Best Aphelios Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Aphelios is a League of Legends Marksman known for his complexity, damage, and two hundred years of game design. His kit allows him to wield five different gun types supplied by Alune, his twin sister. However, he can only equip two guns at any given time; one primary weapon and an offhand.

Since all of his guns have unique abilities, Aphelios can create several combos based on the guns equipped. This attribute is the reason why players find him difficult to play well compared to other Marksmen. Nevertheless, for those who succeed in mastering him, the champion offers incredible results.

Now, how should good skins portray this exceptional champion? The most important factor should be the effects on his guns. You can place his ult next to that, and you have quite a lot to consider. We understand this and have compiled a detailed comparison between both of his skins and the original model.

Get ready to dive into the Best Aphelios Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best.

1. Original Model

The original champion model has a lunar-influenced theme. This theme gives his appearance, guns, and abilities a silver, white, or blue color. However, two of his guns have different colors; Severum and Gravitum.

Severum provides lifesteal, and as such, takes on Red, the color of blood. Gravitum portrays gravity and has a purple color. Why do we have to check these guns? Because his skins have unique effects and colors that differ from gun to gun.

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2. Lunar Beast Aphelios

This skin draws its inspiration from the Lunar New Year Festival and brings extra fireworks to the champion. With a Lunar Festival theme, the skin has predominant colors of red, blue, and gold. Before we check out the guns, I will point out that this skin is really cool.

It has a unique recall, cool animations, and well-defined hitboxes. Now, onto the guns!


This gun is the starting weapon for Aphelios, and it comes in form of a rifle. Its original model has a color of aquatic green. However, we have got the addition of gold to its color for this skin. Also, Calibrum’s projectile takes on a sophisticated effect but maintains a shade of its original color.


This gun grants Aphelios lifesteal and comes in the form of a hand-held scythe. Its original model has a red color. With extra added particles, the gun takes on a healthier shade of red and has a better-defined diameter for its ability.


Gravitum received a lighter shade of purple as opposed to its original model.


Infernum has an area-of-effect feature and initially has a light blue color. Here we have the same color but with a more defined projectile path.


This weapon is white for the original model and comes as a chakram. However, it takes on the predominant red color for the Lunar Beast Skin.

All in all, the skin is lovely but has a downside; its ability casts are too flashy and can distract you.


  • Complete champion make-over
  • Unique animations and effects
  • Extra fireworks!


  • Too flashy
  • Relatively rough particles
  • Legacy vault

3. Nightbringer Aphelios

The Nightbringer lore features characters that represent chaos and anarchy. While Aphelios belongs to this side, the stories say his sister Alune belongs to the Dawnbringer side. However, both were always drawn to each other and have decided to find harmony in their conflicting nature.

Aphelios takes on a dark elfish look while Alune still retains her celestial color for this skin. Also, Riot added more sinister shades and textures to all his weapons and abilities. The smooth feel and less flashy effects of this skin made it a favorite among Aphelios Mains.


You will notice a mix of darkness in the standard aquatic green of its projectiles. Also, the projectiles are more precise. The mark left on champions by its ability look like bilgewater’s symbol but less complex.


Severum takes on an orange color and its ability has dark particles added. Casting Severum’s ability unleashes a blend of Calibrum’s original color, the dark particles, and its orange color. It also has a well-defined range and smooth appearance.


Gravitum retains its purple color but leaves two demonic hands circling the target instead of the orbs. Casting its ability prompts the hands to grab all affected targets, which is cool.


Infernum takes on a darker shade of its original color for the initial target and its aoe (area-of-effect). Also, the gun leaves a little smoky trail which gives it a look of something infernal.


Crescendum takes on a hextech-like theme and looks like the champion is flinging shurikens.

Fun Fact

Nightbringer Aphelios changes the colors of his lapels whenever he changes weapons.


  • Awesome champion make-over
  • Switches apparel color based on weapon selected
  • Smooth feel
  • Intricate but cool colors


  • Alune is fainter compared to other skin

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Since Aphelios only has two skins and having seen all the details about them, we recommend Nightbringer Aphelios. Both skins cost the same amount of RP, but Nightbringer offers more.

What do you think about the Best Aphelios Skins? Let us know in the comments section.

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