Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Tahm Kench in League of Legends

Tahm Kench recently got reworked. He basically got his skills exchanged. His ult can now be used as an essential skill, and it has the added bonus of knocking someone airborne. This change made Tahm Kench a competently engaged champion. What’s excellent with this change is that Tahm Kench is a tank champion that can also use his E to somewhat restore his health in the form of a shield. He can also easily peel for his ADCs as his Devour is instantaneous and grants shield to his ADC. 

He is a very durable Vanguard champion that can initiate as a surprise and peel his allies really hard. He can also pick Hail of Blades to become even more aggressive. But you didn’t come here to know about Tahm Kench. Chances are you already know how to play him. You came here for the best ADC champions to pair him with, so now let’s take a look at 5 of the best ADC champions you can duo within the bot lane. 

1. Jhin

An extremely annoying duo if you are faced with it. Jhin and Tahm don’t just simply trade. They go on all-in trades where enemies are always guaranteed to meet a grey screen. With Tahm’s rework, he is very capable of surprising the enemy with a quick engagement. Once the duo gets control over the bushes in bot lane. Tahm can stay there and always be prepared to engage the enemies with his W. Once an enemy is caught by this engage, Jhin can root the enemy using his W. 

Tahm Kench can also pick the Hail of Blades rune to instantly put acquired taste passive on his enemy. Just after Jhin’s root wears off, Tahm can stun the enemy again using his tongue-lash. Suppose you reach the late game or simply post level 6. In that case, you can extend this combo by putting another acquired taste full stack on the enemy and devouring them. Throw them on one of Jhin’s traps so he can root them again with his W.

If a trade goes wrong, however, Tahm can quickly devour Jhin and get out alive. This prevents bursts towards Jhin, like when Zed ganks and goes all-in on Jhin. Once devoured by Tahm, his ADC becomes untargetable and quickly gains a shield. This is one of the best peeling abilities that ultimately gets the ADC absolutely out of Trouble. 

The Best Item for Tahm Kench on This Duo

Turbo Chemtank

Looking at how this duo gets stronger the longer the fight goes, the immolate passive of this item gives Tahm great value as he always stays beside his enemies, awaiting a full stack on his passive. This is also a great engage article if ever the enemy manages to dodge Tahm’s W. 

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2. Jinx

Her E ability is effortless to dodge as they take too long to arm themselves. Pairing with Tahm fixes that as he can devour enemies and throw them right at Jinx’s traps. He also helps Jinx hit her zap better as Tahm’s Q has slow and significant damage. The combo constantly slows enemies so Jinx can easily hit enemies. Tahm can quickly apply his passive on the enemy. He can either use his Q stun to set kills for Jinx or use Devour to pull enemies closer to Jinx. 

The Best Item for Tahm Kench on This Duo

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Jinx excels at late-game team fights. This is where she truly shines as she builds Runaan’s and deals incredible AOE damage with his rockets. Because of this, Tahm needs to be on the frontlines and keep enemies from getting to Jinx. Popping this in the middle of a fight makes Tahm a terrifying giant monster. 

3. Kalista

Kalista and his support deal bonus damage every time they hit the same target. The engagement and surprise initiated by this duo are out of this world. Tahm can use his W to engage individual enemies, and Kalista can use her Ult so Tahm can knock multiple enemies airborne. With Tahm Kench having Hail of Blades, he can quickly apply his passive on an enemy before they even come down from Kalista’s knock-up. 

This duo can also peel for each other, looking at how Kalista can pull Tahm Kench out of Trouble, and Tahm can devour Kalista and get her to safety. Tahm Kench’s tongue lash is also a great poke that Kalista can follow on. Overall this duo is a terrifying initiator and lane safecomp. 

The Best Item for Tahm Kench on This Duo

Knight’s Vow

Tahm needs some other way to protect Kalista when he has he devour on cooldown. Knight’s vow works great on Tahm because it redirects damage that Kalista receives toward him. The tanky Tahm is will really be a piece of cake as he can quickly regenerate the redirected damage. 

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4. Caitlyn

This is kind of a troll pick as their combo is kinda funny and unusual. Tahm Devours an enemy champion, and he can throw them on top of Caitlyn’s traps. But jokes aside, this duo works excellent. Tahm can engage with his W, and it can be an instant stun with a hail of blades. Once Tahm stuns an enemy with his passive and tongue-lash, Caitlyn can put a trap underneath that champion, and she can guarantee a burst combo. 

Tahm also has a low cooldown on his Q, meaning he can follow up with another tongue-lash and slow the enemy down. Caitlyn can significantly profit from this as she has a long range. Even if enemies manage to run away, she can quickly secure a kill with her ult. 

The Best Item for Tahm Kench on This Duo

Frostfire Gauntlet

Aside from having the ability to slow enemies, this item also gives Tahm an immolate passive. This is great as Tahm Kench spends most of his time beside enemy champions. He slows down. He needs to stay beside them to prepare himself for the perfect time to devour the enemy. 

5. Ezreal

This is a great duo not because of their strength and kills pressure in the lane. They work great because Ezreal allows Tahm Kench to roam the map. Ezreal can easily play the weak side because of his long-range and self-peel E. He can also use his ult to quickly clear the pushing wave. Tahm can use his W to roam and surprise gank other lanes. Ezreal can also help Tahm when he ganks other lanes. Ezreal can use his ult just before Tahm goes in to assure the hit on his ult. 

The Best Item for Tahm Kench on This Duo

Divine Sunderer

Tahm Kench will be roaming most of the time. He needs to deal damage, and divine sunderer is an excellent addition to the damage from Tahm’s tongue-lash and the hail of blades. 

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Final Thoughts

Tahm’s recent changes gave him a lot of play styles. He is not only exclusively in the toplane but as roaming support as well. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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