Top 5 Best ADCs To Pair With Yuumi in League of Legends

Yuumi is such a unique champion and is one of the most beginner-friendly champions out there. After all, the only thing you have to do is cling to your ADC and let them demolish enemies. She has a strong passive that gives adaptive stats to the champion she clings on to. Her abilities are pretty basic. She has a passive that lets her gain shield and healing every time she hits an enemy champion. 

She can pass it to any ally she attaches to. Her Q is a projectile that powers up after 1 second before hitting an enemy. It can be controlled if Yuumi is connected to an ally. Her W is the one that lets her connect to allied champions, and leveling it upscales the adaptive force she gives to her allies. Her E is a strong heal but has a vast mana requirement, so only use it in crucial times. 

Her ultimate is the most helpful ability she has as it can root multiple enemies during team fights. She can detach herself from her ADC and attach to other allied champions to position herself better and hit multiple enemies with her ultimate. With all of that in mind, let us take a look at 5 great ADC champions you can pair Yuumi with. 

1. Jhin

Jhin has a very high damage output that scales whenever he gains specific bonus stats. Yuumi can make this scaling even more potent with her adaptive force bonus that she can give Jhin. It is also quite notable that Yuumi can speed her ADC champions up when they need to, which is the best thing Jhin can do to kite enemies. Her ultimate and heal is also a great way to peel for Jhin whenever assassins jump on him. There are multiple playstyles you can do with this duo, and here they are.

Early Game Playstyle

The early game doesn’t really appeal to this duo as Yuumi only has her W up. Yes, she can give Jhin a considerable amount of adaptive damage, but that’s pretty much it. Once Yuumi learns her Q. However, it can be easily synergized with Jhin’s W. The slow from Yuumi’s Q slows the enemy down. 

It’ll be easier for Jhin to hit his W. Yuumi doesn’t really need a flash, so she can pick summoner spells like ignite if there are healers on the enemy team. Exhaust if there are hyper carriers like Vayne and Heal so she can give additional heals to Jhin whenever she needs to. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build Path

This is the point where this duo can genuinely shine. Yuumi can max her heals depending on the situation. If there are assassins and they are behind, she can level her heal up first. If ever they are ahead of the enemy, she can level up her W to give more damage to her ADC. Jhin would have probably built a galeforce at this point, so if they have a lead, they can play very aggressively. 

Yuumi can find easy picks for Jhin because of her Q that can be followed by a Jhin W. If the engagement is successful, have Jhin use 3 of his bullets, then use a grenade galeforce to bring the enemy’s Hp even lower. Once Jhin casts his 4th shot, it’ll be much strong as it deals bonus damage to enemies with lower hp. 

Jhin can also quickly cast his ultimate thanks to the protection given by Yuumi’s ultimate. Suppose enemies ever try to get near Jhin as he is casting his ultimate. In that case, Yuumi can easily keep them at bay with her Q and ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

If Jhin has a lead, then he can easily one-shot enemies every time he sees one. With the high adaptive damage given to him by Yuumi and passive damage scaling, Jhin can easily do over 500 damage. This is enough to one-shot squishy champions on the first bullet alone. 

Jhin will also have excellent movement speed at this point, and he can quickly run around enemies as he hits them with devastating damage. Be careful, though, as Jhin is quite squishy. Still, you can mitigate this by building a Knight’s Vow on Yuumi and ardent censer to make Yuumi’s heals even stronger. 

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2. Twitch

This is an exciting lane as most of the time, the enemy will think that the lane is empty. This is because Twitch can go invisible along with Yuumi attached to him. This can be an excellent tactic to roam or even surprise your enemies in the bot lane. Whenever you recall, enemies won’t have any way of telling you whenever you are back in lane and where you really are. 

You can easily pop out of invisibility beside them and kill them as they run. Every kill resets Twitch’s invisibility, so most enemies would be obliged to spend their gold on control wards every time they base. They would also have poor vision scores as the enemy team uses the oracle orb to find you. 

Early Game Playstyle

Twitch and Yuumi can start with their poke abilities to have early game dominance. Once they have the lane, they can easily control the wave and crash it on the enemy tower. After their first base is where the marvelous thing begins. They can return to the lane while being invisible or surprise the enemy mid-lane with a 2 man gank surprise. This would catch enemies off guard and make them panic (if they are bad players). This tactic can be used to quickly gain leads on different lanes. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build Path

Twitch should have a means for more significant damage by now, so a Kraken slayer is one of the great options out there. After all, it provides damage, crit chance, attack speed, and a unique passive that lets him deal bonus true damage. This is great because he gains a burst of attack speed every time he comes off invisibility. 

Yuumi can also boost Twitch’s damage with her W and keep enemies locked down with her ultimate, so finding picks with this comp is relatively easy, and enemies won’t be able to play weakside on bot lane. Who knew that a cat and rat could work great together. Yuumi should also build an ever frost for additional CC and damage and an Ardent censer to increase her healing strength, along with the bonus damage and attack speed Twitch will receive. 

