Best Ashe Skins – Ranked from the Worst To The Best

Ashe is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. She was released back in 2009, so it's quite logical that she has many cool skins! In this article we've taken a look at all of her skins, and then we've ranked all of them to get the best Ashe skins!

Ashe is one of the most well-known ADCs in League of Legends, so we can assume that she has a large number of skins to choose from. Plus, you also have to factor in the fact that this champion has been around for 11+ years now. In fact, this was one of the first champions in League of Legends. She is a marksman who plays in the Bot lane as an ADC (players also used to play Ashe in the mid lane in Season 1). 

With everything from the high-tech Project Skin to the Heartseeker Valentines Day skin, people who are fans of this champion have a lot to chose from. 

The question is – which skin is the best and which skin is the worst? I have you covered as I’m about to give you a list of the best Ash skins from worst to best (the skins I list initially are what I believe are the worst, so the list gets better as it goes down the line).

1. Amethyst Ashe

I remember when Amethyst Ashe first came out back in 2011. Amethyst Ashe replaces the blues and whites with yellows and purples, which is lovely, but I’m not exactly sure if it’s worth it for this price point. 


  • The purple and yellow colors look beautiful
  • Good effect


  • A simple color change
  • Price isn’t worth the color change

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.

2. Queen Ashe

For those of you who are looking for a fancy skin for Ashe, you may want to consider Queen Ashe. Actually, Queen Ashe is one of the fanciest skins you’re going to find in League of Legends. This skin has a total of 5 chromas. Her abilities combined with her visual effects are fantastic. 

If you get this skin, cast Ashe’s ultimate, it’s just something you have to see for yourself. This skin also has a newly empowered recall. This skin is a bit older than the others – it comes from 2010, and it’s even a pretty rare one – this skin is in Riot’s legacy vault, but it follows the same principle as Amethyst Ashes. The rarity is really all that knocks this skin from being at the bottom of this list. 


  • New abilities
  • Looks beautiful


  • It’s a rare skin

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.

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3. Woad Ashe

Woad Ashe may be considered a basic skin, and it isn’t going to be as visually impressive as the Amethyst (Instead of being purple and yellow, it’s green). However, the price makes this skin more doable. You can almost say it’s a complete remodel of the champion, but what’s cool about it is how different it makes Ashe look. 

The new style fits her quite well, and I believe Riot has done a great job at it. The tattooed skin gives the champion a unique and appealing look. You also have to take in the light green particles that round up the color theme. For the price point, the Woad Ashe skin is definitely worth it.  


  • Unique Look


  • No new abilities

The cost of this skin is 520 RP.

4. Sherwood Forest Ashe

The Sherwood Forest Ashe skin is a color scheme for the champion, and that’s about all. The differences with Classic Ashe are there, but they aren’t all that pronounced. However, if you’re looking for more green and brown on Ashe, this isn’t going to let you down, but that’s about it. This is a simple re-texture and is suitable for dedicated Ashe players.


  • It gives a Robin Hood appearance


  • The skin is similar to the Woad Ashe skin.

The cost of this skin is 520 RP

5. Fae Dragon Ashe

Fae Dragon Ashe isn’t that bad of a skin, especially with the new animations and stunning effects. I personally like the green and purple color scheme and feel that it goes well with a frost archer. 


  • The color scheme fits a frost archer


  • The Cost

The cost of this skin is 1350 RP.

6. Project Ashe

Project Ashe was released back in 2016 and is one of the best skins in LoL  – it comes from the PROJECT skins collection, and it’s also a Legendary skin. The skin has fantastic sound/visual effects, and the champions’ interaction is neat. Plus, the recall is something you just have to see…it’s legendary. This is one of those skins you don’t want to miss. Almost all Ashe mains prefer this skin.


  • Recall animation is neat


  • The cost of this skin

The cost of this skin is 1820 RP.

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7. Heartseeker Ashe

Is it funny that the best skin for this champion just so happens to be the oldest skin? Heartseeker Ashe was released almost seven years ago, back in 2014, and currently, this skin is locked up in the legacy vault. 

Out of all the skins Ashe has in her stash, I believe the Heartseeker Ashe skin is one of the best. It has new animations and particle effects, which are great, and the champion model is one of the best. 


  • New animations
  • New particle effects
  • Looks great


  • It’s in the legacy vault. 

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.

Final Word

So there you have it – 7 good skins that you may want to consider for Ashe. While many Ashe fans go for number 6, my personal favorite is number 7 because it just feels perfect. Ashe is a strong marksman that isn’t that hard to figure out, and she comes with a lot of skins that you can choose from – not all of the champions in League of Legends will have the same amount of skins. 

For those of you who are looking for a fancy alternative, you should consider Queen Ashe. In comparison to other skins, the concept may not be as radical, but it does offer a nice look for Ashe, and it comes at an affordable price. 

So, which skin will you choose? Which Ashe skin is the most appealing to you?

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