Top 5 Best Aim Trainers for Valorant in 2023

Valorant is a first-person shooting game that relies on the players’ shooting skills. There are many ways to improve your shooting accuracy, like having experience from previous shooting games like call of duty or counter strike in general, as the mechanics of Valorant is hugely influenced by counter strike. 

Let’s say you are already a great shot with your aim experience in previous games, but that is not all you have to do when playing Valorant. Of course, when playing with highly skilled players, you need to move while shooting; enemies won’t be standing still for you to shoot them; they will also have fast reaction times and quick flicking abilities. 

If you are new to a shooter game such as Valorant, it might be overwhelming for you because players will be killing you in a matter of a split second once you appear on their screens. Luckily some applications and games can help you improve your skill in Valorant. Some of them also have videos and guides for you to follow on and practice; some of them straight out put you in a shooting range, and you can immediately practice your shooting. 

Let’s now dive deep into the world of FPS games, mainly Valorant, and get to know the different aim trainers out there. Here are our top 5 that you should try before playing a game of Valorant. 

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Aiming. Pro’s developers have a simple goal of helping players improve their aim as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sure it’s possible just to play the game and log in thousands of hours playing, and you’ll eventually get better, but who wants that? 

When can you dedicate some of your time using Aim trainers like Aiming? Pro and get better just before you start a match?

Aiming. Pro is a 3d environment where you can practice your shooting, just like in Valorant scenarios. They also have a sensitivity and game environment matching where you can exactly match Valorant’s environment, so you get the feel of it when practicing. 

It has a post-game analysis to review your progress and know where you need to improve. 

Another feature of this aim trainer is that it has Training plans to plan what type of training you want. It offers players a set of games to help progress through different aiming styles with differing difficulties.

The great thing about this aiming tracker is that it’s free and browser-based, meaning you can immediately dive into the action as soon as you want to start practicing.  Not only will you improve your Valorant skills, but you also won’t worry about paying; I mean, who doesn’t want free service where you can have a return value?

2. Aimtastic

With a beautiful 3d environment, Aimtastic impresses players with beautiful graphics and tons of features you can experiment on. It is a free application you can grab on steam and is frequently updated so that you can match every mechanic you want. 

Aimtastic has lots of different training exercises with tons of valuable features. It’s a smooth shooting experience and is highly optimized if you have a rig that can run 60-120 fps on it. It is developed by pro players who also give frequent feedback to experience it with the guide of pro players from different games. 

Another neat factor of this application is its built-in sensitivity converters for all the triple AAA shooting games out there, especially Valorant. Advanced crosshair options will also help you adjust to whatever crosshair you are comfortable with.

Some of the training courses in Aimtastic include the Assault course, where you can train your movement and aim while running, the simple circle course, where you can train your speed and muscle memory. There are many courses you can train your skills in using Aimtastic, and I’ll leave it for you to discover. 

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3. 3d Aim Trainer

This is one of the must try’s out there when talking about aim trainers; 3d Aim Trainer, despite its pretty primary name, has tons and tons of features you can experiment on. No matter what your needs are, 3d Aim Trainer has it.

Not only is it overflowing with features, but it is also a free browser-based application you can use any time, be it in your school or at work; this is a pretty lightweight application that doesn’t take much of your memory. 

3d Aim trainer has a whopping 120 different levels, 11 play modes, and several skill challenges you can all use to your advantage, and they are all for free. You can practice your flicking, clicking, target switching, tracking, strafe aiming, and so much more; these are crucial skills you need to learn to get better at playing Valorant, where the name of the game is aiming. 

There is no download required for this trainer, meaning you can immediately dive into the action of practicing your shooting. You can even bring your laptop and mouse anywhere and practice on the go whenever you don’t have anything to do. With 3d Aimer, you can genuinely and quickly improve your pinpoint accuracy. 

4. Aim FTW

Let us leave the lightweight applications for a while and go to an aim trainer that targets audiences with its stunning graphics. Aim FTW has tons of features, but our favorite in this aim trainer is its leaderboard, where you can feel the need to compete even if you are practicing. Having a competitive vibe every time you practice lets you think about performing better so your name can reach the top of the ladder; if you do this, then for sure, your aim will be unparalleled once you play a game of Valorant. 

Aim FTW has a cool and unique feature called Music Meets Aim; it lets you train your aim while listening to music. Some of us, especially streamers, sometimes play Valorant with background music; the music gets in our heads and disrupts our focus. 

Still, with this feature, you can train while music is playing so you can be comfortable even if rock music is blasting your ears. 

The aim trainer also has different monsters and operators and agents you can set, so you genuinely have the feel of playing against someone in a game of Valorant. The AI that controls these units is quite decent, making your experience truly unforgettable. 

The only thing that concerns us is that Aim FTW is like a standalone game rather than an aim trainer. 

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5. Aim Lab

Finally, what we consider the best of the best, Aim Lab diverges from the low system requirement and gives you a wonderful experience and wants to give you something more while training. It’s a free aim trainer that anyone can access, given that your rig can run it smoothly in 60-120 fps. 

It has tons of features such as performance tracking and analytics, where you can review your performance and know what you lack and where you dominate. Its features truly separate Aim lab from all the other aim trainers out there. 

Aim lab also tells you what kind of player you are to focus on and improve; your playstyles are analyzed and stated to you. It is the most widely used Aim Trainer, with 25 million players trying to improve and polish their aiming skills. 

This aim tracker has a whopping 12,000 different tasks with detailed reporting and analysis that come for free. You can create your training routines and customize your very own style of gameplay; in short, you can do whatever you want with its creator studio feature. 


While there are many aim trainers out there, the ones that we mentioned above are the best of the best out there. Different factors we considered are the pricing, whether it’s free to play or browser-based, the features of these aim trainers if they have tons of them, or will you waste your time playing one because it has minimal features. 

Whatever you want to try from the list we just gave you, remember, no matter how beautiful the aim trainer is, you will never improve if you don’t practice again and again. So try to practice more and aim for that higher rank in Valorant. 

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