Best Anivia Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

If you are looking for the Best Anivia Skins out there, we have got you covered. In League of Legends, Anivia is one of the champions who rarely show up in games. In fact, you can play up to fifteen straight games without encountering this majestic champion.

The reason for this low presence revolves around Anivia’s kit. Only dedicated players can utilize her full potential. For this champion, there is no middle ground; you either play her well or play her badly. Anivia has a kit that can compromise ally safety when used wrong and this makes her look hard to players.

However, this champion should have skins that present her as more than an ice bird for the dedicated like you. And for you, we have compiled the Best Anivia Skins: Ranked from Worst to Best. The ranking covers cosmetic changes, animations, effects, and even gameplay clarity.

10. Hextech Anivia

Of all the Hextech skins in League of Legends, Anivia’s own is the least desirable. First of all, the splash art looks like an incomplete robotic bird. Secondly, it has none of the colors and themes associated with the Hextech skin line.

Also, this skin has no added or unique animation/effect in-game. All the way down to its recall and rebirth animation, the skin is no different from the Original Anivia model. We gave it a tenth place instead of 9th place because of the splash art.

9. Team Spirit Anivia

This skin is above Hextech Anivia because it has a better splash and is more colorful. The splash presents Anivia the same way she has always been except this time, her left wing has a red color and there is a symbol on her chest.

In-game, you will realize that the skin is simply a cosmetic make-over for the champion. The skin costs 520 RP as it should due to the absence of any unique animation or effect. Since it belongs to the legacy skins category, you can only purchase it when the legacy vaults open.

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8. Noxus Hunter Anivia

Do you want to see Anivia wearing armor and rocking horns? This skin got you covered. Noxus Hunter Anivia shows her wearing pieces of golden armor and having minotaur-like horns on her head. Apart from these and her glowing eyes, the skin gives nothing more.

It lacks any sort of special animation, audio, or particle change. But then, it is cheap as it goes for only 520 RP. Yes, you guessed correctly; you can only buy it when the legacy vaults open during special events.

7. Prehistoric Anivia

Oh boy, this skin has one of the coolest appearances and splash art for Anivia. Imagine the champion as a Pterodactyl, that is exactly what Riot did with this skin! Cool right? Generally, Riot portrayed all the champions under the Prehistoric Beasts’ skin line as well…prehistoric beasts.

Now, to the in-game properties. While it has no unique sound or animation, it has a special rebirth animation. Also, it costs only 750 RP and is available in the League store.

6. Bird of Prey Anivia

If this skin had any kind of unique effect, animation, or sound, we might have placed it in one of the top three spaces. I mean, you get to play Anivia as a giant Bald Eagle complete with the white feathers around the head and dark brown feathers.

However, as earlier mentioned, Bird of Prey Anivia lacks unique animation of effect. Even its recall and rebirth remain the same as the Original. At least, it costs just 520 RP and you can purchase it from the game store.

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5. Blackfrost Anivia

This skin portrays Anivia as a powerful but corrupted Freljordan god. Remember when we explained what happened in the Blackfrost reality in our post on The Best Alistar Skins? Yeah, Anivia was also affected, hence the skin.

What I love the most about Blackfrost Anivia is her AA (AutoAttack) projectile. It is small and precise which makes it difficult for opponents to see during team fights. Although the champion deals the bulk of her damage through abilities, I still like this little detail.

Also, this skin exhibits good animations and effects. It has the best taunt and third-best rebirth animation of all Anivia skins. However, the skin is expensive as it goes for 1820 RP in the store.

4. Cosmic Flight Anivia

The lore behind this skin tells of how Anivia creates galaxies in the wake of her flight through deep space. On that note, this skin does a good job of portraying her as a powerful cosmic entity. All of her abilities have special effects, the recall captures her as a constellation, and her rebirth is cool.

Cosmic Flight Anivia costs 1350 RP in the store and I think it’s worth it. If you want to experience the champion on a cosmic scale, go for this skin.

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3. Festival Queen Anivia

Riot released this skin back in 2017 but it still ranks high among the best of Anivia’s skins. It has one of the coolest recalls, wonderful shades, and ability animations. Although it goes for 975 RP, the skin is well worth it.

If you need a skin that brings something unique to every aspect of her abilities at an affordable rate, choose this one.

2. Papercraft Anivia

Here we have an Anivia skin with soft colors, smooth particles, and a lovely model. Papercraft Anivia has everything you need in a good skin. With unique animations, Origami-themed sounds and abilities, recall, and rebirth, this skin is a wonderful Anivia skin to own.

You can always pick it up in the store for 1350 RP. Worth it? Yes, I am sure.

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1. Divine Phoenix Anivia

This skin right here is the best skin for Anivia. Riot wanted to portray the champion as a majestic and powerful entity of creation and it does a good job of that. The skin costs 1350 and I must say that it is well worth it.

Firstly, Divine Phoenix Anivia has the smoothest particles of all Anivia skins. Secondly, it has soft colors for all its abilities which makes it easier to cast combos. On top of all these, the skin has the best rebirth animation for Anivia.


If you want something cheap with no special effects, pick Bird of Prey Anivia or Prehistoric Anivia. These skins give the best champion model of all the ones with no unique effect.

For one that has unique effects, animations, and particles, choose either Divine Phoenix Anivia or Papercraft Anivia. Although Divine Phoenix is the better of the two, I will leave the preference to you. Both skins give the champion a majestic and powerful look.

However, if you want a sinister and powerful look for the champion and have money to spend, pick Blackfrost Anivia. For something cheaper, go for Cosmic Flight Anivia.

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