Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Xerath in League of Legends

Like Vel’Koz and Brand, Xerath is a mage champion who found his way in the support role. The great thing about him being supported is that he has incredible poke potential and a Crowd control ability that he can use either to peel or initiate fights. His value doesn’t fall off as well, as he can transition to the carry role later in the game. The only problem Xerath has is when enemies manage to flank their lane and catch him off guard. With that in mind, let us look at 5 great ADC champions you can pair him with.

1. Varus

Varus provides great poking, and he can slow his enemies as well with the passive of inflicting grievous wounds on his enemies. Xerath can be perfectly paired with him as they will be unbeatable at poking enemies. Varus can poke enemies from afar. Both of them can cast their pokes behind the fog of war to surprise enemies and give them no time to think about sidestepping. 

Great Item for Xerath on This Duo

Luden’s Tempest

Focusing on pokes, Xerath’s poking strength dramatically increases with this item as it adds bonus magic damage to his spells. It also improves his aoe damage. This item lets you deal damage to enemies besides the first enemy hit with his skill. 

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2. Vayne

Most of the time, when an ADC is paired with enchanter support or utility support, enemies tend to focus on the ADC and ignore the support as it has no damage. But with Xerath’s support Vayne, enemies won’t be able to ignore Xerath because he has even more damage than Vayne’s. Enemies can still focus on Vayne during team fights. If they do so, Xerath can dump all of his skillshots on the enemy without worrying about positioning. He can also use his stun to peel Vayne along with his W that slows enemies down. He is also excellent at finishing enemies off, even if they manage to get away. 

Great Item for Xerath on This Duo

Rabadon’s Deathcap

With enemies ignoring you, having a very high ability power means you can dump more significant damage on the enemies. One full stun combo of Xerath with a Rabadon can easily burst any carry champions down.

3. Lucian

A champion who can quickly follow up on a Xerath stun. Lucian dashes through the battlefield with the added bonus of having a second shot every time he casts a skill. He can quickly go all-in on the enemy while having Xerath on his back, acting as artillery support. During the laning phase, Lucian can quickly go aggressive on his enemies as Xerath can easily follow up on his assault with his long-range Q burst. 

Great Item for Lucian on This Duo

Any item that provides him lots of ability haste. Being a champion who lacks protection abilities, he needs to often cast his skills enough so enemies back off Lucian instead of engaging them. 

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4. Kai’Sa

Xerath’s skills have long-range casting ranges, making Kaisa a grand champion who can follow up on these long-range damages. Kaisa has an ultimate which she can use to dash towards enemies damaged by allies’ abilities. She is pretty intense when it comes to 1v1’s because of her isolated Icathian Rain damage. Xerath can poke enemies until they are half healthy and finish them off with his ult. However, it is pretty easy to dodge Xerath’s ult, so enemies tend to survive his artillery. Kaisa can finish enemies who manage to survive Xerath’s ult by Dashing towards them and one-shotting them with her Isolated Icathian rain.

Great Item for Kai’Sa on This Duo

The collector and Manamune are some of the best items for Kaisa generally. These two are the best items you can build on this duo because Kaisa would basically act like the cleaner of battlefields. She can use her ult to chase enemies down and one-shot them with her kit. Just keep in mind that you should only go in on an enemy when they are low on health as Kaisa is squishy, and she might not survive if enemy teams fall upon her. 

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5. Caitlyn

Cait is an excellent example of an ADC who can follow up on Xerath’s ranged barrage. Her skills are kind of like long-range artillery that no enemy champion can outrun. Cait should start the game slowly as she still doesn’t have her core items. Without item unique passives, Cait’s damage is mediocre. As Caitlyn farms her way to her power spike, Xerath can easily keep the enemy occupied by his low cooldown long-range spells. Xerath alone can secure himself early takedowns because he can endlessly cast his skills. His passive makes him regain mana every time it is off cooldown. Pair it with a presence of mind and mana flow band, and Xerath will have an incredible mana pool in the early game. (  

Great Item for Caitlyn on This Duo

Rapid Firecannon

Caitlyn needs to maintain her long-range so enemies won’t be able to reach her. This item also gives Caitlyn the ability to quickly follow up on Xerath’s stuns and slows. It can be used to poke the enemy every time it is up. A poke lane like this will easily dominate any duo in the bot lane

Final Thoughts

Xerath sometimes gets so strong in the early game that he overshadows the ADC in terms of damage. The ADC can help us this advantage over the enemy and farm to easily reach the ADC’s power spike. If the ADC grows strong along with Xerath, they can have both physical and magic damage. Xerath is excellent support when playing against a passive lane. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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