Top 7 Best Ardent Censer Supports in League of Legends

League of Legends Supports come in many different variations. Some are Tanks, and some are focused on doing as much damage as possible. But there is a branch of Supports that has risen in popularity in recent years—the Enchanters. 

The Enchanter Support focuses more on buffing their ally than doing anything else. They might have ways of doing damage and scaling as any regular AP Champion would, but that is not their primary mechanic. They win through means of helping others. 

While this is not a list of best Enchanter Supports, it will contain 7 Enchanters, and I’ve considered it essential to explain what they are. Ardent Censer is one of the most potent and popular Enchanter items in the game, and these following Champions are the best at utilizing it. 

With the introduction out of the way, let’s begin, shall we? 

7. Lulu

Lulu is an infamous Support in League. Apart from focusing on enchanting her allies, she also has a ton of damage. This damage Lulu can use to harass and poke the enemy, apply some nice CC, and generally make them feel as uncomfortable as she can. Lulu scales with ADCs pretty well, but I find her most intimidating in combination with some deadly fighters. Such Fighters can be Yasuo or Master Yi or any attack-focused Bruiser. 

With Ardent Censer in hand, Lulu can buff them severely with her Ultimate and other spells. If she sports the Summon Aery rune, this is only amplified. Her shields and buffs will be substantially more potent after purchasing this item. The extra damage she gives by buffing allies with Ardent Censer is also a welcome addition, especially with Fighters.

If no Fighters are around, any fast and mobile ADC will synergize well with Lulu. She goes along the best with the likes of Lucian, who can shoot fast and utilize her buffs to the fullest. I love this little Champion as much as I hate her, as she can be quite the overpowering force when paired with the right ally. I actually dread seeing her in combination with Master Yi since they can be pretty lethal in tandem.

I suggest you give Lulu a try if you love her type of gameplay. 

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6. Karma

I’ve been a vocal advocate of Karma ever since I started writing these articles. She is by far my favorite Support Champion to play, and the others don’t even come close. She embodies the Enchanter Class so well that I don’t think there’s a Champion with shields as potent as hers. Apart from Enchanting so well, Karma has tons of damage on her kit. With her Q that her Ultimate can immediately buff, Karma can chunk people heavily even at level 1. 

This gives her a very aggressive gameplay style, something Ardent Censer really likes. It incentivizes aggression and offensiveness, giving your allies extra damage as well as everything else that comes along. Karma can consistently reapply this buff by using her extremely low cooldowns. If she wants, she can even buff the entire team by using her Shield’s upgraded form, which grants it an AOE effect. 

Karma’s fast and offensive gameplay makes her fun and enjoyable to the fullest. There’s always something to do when you play her. Whether it be shielding, doing tons of damage, or applying some CC, Karma never runs out of spells and mana. Her cooldowns and mana costs are, as I’ve said, exceptionally low. With these spammable abilities, she can annoy the hell out of her enemies, which is also a great thing.

I highly recommend playing Karma, and I cannot stress that enough. Be you an intermediate Support player or just a dude stumbling upon it by auto-fill, you’ll find her incredible, enjoyable, and fun. Trust me on that one. 

5. Janna

Janna is a Champion notorious for her shields. Yes, I know I’ve said that Karma has the best shields, but Janna is more or less her equal. At times, I can even say that she’s better, if only for the fact that she can use it on towers. Janna also has the knack of buffing her allies with extra damage, apart from the shields. This goes insanely well with Ardent Censer.

The extra damage Janna has by default mixed with the Ardent Censer buff will substantially increase your offensiveness. When paired with ADCs that have quick and heavy attacks such as Lucian that I’ve mentioned above, Janna can become a true beast. Lucian is one of the best ADCs to go along with these sorts of Champions, and you will notice me mentioning him often when speaking of Enchanters.

Janna can also heal her whole team, which will, in turn, buff them all with Ardent Censer. If the need arises, Janna can use her shields on structures to save them from being demolished. This is where Ardent Censer will have no effect, but that doesn’t mean that she’s wasting a shield for doing so. Her allies will love her, and I love her too.

