Top 7 Best AP Supports in League of Legends

Supports in League of Legends are a vital and challenging Role. There is not a single game that won’t have a Support in it. You might find yourself in a game without an ADC, or perhaps without a Tank – but never, ever without a Support. 

We’ve had multiple articles on Supports in the past, like the best Laning Phase Supports and Hardest Supports. Here at LeagueFeed, Supports are a frequent topic. We acknowledge the importance of this Role and how it synergizes with other Roles and Champions. 

Thus, we often make guides that help you choose the best Support for specific ADCs, to help you find the best combo for maximum winning potential. In this list, however, we’re going to talk about the best AP Supports in the game. 

Most Supports are AP, with very few of them scaling off of AD. Whenever you are naming infamous AP Supports, multiple entries are showing up, but for AD, well – we all think of Pyke. 

Due to this high volume of AP Supports, it can be hard for newer or even intermediate players to pick the best one. They might be confused and overwhelmed with the endless choices, and we are here to fix that. 

So, without further hesitation, let us begin with the 7 Best AP Supports in League of Legends. (This list is in no particular order. You be the judge of which one is better than the other, as well as which is your personal favorite.)

1. Seraphine

Seraphine, or Sona 2.0 as the community likes to call her, is a Champion that has been prevalent since she was released. Like many of the entries on this list, she’s an Enchanter and will primarily serve as a healer throughout the game. 

Due to her similarities to Sona, Seraphine revolves mainly around buffing and healing allies and applying CC on multiple targets. 

Seraphine’s CC does get pretty nasty at times. Most of it consists of slows, but there are occasional stuns that can prove substantial. 

She’s a great Champion, though too similar to Sona, in my opinion. Learning her isn’t much of a challenge, and I recommend you try her out as she is pretty strong at the moment. Sona is strong and far up the tier list on, so check her out, too. 

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2. Soraka

Soraka is the most potent healer in League of Legends. She’s an Enchanter that can heal so much that sometimes you just want to quit the game. I can’t even recount how many times Soraka healed the enemy for a full health bar while I was fighting them. 

Building Anti-heal would solve this issue, or so you’d think. Her W heals substantially despite any grievous wounds effect you put on her allies. The balancing thing is that she has to take a chunk off her own health to give it to a friendly Champion. However, she can regain all that HP back with a simple cast of her Q. 

Soraka’s Ultimate is global and heals all of her allies instantly, giving her a constant map-wide presence that can be extremely hard to deal with. She even has CC that silences enemies in an area and even roots them if they stay in for too long. 

She is perhaps one of the rare Supports that you will focus on first, rather than the ADC. Having Soraka alive throughout the fight will mean certain death for you and your team, so be sure to take her out before as soon as possible.

She is easy to get into, and I recommend you give her a try, despite my hatred towards her. 

3. Zyra

Zyra is a pseudocarry, meaning that despite being a Support, she will emerge as an AP Carry during the late game. This insane carry capability is perhaps why she’s currently considered among the best Supports in the game. 

When I started playing League back in 2012/13, Zyra was often a Champion you’d find on Mid. Ever since her inception, she’s always gravitated towards an AP Carry role in the game, though as the game evolved, she found a comfortable place in Bot as a Support. 

Don’t be fooled by her Support nature. Zyra can dish out insane burst and over-time damage from the earliest points in the game. During the Laning Phase, she can harass and poke and prepare an engage with her roots. 

The Late Game is where she shines, however, and her damage will be insane. With her Ultimate, Zyra can be one of the most intimidating team fighters in the game. She can knock up the entire enemy team for a solid duration, as well as deal massive damage beforehand.

Zyra is a Mage, and an AP Carry veiled in a Support’s clothing. Never let your guard down when facing this thorny menace, as she can shred you like paper. 

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4. Karma

Karma is my personal favorite Support in League of Legends. Like Zyra, she’s a strong AP Mage in hiding, and it doesn’t take long to figure this one out. 

