Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Taric in Season 12

Taric is an entertaining champion, has lots of playstyles depending upon the matchup. He can be highly tanky while keeping enemies from getting to his ADC. He can be a brawler that can go toe to toe with other brawlers and win slapping fights. But one of the best playstyles of Taric is staying beside his ADC and providing it with the best heals and shields. 

Unlike Soraka’s burst heal or Lulu’s Ult, he also has a unique ultimate that gives bonus health and size. Taric ultimately makes his ADC invulnerable. For a short delay, he casts his ultimate, and as long as he doesn’t die, it cannot be canceled. 

It is an excellent initiating ability that protects ADC for a few seconds at the start of the fight. But no matter how great a playstyle is, it always comes down to the champions you are up against or playing with. Let us look at the best 5 ADC champions you can pair with Taric and the playstyle you can do with them. 

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1. Vayne

Of course, the queen of all-in, who else benefits more than Vayne from Taric’s ultimate? Vayne’s late game sees her going all-in on the entire enemy team. Although she is powerful, she is still pretty squishy. Some support champions can enchant her with shields and heals, but nothing beats Tarics ultimate. For a few seconds, Vayne basically goes god mode. 

She kites everyone with her late-game stats and items without worrying about being burst down or any damage at all. After Taric’s ultimate ends, he can give so many heals and shields to Vayne along with a Stun that Vayne herself can hit her enemies with. Taric’s stun works great on Vayne as it gives her better leverage for stunning enemies with her condemn. 

When Playing Against Assassins

When you are up against champions that have great burst potentials like Zed or Talon, Taric should stay beside Vayne at all times and do everything to peel her from assassins. Items like Knight’s Vow and Locket of the Iron Solari are great buys on Taric in this kind of situation. 

Be sure to cast your shields on Vayne just before assassins start their burst. Also, cast your Ult at the perfect time so you can mitigate the instantaneous damage assassins can dish out on Vayne. 

When You Are Winning The Lane And Have A Huge Lead

Play as aggressively as possible. Taric has an excellent engage, and in doing so, enemies will lose trades as Taric can constantly heal Vayne so long as he has mana. Build items that amplify your movement speed, like Shurelya’s Battlesong or Turbo Chemtank. 

These items will also give Vayne extra movement speed to catch up to enemies since she will be spending her time behind Taric and hitting enemies from afar. 

General Playstyle

Play safe in the laning phase and limit engages that lead to full-blown fights. Stay beside Vayne as she farms and try to rush her core items. Once you both feel you can trade with the enemy, try to limit the test for once but still try to survive if possible. Once you get the feel of it and think you can face enemies and win, try to look for more fights with the enemy bot lane and do not give them breathing room.

Drown them with engages every time you see them, grab hold of the lead you will get, and extend it even more. Vayne can snowball pretty fast once she gets a huge lead. When this happens, continue pushing the lane as you can quickly deal with enemies with Taric’s Ult on a fed Vayne. 

Items that work with Taric in any kind of situation are Knight’s Vow and Ardent Censer. 

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2. Kalista

Kalista could be the best champion to pair with Taric, mainly because of her Ult. Taric needs an excellent gap closer to land his stuns. Otherwise, it will be hard as he has mediocre mobility. Enemies can easily dodge his stun because it has an obvious indicator. With Kalista’s ultimate, Taric can easily land his stun as enemies will be airborne and won’t sidestep. 

Killing this duo will also be a challenge because they can both peel for each other. Kalista’s Ult is one of the best escape mechanics in the game. She can use it on Taric whenever he is ambushed by the enemy. Regardless of Taric’s condition, Kalista can cast this to pull Taric out of trouble. 

When Playing Against Assassins

Protecting each other is the best thing this duo can do. Their ults can save each other and even turn the tides of battle to win against the assassins. If Taric times his ultimate perfectly, Kalista can easily kite and kill the attacking killer with ease. 

Kalista can also use her Ult to CC the assassin with Taric with a follow-up stun. Building items like Immortal Shieldbow and Death’s Dance on Kalista help her mitigate the burst damage. Taric can also build Knight’s Vow and Locket of the Iron Solari for maximized protection when his Ult is down. 

General Playstyle

This duo doesn’t usually gain a lead on the enemy because it has a very slow early game. Their momentum builds as the game progresses, and they are great at team fights. So, the general playstyle would be to play safe and protect each other in the laning phase. 

Build items that benefit the entire team to outshine enemies when it comes to late-game team fights where you group with your team most of the time. Popular items on Kalista include Runaan’s hurricane to spread her spears and Blade of the Ruined King for its attack speed and health percentage damage. 

