Best Ahri Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Ahri is one of the most powerful mid-lane assassins in League of Legends. The Nine-Tailed Fox is a master of closing the gaps on enemies and charming them to lure them into her traps. Being one of the oldest champs, Ahri has over 13 skins in League, the latest being released on 29th October 2020.

However, Ahri’s nine tails make it quite challenging for every skin to look flawless on her. Moreover, since she is a really old champ, the earliest of her skins fall way behind those that were recently released.

For this post, we decided to review some of the best Ahri skins and rank them from worst to best for those who are planning on buying a skin for their favorite mid laner. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

8. Foxfire Ahri

Foxfire Ahri is yet another outdated skin that cannot compete with her recent, more detailed skin. In our opinion, the skin’s visuals are quite disappointing. Someone who has seen its splash art would not even want to buy it. And don’t even get us started on her overly bright tails. They are just way too bright for Summoner’s Rift and may feel like hurting your eyes after a few minutes in-game.

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7. Midnight Ahri

Released in 2011, Midnight Ahri is one of the earliest skins released for this champ. The design features a purple furry coat, darker tails, and a tiara on her head featuring a gorgeous gem. While you may like this skin during the winters, it’s just too gloomy for us. The entire regal look is way too ‘out-of-character’ for Ahri, who is supposed to be a charming seductress. The thick coat on a nine-tailed fox looks quite bulky and, overall disappointing. 

6. Academy Ahri

Like Midnight Ahri, Academy Ahri is yet another skin that does not do justice to Ahri’s character. For this skin, Riot’s design team actually replaced Ahri’s tails with real, orange-colored Foxtails. With a checkered blue skirt, white shirt with a pink bow, and pink hair, Academy Ahri tends to be someone who considers her above normal people.

Although the details and the color combination look great on her, the idea of Ahri in school attire just doesn’t go well with her character. For us, pink-colored hair is just too much.

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5. Popstar Ahri

Popstar Ahri is a thematic skin for Ahri that actually fits her character pretty well. Released in 2013, this skin transforms Ahri into a complete bubblegum pink character with a cute pink hat. Paired with the blue orb, this skin is an absolute candy for the eye. There are also some new and unique animations that come with the skin, as well as a few wonderful chromas. We personally loved the black and white chroma for Popstar Ahri that looks unbelievably good.

4. Elderwood Ahri

Elderwood Ahri is one of the newer skins that presents a seemingly dark theme for the Nine-Tailed Fox. What makes this skin better than the previously mentioned options is that it is quite different from her typical, anime-themed skins.

The skin transforms Ahri’s tails into flawlessly translucent tails in the shades of blue, pink, and green. Her hair and costume have been given a hot pink shade which is quite an excellent choice as it pops out without appearing too overwhelming. 

On the other hand, her lower garment and the headpiece are crafted from beautiful flowers that resonate with the theme of the skin. It is widely popular due to the 8 chromas it offers that completely transform its color into beautiful shades, our favorite of which was definitely the Obsidian chroma!

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3. Challenger Ahri

Challenger Ahri is the rarest skin for Ahri that was released in 2015 to mark the beginning of League’s fifth season. This skin is quite unique as compared to the rest of Ahri’s skins as she adorns an armored outfit in it, which is like nothing that we have seen before. 

The combination of white, black, and magenta armored outfit, silver hair, and the majestic headpiece look very surreal. The skin is also available in a golden chroma and offers various unique animations. However, the skin has been moved to the vaults now, and you cannot purchase it.

2. Arcade Ahri

The Arcade skin line in League was a huge success. More specifically, the Arcade Ahri skin was actually the best in the entire line with her fun and colorful animations, arcade sound effects, and the overall playful theme of the skin.

Since most of us started gaming from the arcades, this skin actually has kind of a sentimental value for us. So you can definitely expect it to be a huge success. The best part about this skin is her rainbow-colored tails that keep changing colors throughout the game. You’ll never get bored of it! 

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1. K/DA Ahri

Coming down to our absolute favorite, K/DA Ahri is the most popular Ahri skin among the rest. For this skin, Ahri joins a K-Pop band known as K/DA along with three other stars to embark on musical endeavors.

K/DA Ahri is hands down the most well-designed, detailed, and beautiful Ahri skin till date. The design team transformed Ahri’s tails into holographic crystalline tails with a black and white costume that looks incredibly appealing to the eye. You can redeem Prestige Points to unlock the K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition skin that changes its color scheme to a gorgeous golden.  


Ahri is a beautiful champion that can pull off various skins and themes. Midnight Ahri transforms her into a gloomy and cold fox. Foxfire Ahri looks like a fox ablaze. Academy Ahri turns her into a cute schoolgirl with a hint of stubbornness. 

Popstar Ahri looks like a pink bubblegum flavored sweetheart. Elderwood Ahri is a dreamy girl hiding in the depths of a forest. Challenger Ahri is a courageous fox out to get what she wants. K/DA Ahri is all about a pretty K-Pop singer. You can’t help but love this skin.

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