Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Zac in League of Legends

Zac is pretty cheesy support as nobody expects him to be a support champion. He excels in engaging enemies in the early game. That is why champions that can easily commit to an all-in are greatly paired with him. Zac spends most of his time in the alcove, where vision is minimal. His E is very unpredictable when he casts it in the shadow and can easily surprise the enemy. Once Zac goes in for an engagement, enemies will have little time to react. 

He also has incredible damage along with outstanding durability that is extended with the aftershock. The aftershock rune is an excellent run for Zac as he can proc it every time he engages the enemy. It gives him more defensive stats, but it also lets Zac deal a burst of damage that scales with his defensive stats. After that, let us talk about the five best ADC you can pair him with within the bot lane.

1. Jhin

Zac CCs enemy champions for a long time. This gives Jhin enough time to hit the enemy with his W. Zac’s surprise engagement is vital in the early game that it helps Jhin secure a lead early on. His Q is also great to keep enemies stunned, and Zac’s damage is already significant, so a level 3 all-in will most likely turn in their favor. Zac is powerful when peeling Jhin, and he is instrumental in engaging the enemies as well. 

He is also instrumental in the late game as he can CC multiple enemies for more than 5 seconds. This is great not only for Jhin but also for his entire team. When Zac initiates a fight, Jhin can quickly follow it up with his W and an immediate ultimate. As enemies get knocked up and stunned by Zac, Jhin can easily hit his ultimate as they will not cleanse a knocked airborne status. 

Great Item for Zac on This Duo

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire has been reworked repeatedly, but this item’s current state is the best version of itself, especially on Zac. You will be able to generate stacks every time you damage enemies. Once you reach three stacks, Zac’s attack explodes and burns enemies even further. This is an excellent item because it lets Zac survive in the middle of the team fight longer. He damages enemies as well, helping Jhin finish enemies better with his ultimate. 

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2. Kalista

A Kalista pick on a Zac support is a free CC duo. Kalista can knock enemies airborne with her ult. Zac can quickly follow it up with another knock from his ultimate. When Zac finishes casting his top, he can launch his E again to knock enemies airborne and finally use his Q to stun enemies. This comp would be very good at team fights. Though their damage is primarily mediocre, they can still significantly impact their team with their skills. They would also be able to peel each other. To keep up with the enemy bot lane duo, this duo needs to play aggressively, and force takes the lead. 

Great Item for Zac on This Duo

Gargoyle Stoneplate

With Zac in the team fight most of the time, he needs Gargoyle’s stone plate to gain bonus defensive stats and health. Plus, who does not like to see a giant Zac walking around when team fights erupt. 

3. Lucian

Zac’s engagement is fast, so he needs a champion who can quickly follow up on this. Lucian excels in this as he can have unlimited dashes once he builds the navori sharp blade. Not only does Lucian have a quick follow-up on engages, but he also has excellent all-in damage. Once Zac goes in for an engaging, he can quickly use his ult on enemies as they will not be able to react as they will be constantly stunned by Zac for a good 3-4 seconds.

Watch out, though, because if Lucian falls off in the early game, it will be tough for him to bounce back (pun intended) to the game. Zac’s engagement can only take Lucian so far, so play safely whenever you fight to avoid dying. 

Great Item for Zac on This Duo

Knight’s Vow

This is an excellent item for Zac as he can quickly heal his passive and the redirected damage. 

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4. Draven

One champion that easily out damages every ADC in the game is Draven. He can also follow up on Zac’s engagement very fast with his E and an ultimate ability. Once Zac goes in, Draven can easily commit to an all-in. He can quickly execute enemies, especially with his new passive that executes enemies with HP lower than his passive. 

Great Item for Zac on This Duo

Frostfire Gauntlet

Like the Sunfire item, this build has an immolate damage that brings enemies Hp’s down as the fight goes on and Zac is beside them. But it has an added bonus of slowing enemies down each time Zac hits them with his basic attack whenever the passive is off cooldown. This makes it easier for Draven to catch up to enemy champions. He can also use this to his advantage and stop enemies from getting near Draven.

5. Tristana

Tristana is a really strong ADC when she goes all-in, but she risks herself from being burst down as she goes in with her rocket jump. When paired with a Zac support, Trist can go in without the risk of being damaged as Zac will take care of the enemies and CC them for the entire duration of the trade. Tristana’s total damage is enough to burst an enemy ADC in the early game, so this duo can play hyper aggressively and still come out on top. Be careful, though, as they are not great at dealing with ganks and are very vulnerable if enemies have backline access like Vi or Camille. 

Great Item for Zac on This Duo


An uncommon item to build on Zac as he is not a mage, but the activity on this item is great to extend the CC on enemy champions. Plus, it can also enhance Zac’s damages as his skills scale with ability power. 

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Final Thoughts

Zac is a very uncommon support champion that people don’t usually expect, so you can use this to your advantage and expect enemies to not counter bot lane. Zac’s passive is really great as you can use this to tower dive in the early game with a massive wave of minions and your allied jungler. Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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