Best Annie Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Annie is a Mage who is easy to pick up but might turn out hard to master. Her kit helps her burst down squishy opponents with ease before they can even react. This fact makes it a little surprising that she is relatively unpopular among players. 

Now, if you want to get a skin on Annie, there are things you should consider. These things range from effects, animation, colors, to price. All of these can be discouraging to process, but not to worry, we got you covered. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Best Annie Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best.

14. Reverse Annie

Reverse Annie is a skin that shows Annie wearing Tibbers’ costume and Tibbers wearing Annie’s clothes. However, this is the only thing special about the skin; it has no other unique features in-game.

In addition to these, the skin costs 975 RP, which is expensive for a skin without added effects. It gets last place for that.


  • Experience Annie in swapped roles


  • Nothing special except the role-swap

13. Prom Queen Annie

For this skin, Annie dresses for prom with Tibbers accompanying her as a chaperone. The model is clean and cute but has no unique feature. Down to her recall animation, it’s the same as the original model.

While it costs 520 RP, you can only purchase it during special events when the legacy vaults open.


  • Annie goes to Prom!


  • No special effect or animation

12. Red Riding Hood

Have you read the story of Little Red Riding Hood? That’s Annie’s costume for this skin. In the splash art, she dresses as Little Red Riding Hood with a basket of apples. However, that’s the added feature for the skin.

The skin goes for 520 RP and can only be gotten when the legacy vaults open.


  • Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood story


  • No special effect or animation

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11. Sweetheart Annie

For a skin released to celebrate Valentine the season of love, Sweetheart Annie appears resplendent. However, one would expect the skin to have love-themed ability effects in-game. Unfortunately, it lacks any special effect or animation, and that made it fall to tenth place.

It costs 720 RP, and you can only purchase it during the Valentine season when the vaults open.


  • Annie gets a beautiful hairdo


  • Unique animations or effects

10. Franken Tibbers Annie

Have you heard about Frankenstein? This skin features Tibbers as Frankenstein’s monster, but that is not the only cool part of it. Franken Tibbers Annie gives the champion’s abilities a shade of green. Yes, all of the abilities take on a green effect.

However, the skin has no added effects or animations and costs 975 RP. I think that is a little expensive, although one might argue that the green fire looks cool. What do you think?


  • Annie wields green fire
  • Inspired by Frankenstein story


  • No special recall animation

9. Panda Annie

When you use Panda Annie in-game, you will see the extra skin particles and a unique recall. Her Q ability and Ult have extra smoke added to the fire. This addition gives the abilities empowered appearances. Compared to the original model, the abilities look somewhat fierier.

It cost 975 RP, which is a reasonable price for the extra features added to the skin.


  • Extra particles for abilities
  • Cool recall animation


  • Relatively ordinary effects

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8. Annie in Wonderland

Here we have a skin inspired by the Alice Adventures in the Wonderland story. One would expect fantasy-themed effects for the skin, and fortunately, Riot delivered. However, these features only manifest during some of her abilities and her recall animation.

Being a legendary skin, you can get the skin for 1820 RP. That is kind of expensive for something with limited added features. Also, it is only available during special events.


  • Inspired by Alice Adventures in the Wonderland
  • Unique effects


  • Ordinary recall animation
  • Limited unique effects
  • Too expensive

7. Goth Annie

Okay, we might have been biased by placing this skin above Annie in Wonderland but hear us out. Goth Annie has a well…goth theme! Yes, purple fire and all.  Also, the champion takes on a Goth appearance, complete with befitting make-over.

The skin belongs to the Digital Collector’s Pack, same with Silver Kayle and Black Alistar. However, players say one can still get it from the store by purchasing the starter’s bundle. If you already have the other contents of the bundle, the skin goes for 975 RP.


  • Goth theme
  • Annie wields purple fire
  • Annie gets Goth Make-over
  • Tibbers is a ragdoll


  • Relatively difficult to acquire
  • Limited animations
  • Ordinary recall

6. Frostfire Annie

Frostfire Annie comes from the Winter Wonder skin line, and like other skins in the category, it has an ice theme. From her clothes to ability effects, the skin portrays the spirit of Winter. However, it lacks one thing – a unique recall animation. 

Fortunately, you can get the skin anytime from the store without waiting for the vaults to open.


  • Winter-themed skin
  • Annie wields cold flames
  • Unique particles


  • Ordinary recall

5. Hextech Annie

With a mild hextech influence on in-game particles and effects, I wouldn’t place Hextech Annie up there among the best Hextech skins. However, it still offers enough to score among the Best Annie Skins. 

While its recall animation might look relatively ordinary to some, it shows Annie getting an upgrade for Tibbers. For her abilities, they bear no resemblance to the original model, and we like that. However, the skin theme might feel a little bit clunky to use.

Being a Hextech skin, it costs 10 Gemstones but then, is that worth it?


  • Mythic Skin
  • Unique animations and effects


  • Relatively difficult to acquire

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4. Annie-versary

Riot released the Annie-versary skin to celebrate the 10th birthday of the game. The skin swaps Tibbers for a Giant Teemo and features a fanfare celebration for its recall animation. I don’t know about you, but Annie-versary is one of my favorite skin in League of Legends.

Unfortunately, the skin is not sold in the store as Riot gave it to active accounts during the celebration.


  • Unique particles and animations
  • Cool recall
  • Summons Giant Teemo instead of Tibbers


  • You cannot buy it from the store

3. Super Galaxy Annie

The Super Galaxy lore tells of Space Cadets who fight to save galaxies from destruction. Skins under this category have a Space theme, and Annie’s isn’t an exemption. The skin has fantastic effects and graphical illustrations.

Also, Super Galaxy Annie has one of the best recalls of all her skins and gives the champion a whole new vibe. It costs 1350 RP, and you will love it.


  • Space tech-themed skin
  • Unique particles and animations
  • Very cool recall


  • Relatively expensive

2. Lunar Beast Annie

We have got Lunar Beast Annie for the Best Annie Skin. Apart from a soft-colored theme and dripping make-over (look at Annie’s kicks), the skin excels at every other visual and audio aspect in-game. In addition to all of these, abilities take on a smoother and well-defined look, making it easy to execute combos.

Although we might never see any other skin added to the Lunar Beast skin line, you should still grab this one for 1350 RP.


  • Cool look and apparel
  • Unique particles and animations
  • Well-defined hitboxes


  • It might be a little expensive

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1. Cafe Cuties Annie

Cafe Cuties Annie has everything the best skins should have. Apart from the soft colors and classy champion appearance, the skin features well-defined hitboxes. Tibbers pops out as a giant gummy bear, and Riot replaced the fire effects with an excellent and gentle aura-like effect.

It costs 1350 RP, and that is suitable for a skin this delicious!


  • The skin is a complete package


  • Apart from its price, we found no downsides!
  • Okay, some players might miss the fiery particles.


And there you have all of the Best Annie Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best. We. will recommend Frostfire Annie, Goth Annie, or Franken Tibbers Annie for something a little budget-friendly. However, if you do not mind the price, go for Lunar Beast Annie or Cafe Cuties Annie.

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