Best Akshan Skins – Ranked From Worst To Best

Akshan joined League of Legends during the Sentinel event as both a champion and a crucial character for the Sentinel lore. He wields the Absolver, a weapon that has the power to resurrect dead allies. This weapon played an important role in granting the Sentinels victory over Viego.

Before joining the Sentinels of Light, Akshan was more of a scoundrel, which shows in his voice lines. He comes across as a champion who enjoys taking risks from his gameplay but gets huge rewards when these risks pay off.

Since he was a Sentinel before his release, Akshan appeared as a Sentinel of Light. This detail means he never had a Base Model like other champions.

The champion has one skin for League of Legends and another exclusively for League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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3. Akshan: Base Model

As a Sentinel, Akshan wears the predominantly white color peculiar to the group. While members like Lucian and Senna wield guns, Akshan opted for the Absolver. His weapon not only destroys foul creatures but can also resurrect allies.

All his abilities except his stealth produce the Light effect. The champion has some of the flashiest moves in the game and some of the coolest.

While you might desire skin on the champion, some players prefer the smooth feel of the original.


  • 6300 BE or 975 RP


  • Sentinel of the Light theme
  • Release appearance for the champion


  • It is Akshan’s base model.

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2. Cyber Pop Akshan

Cyber Pop Akshan is the only other skin from the Cyber Pop universe asides from Cyber Pop Zoe. The lore tells of how talented individuals needed to group up to break free from the corporate Titans of their world.

Anyways, this backstory influenced the overall theme of Cyber Pop Akshan. The skin features tech effects for all his abilities and even his appearance. From the splash art, you will also notice that Akshan got a robotic left hand.

In-game, the skin has beautiful colors that give a relaxed feeling like his base model. Also, with unique animations, effects, and particles, Cyber Pop Akshan offers decent features for an epic skin.

For 1350 RP, you can grab the skin from the Client store.

Fun Fact:

  • Akshan got a haircut on this skin. We prefer his former hairstyle, though.


1350 RP


  • Excellent colors and effects.
  • Techy theme.
  • Akshan warps to base during his recall animation.


  • It is the only available Akshan skin for now.
  • It has the same voice lines and taunts as the Base model.

1.  Battle Academia Akshan (Wild Rift Only)

Battle Academia Akshan offers a couple of exciting features. First of all, the champion takes on the look of an animated high schooler. He manages to blend in his usual agility and mischievous appearance together with a cool badass look.

The skin gave Akshan’s weapon a notable upgrade to its color and its appearance and projectile. In addition to this, the champion maintains the Battle Academia theme while still retaining his core ability effects.

You also get unique animations and sounds. However, the skin still has the same voice lines as the Base Model. Finally, while it only exists in Wild Rift, one can only hope that the champion gets more skins for League of Legends soon.


  • Wonderful colors
  • Battle Academia theme
  • Badass appearance


  • Exclusive only to Wild Rift

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Seeing as League of Legends players only has one skin available for the champion, we see no need for a recommendation. However, go for the skin if you need to choose between the Base Model and Cyber Pop Akshan.

Rest assured that we will update the Best Akshan Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best as soon as the champion gets more skins to show off.

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