Late Game Playstyle

The late gameplay style is pretty much the same during mid-game. The only difference is that Twitch’s items should be adjusted depending on the enemy, and Yuumi should focus on enhancing or protecting Twitch.

3. Kai’Sa

Here is another excellent champion that works really well with high movement speed. Yuumi can easily attach herself to Kaisa whenever, and it’ll give Kaisa a really massive advantage on the enemy team. She also is a champion that can be hard to follow once she goes in with her ultimate, so with Yuumi being attached to her, travel time to get to Kaisa won’t actually be a problem. Yuumi’s Heal is also a great way to peel Kaisa as she can quickly get out of harm’s way with her empowered E. 

Early Game Playstyle

Kaisa has a weak early game with her mediocre damage. She really doesn’t deal that much damage with her Q, but she can use this to perfectly farm as it executes minions that reach a certain HP threshold. With this conclusion, Kaisa should play safely in this duo as Yuumi doesn’t have much to offer in the laning phase. 

Use Yuumi’s Q to poke enemies from time to time and only use your heal if enemies decide to go on an all-in. Continue playing passively until your enemy jungler decides to gank your lane, so look to control the wave towards your tower so you can farm under the tower. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build Path

Kaisa should have finished the stacks of her tear by now and have her mythic item as her first complete build. Kaisa can choose a mythic item best suited for the enemy duo they are facing. If the enemy team comp has tanks, then she can build a Kraken Slayer. Immortal shield bow is another great option if she is facing assassin champions. 

Yuumi’s build is unchanged as all she has to build are enchantment items and a Mikael’s to cleanse the stun from Kaisa. Once Kaisa goes in on enemy champions at the backline, Yuumi can cast her ult behind and hit the allied champions of the enemy Kaisa is targeting so they won’t be able to react and help him. 

Late Game Playstyle

Kaisa is pretty weak without her core items, so the late game is where she can genuinely kill enemies. She becomes somewhat of an assassin with her isolated Icathian Rain. Once an enemy receives the total damage of Kaisa’s Q and takes the full damage of her Passive, enemies will be low on health or sometimes one shot. 

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4. Draven

Draven easily out damages every other ADC in the game because of his spinning axes; pair him up with a Yuumi, and you can double this advantage. Yuumi also has a speed boost which is excellent for Draven. He relies on movement speed so he can catch his axes every time they fall. This also gives him the ability to chase enemies down. He can also use his E to help Yuumi land his ultimate root on enemies as it slows them down. 

Early Game Playstyle

Draven can get quickly outmaneuver every other ADC in the early game, provide more damage for him, and you have a close to 100 per hit ADC in level 1. You can use this to your advantage to get an early kill as Yuumi can use both exhausts and ignite on the enemy ADC. If Draven secures a kill this way, it is guaranteed that he will snowball and win the game. If ever Draven loses an early game, however, his value won’t fall off as his damage will still be able to catch up to the enemy as he and Yuumi scale together. (  

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build Path

An early immortal shield bow or galeforce can greatly benefit Draven. He excels so much in lifesteal because he can dish out insane amounts of physical damage from his elemental attacks. Prepare 2 axes and have Yuumi set up a kill with her Q and ult. Once the enemy gets rooted, Draven can quickly kill them with 3 or 4 shots. He can also use his ult to secure the kills on those who were able to run away. 

Late Game Playstyle

Always regroup with your team as Draven is pretty squishy, and Yuumi doesn’t have many Peeling capabilities to protect him from getting burst down. Aside from that, it is pretty much essential as Draven can easily one-shot enemies throughout the game.

5. Vayne

Vayne depends on her attack speed and movement speed in the late game, with stat bonuses coming from Yuumi’s abilities and items. Playing Vayne would feel like Vayne has doubled her capabilities. 

Early Game Playstyle

The duo should do everything to prevent them from dying and get to the farm until she reaches her power spike. Yuumi can refrain from poking enemies to conserve her man on using it to heal Vayne. Yuumi can level up her W and E to play passively and reach their power spikes better. 

Mid Game Playstyle and Item Build Path

Mid-game is still risky for Vayne, so they should still play passively. But when an opportunity presents itself, and they can kill a squishy enemy, Vayne should grab it as Kills would powerfully propel Vayne into a lead. Vayne should adjust her item build depending on the enemy. A Kraken slayer combined with PTA will go a long way when faced with enemy tank champions. 

Late Game Playstyle

Once Vayne reaches her power spike with her core items, the duo can find fights but avoid team fights if enemy champions have long-range AOE abilities. Vayne excels at picking off enemies one by one to engage if the enemies are scattered or have no excellent form in team fighting. Look to engage from a position where you have a great escape route, so you won’t get trapped when you go in. 

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Final Thoughts

Yuumi is one of the best passive supports in the game, and she is easily played by even the newest players of the game. All you have to do is press heal when your ADC is low and use your ult whenever a team fight erupts. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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