7 Best Aggressive Supports in League of Legends

In League of Legends, playing methodically and slowly is an excellent way to play. It makes you play near-perfectly, with minimal risk of making some dire mistake. But, at times, it is a boring way to play. Being passive isn’t really something you should be doing for the entirety of the match. 

Some aggression in League of Legends can pay off substantially, and we’re here to show you just that. Starting with the Support role, we will go over the most aggressive Champions for each Lane and the Jungle. The Bot Lane certainly profits most from this playstyle, and the Supports on this list embody it perfectly.

I won’t bore you too much with the introductory ramblings, so let’s begin with our list. 

7. Brand

Brand is one of the strongest AP Mages in the entire game. How he has found his way into the Support role, rather than being played on Mid, remains a mystery to me. However, I am glad, as I don’t have to see him as often when he’s on the opposite side of the map while I’m battling it out with some Tank Bruiser on Top. 

Brand will focus on aggression highly, and there’s no reason for him not to do so. You see, Brand’s abilities are on pretty low cooldowns, and they cost next to no mana. With the capability to spam, dishing out tons of damage in the process, Brand will focus on peeling your health bar as much as he can. 

From a safe distance, Brand will continuously poke, harass and damage both of his opposing Laners. His CC will allow him to make engagements with his ADC, likely getting some kills in the process. He becomes unbearable at times, with his damage exceeding the realms of normal very early in the game.

By level 6, Brand becomes one of the best team-fighters in the game, next to being a powerful Mage. Staying close together while his Ultimate’s up is a death trap, and you should know better. Brand will become a focus target, equal to his fellow ADC whom he will probably get fed. 

At any rate, Brand is fantastic, and you should give him a try. Understanding the Champion you’re playing against will help your attempt at defeating them tremendously. 

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6. Karma

Karma is my personal favorite Support in League of Legends. She’s a strong AP Mage in hiding, and it doesn’t take long to figure this one out. 

Karma is unique because she starts with her Ultimate unlocked on level 1. It upgrades the next spell she casts and, right off the bat, she can deal obscene damage to squishy enemies. If you sport an Aery rune, you’ll be even more potent – and that’s just level 1. 

As the game progresses, you will take on the Role of a harassing Enchanter Mage whose playstyle will revolve around both doing damage and buffing your allies. The Aery rune will help you apply vigorous shields, apart from giving bonus damage. 

Enchanter items are some of the most powerful items in the game when purchased on the right Champions. In Karma’s case, most of them will go towards buffing her shields immensely. The low cooldowns will make Karma’s allies unkillable, and a few items will also heal her shields. 

Emphasizing this defensive mechanic might give you the wrong impression that Karma isn’t that aggressive. However, I believe it does the contrary. You see, apart from spamming her Q that can do a ton of damage to enemies throughout the entire game, Karma’s shields are also an aggressive tool. They can motivate and help her allies engage in positions they wouldn’t otherwise. 

Making them safe and giving them the opportunity for aggressive gameplay is aggressive enough, in my opinion, and aggression doesn’t have to come from one’s self directly. 

Karma is an excellent pick for those players that wish to combine defense and aggression perfectly. From the very start, you’ll have access to various tools for doing both, which I believe isn’t equaled by any other Enchanting Support. 

5. Zyra

Zyra is definitely one of the most powerful Supports League has ever had, at least regarding damage. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and her primary focus on the Lane will be to dish out as much damage as possible while driving the enemies insane with her strong abilities. 

Zyra’s roots will make you question your sanity more than once during the Laning phase. If she has some mobile ADC paired with her, you’ll find yourself constantly harassed, poked – or even killed. This CC she has can be used with ease, and Zyra can, therefore, be a dominant force on the Lane without breaking a sweat.

I don’t want to mention the damage, as the mere thinking of it makes me cringe. I cannot bring up the number of times Zyra has one-shot me in the Lane and around the map in later stages. Her single target and AOE damage are substantial enough to obliterate most non-Tank Champions in just a single combo. This makes Zyra a constant danger for squishy targets like ADCs and Mages. 

With this aggressive approach to Laning, Zyra will keep up for the entirety of the Laning Phase. After she leaves the Lane, she will continue trying to do as much damage as she can. There is nothing in her kit that doesn’t do damage, especially her Ultimate, which emphasizes team-fighting significantly. 

Zyra will, alongside her allies, be hell-bent on killing you – and if that isn’t aggression, I don’t know what is. 

At any rate, she is an excellent Champion to play. You should, if you prefer this all-out damage or nothing type of play, give her a try and learn her to her core. Even if you don’t plan on playing her, having the knowledge to fight her will help you mitigate her aggression and power once you meet her in the Lane. 

