganks. 

This duo can control the wave under their tower and ultimately take the duo out of the game by denying them exp and gold. Or they can push hard under the building and continue poking their enemies, denying them gold and experience while being able to push heavily. 

The Best Mythic Item for Swain on This Duo

Liandry’s Torment + Demon Embrace

Swain deals incredible DPS with his ultimate, and this two-item combo works great with it. Throw in another Grievous wound item, and you have yourself a grand champion that counters enemy healing. This is great as heals counter Ziggs’ burst damage. 

Final Thoughts

Swain has a wide variety of item builds, making him great for most ADC champions as he can adjust to whatever they need. He can also serve as another carry if ever the ADC falls off late game. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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