Best Arcanist Augments in Teamfight Tactics (2022)

Augments in  Teamfight Tactics are permanent bonuses that are added to the player’s hexcore. 

Augment Choices

Throughout the game, the player is offered three choices of augments. During each choice, the player must select one out of three augments. Each augment has a rarity (silver, gold, or prismatic).

Over 140 possible TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augments can show up in an Armory, with over 80 more getting added in Set 6.5 Neon Nights. Each player receives options that are equal in power and come from the same tier but are different from each other. A total of three tiers of Hextech Augments exist in Set 6.5: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.

Some options have multiple versions across tiers, while others are unique. Hextech Augments means to shift the focus off of TFT items, opening the door for flexible gameplay while also possibly doubling down on early-game decisions.

Options are offered to players a total of three times throughout a game via a Hextech Augment Armory. These Armories will appear at Stages 1-3, 3-5, and 5-1. Hyper Roll Hextech Augments will appear at Stages 3-1, 5-2, and 7-2. The total chance of a Prismatic game in TFT Set 6.5 was increased from 31 to 33 percent

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How to See Augments Explanations In-Game?

Players can see what Hextech Augments opponents have received, along with their own, via stationary Hextechs on the board. Right-clicking on the symbols above each Hextech will reveal the Hextech Augments. Prior to the Nov. 3 Set Six launch, Augments Scoped Weapons and Tinker were removed from the list of possible Hextech Augments.

Following Patch 11.24, Innovator Heart was no longer offered as a first Hextech Augment choice, and Innovator Soul was removed as a third Augment option. Silver-tier effects that granted an emblem were renamed to Crests, with a number of them also granting a champion from that trait. And some Prismatic-tier Soul effects were changed to Crown.

From being able to level up to 10 to free Shop refreshes each round, here’s every possible TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augment and its effect, divided up into the three possible

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Arcanists are the way to go if you want to burst your enemies with your spells. They are always an easy choice to go for if you start getting some early AP items out of the carousel or the minions. Since you have 2 one gold arcanists, you can get them in the earliest phases of the game. Those arcanists are Brand and Ziggs. 

This comp is pretty augment-depended if you want to go all-in with 8 arcanists, and you should probably hope to get some augments that correspond with them, such as the ones specially meant for them. 

But the thing that makes it somewhat easier is the fact that you have a couple of possibilities to get your 8th arcanist emblem, and those are Augments, Tome of Traits, and the combination of The Needlessly large rod and The Golden Spatula. 

So that makes them a somewhat popular composition to pick up. You are pretty dependent on items, too, since they do have the damage, but lack sustains, so you will need at least 2 Hextech Gunblades, but again even if you don’t, it is not the end of the world since you have 2 incredibly strong front-liners that share an Arcanist trait and those are Swain and Vex which are both pretty broken now. 

The Arcanists have lived through some changes with the release of patch 6.5, so now instead of some older Arcanists, we have Brand and Ahri, which are, in my opinion, pretty good swap.

Arcanists offer a very generic, easy to play, straightforward but strong mage playstyle. The basic idea around this Arcanist build is to keep acquiring Arcanist units and building up the Arcanist trait synergy as much as you can. 

Since this playstyle doesn’t require any specific strategies, all you’ll need to do is focus on a healthy economy while keeping up with levels and upgrading all the units that you can. 

  • Arcanists increase the Ability Power of your team – 2
  • Your team gains 20 Ability Power – 4
  • Your team gains 20 Ability Power, Arcanists gain an additional 40 – 6
  • Your team gains 50 Ability Power, Arcanists gain an additional 50 – 8
  • Your team gains 145 Ability Power

Top 5 Arcanist Augments

  1. Arcanist Crown: Gain two Arcanist Emblems.
  2. Runic Shield (Silver/Gold): Arcanist units start combat with a shield equal to 300/450 percent of their ability power. Gain a Swain with Runic Shield one. Gain a Vex with Runic Shield two.
  3. Spell Blade: After casting their ability, Arcanists’ next attack deals bonus magic damage equal to 200 percent of their ability power. Gain a Swain.
  4. Arcanist Crest: Gain an Arcanist Emblem and a Swain.
  5. Arcane Nullifier: Your unit’s abilities ignore 25/35/50 percent of the target’s magic resistance and reduce healing received by 50 percent for eight seconds.

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