Karma is unique in the fact that she starts with her Ultimate unlocked on level 1. It upgrades the next spell she casts and, right off the bat, she can deal obscene damage to squishy enemies. If you sport an Aery rune, you’ll be even more potent – and that’s just level 1. 

As the game progresses, you will take on the Role of a harassing Enchanter Mage whose playstyle will revolve around both doing damage and buffing your allies. The Aery rune will help you apply vigorous shields, apart from giving bonus damage. 

Enchanter items are some of the most powerful items in the game when purchased on the right Champions. In Karma’s case, most of them will go towards buffing her shields immensely. The low cooldowns will make Karma’s allies unkillable, and a few items will also add some healing to her shields. 

She’s a great pick both for those who want to main Support and those who just got auto-filled into the Role. Whatever your case, you’ll have tons of fun and undoubtedly get that positive LP with this Champion. 

5. Shaco

Shaco is a weird one and the uncanny valley entry on this list. Recently, there has been a surge of Shaco Supports that, of course, all had varying builds. As Shaco is a Champion who can be played both AP or AD, I consider him viable for this list – he’s just too strange, off-meta, and weird not to. 

Most of your Supporting endeavors with Shaco will be tied into using your stealth and boxes to catch enemies off guard. IF that’s not the case, you’ll simply be poking them with your Shiv, acting as a control/harass Support. 

Once you leave the Lane, well, it’s just plain old Shaco. You’ll build your regular items and become the insane clown Assassin you always were. Only this time, you might have a Support item on hand. 

Shaco’s simple; wherever you cast him – he’s just the same. I just found it very funny and exciting to see him become a Support, and he just had to be on this list. 

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6. Lulu

Lulu is, like the other Enchanters mentioned above, just a regular buffing Champion. Apart from that, Lulu does a lot of poking and harassing on the Lane, using her rather powerful passive and Q to get the most out of this. 

This means that you will mostly be at an HP disadvantage when facing a Lulu Lane, though this can be mitigated in various ways – one of which is just keeping your distance and laning safely. Lulu hits her utility spike at level 6, when she will have unlocked her strong Ultimate ability. 

Combined with a hyper carry, Lulu’s Ultimate can make them unkillable and turn them into a hyper tank. I’ve seen a lot of Master Yi and Yasuo players get buffed by this spell and proceed to win team fights single-handedly. It’s that good, and when timed correctly, it can really impact the entire game. 

As I’ve said, Lulu is an Enchanter – she will heal, shield, and buff her allies. This is her core playstyle that you should get used to. Most Support Champions fin in this category, and I hope Riot keeps breaking the mold with further Champion releases. 

7. Blitzcrank

The first and only tank on this list – Blitz is the master hooker of League of Legends. Though there is a tough competition in this regard – Thresh, and Nautilus come to mind, Blitzcrank’s hook is the best there is and will pull the target correctly and entirely to you. 

During the Lane, you will constantly be in danger of getting pulled by Blitz. At level 1, he might not seem intimidating, and hooks can be walked off if he lands one. By level 3, however, getting hooked means almost certain death – if not a burned Flash. This gives Blitz the power to creep the Lane, making you constantly maneuver and reposition behind the cover of minions. 

The hooking is his core mechanic, and everything revolves around it. Later on, he becomes a regular tank with a bunch of HP and defensive stats. Regardless, he won’t be able to do much to protect his allies other than using the hook and his E to apply some CC on the enemy. 

However, landing an excellent Late Game hook can make or break the game, so keep your aim accurate. 

Also, don’t hook the tank, please. 


AP Supports are numerous, and it was hard picking between them. All the solid AP Supports are Enchanters, so I’ve included other picks outside that category to keep things fresh and diverse. At any rate, whichever category of AP Support you do choose – you can’t make a mistake. They are all nice to play currently and have endless utility. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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