Be sure to give her a try since she is quite strong despite seeming not to be. 

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4. Soraka

Soraka is one of the most hated Supports ever to graze the Summoner’s Rift. Her healing is so substantial that I cannot even fathom it sometimes. It is incredible how this Champion can rejuvenate an entire team just by pressing a button. Soraka’s allies are infamously immortal as long as she is alive, which makes her a prime focus target in every game she’s in. 

Ardent Censer only makes things worse, or better, depending on who you’re asking. It will increase the potency of her heals and add that Ardent Censer buff to her allies. Soraka is similar to Lulu in many regards. Both Champions synergize best with these fast, heavy-hitting Fighters like Master Yi, who can utilize their speed, extra damage, and incredible healing. 

Soraka truly lives in complete infamy among the Supports. She is a necessary focus if you want to prevent her from consistently healing her team. There is almost no chance for you to win any team fight with her alive. This can divert attention from other, vital targets that might use this opportunity to strike back at you. Soraka, with her mere existence, creates commotion in the game. And that alone is enough to gain her this negative popularity.

She is also a great Champion to play, despite what people and I think. Try her out some time, and I think you’ll have a ton of fun. 

3. Yuumi

Yuumi is a literal AFK Champion. But, like the rest of the Champions on this list, she utilizes her buffs to the advantage of her allies rather than herself. As long as she remains at her ally’s side, she will continuously buff them, heal them and help them keep the enemies still so they can shoot. 

Ardent Censer is just one of many Enchanter items that work wonders on Yuumi. Safe and sound at the shoulders of her friends, she can cast spells and consistently reapply the Ardent Censer buff. This can help her ally gun down any enemy they might see, among other things. Yuumi, being safe in the way she is, also keeps her allies safe. It is a beautiful synergy of friendship. 

I recommend you give Yuumi a try. However, I don’t guarantee that people won’t both love and hate you for it. 

2. Seraphine

Sona 2.0 is a Champion so similar to the rest that I don’t have to explain her in any detail. She will use her strong buffs, which are plentiful, to repeatedly apply Ardent Censer’s buff. She can also do a ton of damage and even have infinite range. Ardent Censer’s AP bonus will nicely buff the former, and her healing and shields will also enjoy an increase. 

Seraphine is a spammer and will constantly be casting spells. Taking some extra AP would be great on her to substantiate the rest of her kit, apart from only buffing heals and shields. She is an excellent Champion and an incredible upgrade over the original formula, which gave us Sona. 

Unfortunately, Sona has been sort of obsoleted by the release of Seraphine. I hope this changes in the future. 

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1. Rakan

Rakan is the only Champion on this list that doesn’t precisely fit the Enchanter mold yet still falls within it. He is more of a Tanky Support with lots of mobility and CC. He doesn’t focus too much on casting spells only to the benefit of his allies but has something under his sleeve as well. His primary focus is to apply some heavy CC on the enemy and control the fight to the best of his ability. His knock-ups, charms, and the rest are some of the best CC abilities in the game, making Rakan a popular and well-known Support pick. 

But Rakan is also an Enchanter, with a lot of focus put on shielding and healing allies whenever necessary. Ardent Censer will substantially increase his ability to do so and is a great addition to have next to the everyday items he gets. The occasional buff he applies will be great for engaging or counter-attacking enemies. 

Rakan is a trendy pick and has grown in popularity in recent Seasons. He synergizes amazingly well with various ADCs and even non-marksman carries like Yasuo. He can do just about anything on the Bot Lane regarding Supporting and is a fantastic Champion that shouldn’t be skimmed over. 

I highly recommend you give him a try, especially if you have a friend that mains Xayah. Their duality is something genuinely unique in League of Legends.


The League of Legends Support items is extensive, substantial, and excellent in many aspects. Ardent Censer is but one of them but has reigned supreme among these items for years now. Of course, since the addition of Ardent Censer so many years ago, many new and similar items have been added to the game. All of them are just as good or even better than it in some situations. The Champions mentioned here go well with almost every Enchanter item out there; they’re that specialized. I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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