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4. Leona

Leona is a Champion that loves to fight, and her playstyle will revolve around that sole fact. She will, at all times, look for opportunities to reel herself in with her E, stun you with the Q and even slam you with the Ultimate if the need arises. She loves to stun people, and from level 1 you’ll experience her aggression, be sure of it. 

Leona, as a Tank, will also feel confident and safe engaging into fights. She can quickly get a ton of HP before even hitting level 6. The Bot Lane moves slowly when it comes to levels, and the gold she can accrue isn’t that substantial. However, getting just a little bit of HP extra can help Leona gain the safety and confidence needed to engage her opposing Laners.

When Leona is paired with Champions like Lucian, who is fast, mobile, and can dish out tons of damage in seconds, she becomes the ultimate tool for victory. All it takes for her is to launch herself with her E (which, by the way, passes through minions), and it’s basically game over for the Champion caught.

Leona is a peculiar Champion, and she does emphasize her fights a lot. I recommend you give her a try and learn her substantially enough to understand her. As with any Champion in the game, understanding them helps you defeat them. 

3. Pyke

Pyke is Riot’s first attempt at making an Assassin Support. That itself should tell you all you need to know, but I’ll continue. Despite their best efforts, Pyke simply wouldn’t be contained to the Bot Lane and has made it a habit to change positions often throughout the patches. 

As Support and an Assassin, Pyke will emphasize fights a lot. He has the damage to justify it and the CC to achieve it, so there’s no real reason for him not to do so. Pyke is extraordinarily mobile and will be moving around the Lane with haste. This can make him quite unpredictable, and whenever he decides to act on his aggressions will undoubtedly catch the enemies off guard. 

With his severe damage and a proper ally, Pyke can quickly rack up many kills. His Ultimate, however, is the real treat of his kit, and by getting kills with it – he gets double the gold. He and his ally that is. This emphasizes trying to get kills further and will make Pyke bloodthirsty just like that.

When he moves out of the Lane, he ditches the entire Support schtick and embodies his proper form – the Assassin. He will be walking around, looking for opportunities to slam the enemy with his insane damage, getting tons of gold in the process.

Pyke should be played as both Support and Assassin, at least for the duration of the Laning Phase. Combining these two will not only make him strong, but his ally as well, and that only means double the trouble. I recommend Pyke to Assassins mains that have stumbled upon the role by ways of auto-fill. 

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2. Blitzcrank

Now here’s a face you didn’t think would appear on this list. Blitzcrank isn’t really the Champion known far and wide for being aggressive and bloodthirsty. However, one thing about him warrants an aggressive playstyle, and that is, you guessed it – the hook. 

That one spell embodies Blitzcrank’s entire identity and playstyle. It is perhaps the most infamous ability in the entire game, and there are scarcely other abilities so Champion-defining as it is. Blitz must pull the enemies close to him using his well-known Q to do just about anything in the Lane. 

As an immobile, melee Tank, he can’t really rush his way into a fight. No, he has to get the enemies close to him first. Then he can use his E for some CC, and Ultimate for damage. But, it all revolves around the hook at the end of the day.

Throughout the entire game, from the Lining Phase to the very end, Blitzcrank will be waltzing about, looking for ways to hook you into his team. Since the hook, fortunately, or unfortunately, doesn’t pass through minions, it becomes pretty difficult to land it properly. Also, at times, Blitz players hook the wrong Champion into their team, which proves to be game-breaking. 

This makes him a challenge to play, but aggression is nonetheless implied and required to make him work. He is one of the most fun Champions ever, even though his design is so simple and dumb. We hope Riot will rework him soon, but I’d be sad if they made him unrecognizable. 

1. Pantheon

Pantheon is a known Top Lane Bruiser which does a lot of damage and has some pretty excellent spells. However, he found his way into the Bottom Lane in recent patches. His place as a Support was cemented in the previous few patches, and he remains viable as one. I also think it serves him a lot better than his Top Lane counterpart, or even Mid, for that matter. 

He will emphasize harassing his enemies from a distance without getting danger close if he doesn’t have to. After peeling them enough, Pantheon can move in to secure a kill or assist. His CC and abilities allow for some reasonably safe engagements that are more than likely to score him a kill. 

After level 6, Pantheon becomes the god of roaming with his Ultimate, taking him across the map in mere seconds. It also deals insane damage along the way, which is always nice to have. He constantly emphasizes fighting, peeling, and roaming, which makes him aggressive in his own Lane and around the map. 

Pantheon is a profound yet straightforward Champion that everyone should at least try. I love him, have loved him for years before his rework – and that won’t change. Give him a spin; trust me, you won’t regret it. 


Any Champion in League of Legends can be aggressive. Even the Supports. However, the viability of aggressive gameplay among Supports is relatively limited, but there are some excellent examples, as we have shown above. I recommend you give them all a try before reaching any hasty conclusion. I hope this list has been informative and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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