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3. Lucian

The primary value of Taric comes from his stun which his ally can also cast. It is relatively hard to hit his stun, so mobile champions with dashes and blinks work great with him when setting up fights. Lucian is an excellent example of an ADC who can capitalize on Taric’s stun. He is a very aggressive champion with a low cooldown dash that can hit Taric’s stun. 

This adds to Lucian’s hyper-aggressive kit so he can opt for aggro play styles. This duo is also vital in the early laning phase as nothing beats Lucian’s aggressive playstyle. He can also be backed up by Taric’s heals and shields to keep him healthy as he trades hits with the enemy ADC.

How To Play The Laning Phase And Gain A Lead On The Enemy

Lucian’s level 3 power spike is super strong. That is why he needs to abuse this to find a kill in the early game. This duo should start the engagement by casting Taric’s stun and Lucian dashing towards the enemy to hit it. Taric can go all-in with his summoner spells which are ignited and flash to secure kills for Lucian. 

Keep chasing the squishy enemy with Lucian and make sure Taric uses his heals every time it comes up. Once you gain a kill, look for a quick reset with Lucian and let Taric freeze the lane. Once Lucian is back, Control the wave so that it sits near your tower. This way, the enemy team finds it hard to catch up in gold and exp, furthering your lead against them. 

Ask for frequent ganks as the enemy is positioned perfectly for a gank. Lucian’s early game items include a tear of the goddess and a Doran’s ring, so he doesn’t efficiently run out of mana and has an early game lifesteal. This will also be the General Playstyle for this duo as they will play aggressively for the entire length of the game. 

4. Jinx

Jinx is a hyper carry in the late game that can kill multiple enemies within a short period. Unfortunately, though she lacks mobility and is very squishy, enemies simply focus on her once the fight erupts and she’s done. 

With Taric’s Ult, she has a long 2.5-second window to freely hit enemies without dying. She can’t capitalize on Taric’s Ult, though, as she doesn’t have a dash or a blink. So Taric should always stay in front of Jinx so he can land his stuns. If Taric stuns an enemy, Jinx can follow it up with her chompers to extend the duration of the CCs.

Destroy The Entire Enemy Team In The Late Game

Jinx really has a feeble early game and depends on her support until midgame. She needs heavy babysitting so she can farm and build her core items. This duo can play aggressively when faced with a passive lane like Soraka or Janna as support. Otherwise, they should play safe. 

The general play is to farm until you reach your power spikes and look to set fights with your team. Jinx excels in teamfights because of her rockets combined with Runaan’s. When a fight erupts, Let Taric stay beside Jinx and only use his skills to peel Jinx. 

Cast Tarics ultimate so Jinx doesn’t burst down. Taric should also look to build items like Shurelya’s Battlesong when the enemies are squishy and a Locket of the Iron Solari if the enemy has backline access. Galeforce is also a great item on Jinx to have a mobility active she can use to get away from enemies of Taric’s skills are on cooldown. 

When Playing Against Tanks

Most tanks have incredible CC abilities that can lock Jinx down and prevent her from dealing damage from behind. Taric should look to build items like Zeke’s Convergence and Mikael’s Blessing to mitigate the CC caused by the tanks. 

Jinx should also mind her positioning to prevent tanks from focusing on her and chaining their CCs on her. Great items on Jinx include Blade of the Ruined King and Lord Dominik’s Regards, along with the cut-down keystone. 

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5. Samira

Taric doesn’t usually work well with champions that are aggressive in the early game. His value comes from ADCs that can carry the late game and team fights. Samira is one of the best team fighting ADCs out there, and her Ult is incredibly strong for team fights. 

However, she is very vulnerable when she dashes towards enemies and casts her Ult in the middle of the enemy team. That is why her Ult should be synergized with Taric’s Ult so she can survive the entire duration. CC, however, can still stop her Ult, so look to use Taric’s stun just before Samira casts her Ult. 

General Playstyle

Samira has mediocre damage in the early game, but her kit is excellent for self-peeling and chasing enemies. The duo can look for an early game lead by playing aggressively. They can look for fights because Samira has a dash that works excellently on Taric’s Ult. 

She can also self-peel with her W, so it’s pretty okay to play aggressively. Be careful, though, because if you lose the trade and Samira dies, it would be hard for her to find her way back up with Taric support. Items like Immortal Shieldbow and Bloodthirster are great general buys on Samira. Taric has lots of item choices that he can adjust depending on the enemy team comp they are facing. 

Now that is a detailed view of playing Taric as a support and the best ADC champions to pair with him. Always depend on your playstyle on the team comp of the enemy team, so General playstyle is not a great choice. 

But if you are a new player and want to try these combos, general playstyles and item build will work just fine for you. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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