7 Best APCs in League of Legends

7 Best APCs in League of Legends Guide

AP champions are the most diversified group of champions in League of Legends. You could imagine anything an AD champion does, and a mage probably does it better.

All the mages have excellent scaling into the late game due to their items being so strong. For example, Zhonyas Hourglass has been one of the strongest items in the game since its release.

Riot also seems to favor mages more than any other class in the game which is quite apparent since they received 6 mythic items while other classes got either 4 or 3 in the “item rework” patch update.

Note: This article is not just about mages, but AP champions in general.

So, let us get on with it, shall we?

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7. Vel’Koz – The Eye of the Void

Best APC in League of Legends Vel’Koz - The Eye of the VoidOne of the best artillery mages in the game, Vel’Koz has been quite popular in recent years. A skilled Vel’Koz can tear through half your health bar if you try and get close to him.

Although, it’s rather easy to neutralize him by just getting on top of him. However, if the Vel’Koz is smart enough to build a Zhonyas Hourglass, distances himself well enough, and plays around other team members, your chances of catching him in the late game are closer to none.

P.S: The only downside of this champion is the number of skill-shots he has, which makes this champion hard to master. However, you won’t be disappointed if you do so.

6. Kennen – The Heart of the Tempest

Best APC in League of Legends Kennen - The Heart of the TempestOne of the most hated champions by top-laners, Kennen has everything. Whether we are talking about mobility, engage, poke or disengage. Kennen’s kit is so well designed, to the point that you rarely go wrong picking this champion.

However, due to his popularity being so low, and being hated by the league community so much, Kennen suffers dramatically. Kennen is not an inferior pick, but people usually dislike the champion as a whole.

One of the main reasons for this hate is that Kennen can only be played in the toplane if you mean to get any success out of the champion. But top-laners on average, like AD champions that are melee, such as bruisers, juggernauts, etc. So ranged champions are generally hated in toplane.

And in the great words of Hashinshin himself:

“Lightning rushes forward, Lightning rushes back, has no mana, has no cooldowns”

5. Vladimir – The Crimson Reaper

Best APC in League of Legends Vladimir - The Crimson ReaperAs a late-game hyper carry, Vladimir is a relatively safe pick compared to some of the other champions on this list. If played right, Vladimir can have a perfectly safe laning phase while farming and scaling into the late game.

Vladimir can simply win lane by outfarming and outsustaining his enemies, so he can take over the game after obtaining some items. He can be played both in mid and toplane.

Against harder matchups such as Anivia, Malzahar, and Kassadin, use your “Q” to last hit minions while holding onto your “W” for emergencies only, because you’re quite vulnerable without it.

Practice the champion as much as you can in normals, and don’t go into ranked games until you’ve fully grasped the concept of it. Ranked can quickly turn into quite a toxic environment if you don’t know what you’re doing.

4. Akali – The Rogue Assassin

Best APC in League of Legends Akali - The Rogue AssassinOne of the strongest champions in the history of League of Legends, Akali is now just a shell of its former self. After the rework, Akali was arguably the most broken champion that Riot had ever released up to that point. She might not be as good as she once was, but a superior player can still snowball from this champion to the point of overtaking the game.

Look to harass your opponent in lane with “Q’s” and auto attacks, while trying not to push the wave. Try not to go for all-ins before your level 6 unless you have the opportunity to kill your opponent.

Akali is one of those champions that are very easy to pick up but extremely hard to master. It might take you hundreds of games to truly master this champion but trust me, it will be worth your while.

Riot has ripped many mechanics from her kit over the years. To the eye of an average player, she might not be a feasible pick, but if you invest your time to learn the champion, you won’t be disappointed with what the champion can do.

3. Xerath – The Magus Ascendant

Best APC in League of Legends Xerath - The Magus AscendantAnother artillery mage on the list, Xerath is a long-range poke champion. Easy to learn and easy to master. If you’re the type of person that is amazing with skill shots, then Xerath is the champion for you.

However, I’m only calling this champion easy to master because of how simple his kit is, you still need to practice how to take skill shots and predict enemy movement, which is hard, but nothing a little bit of practice can’t fix.

Your game plan with Xerath is mostly similar to Vel’Koz. Keep your distance and play around your teammates if you can, so that you don’t get caught.

Another thing to keep in mind with Xerath is to not use your “E” recklessly, since it is quite literally your only escape out of a losing fight.

2. Malphite – Shard of the Monolith

Best APC in League of Legends Malphite - Shard of the MonolithMalphite might not be the best APC in the game, but it is one of the most fun champions in the game if you’re building AP. Full AP Malphite can one-shot any squishy champion in the game by his most basic combos.

A full AP Malphite’s game plan usually revolves around waiting for his “R” to come back from cooldown and charging at the ADC. There isn’t a single ADC in the game that can escape Malphite if he has set his eyes on you.

ADCs will tremble in fear to walk up to any minion alone if you’re roaming around the map looking for picks. Malphite is one of the easiest champions in the game to pick up and master, right next to Garen. Yeah, he’s that basic.

Although not meant to be an APC, we thought Malphite surely deserved a mention due to how much fun he brings to the table, because repetitively playing the same type of builds and champions can get boring sometimes.

1. Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox

Best APC in League of Legends Ahri - The Nine-Tailed FoxOne of the most played and fan favorite mages in the game, Ahri is a super mobile mid-laner with excellent burst damage. She waits for an opportunity to look for picks and kill her target.

If you’re caught in her charm, you’d be sure to lose at least half your health bar. Her ultimate provides her the ability to chase or run away from any enemy she wants. If you want to main this champion, be sure to learn her animation cancels so that your enemies can’t expect your next move.

In the end, I just want to say, even if you don’t want to main Ahri, be sure to learn her abilities, because she is a super popular mid-laner that you’ll be playing against every other game.


Mages are arguably the strongest class in the game, they are usually very safe picks, and scale excellently into the late game, and having the most versatile item selections and champions makes sure that you’re never bored of this class.

If we’ve missed any APC that you think deserved a mention, then comment below and tell us about your favorite APCs in League of Legends.

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