Best Aurelion Sol Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

If you desire to know the Best Aurelion Sol Skins, you have come to the right place. Aurelion Sol is a League of Legends Champion with a unique kit and lore. The champion appears as a majestic celestial champion who wields cosmic energies.

Typically, one would believe that such a champion should gain massive popularity in the game. However, Aurelion Sol is one of the least played champions, especially at lower rank levels in League of Legends. This fact might have influenced his number of skins, as he’s got only three.

Before we dive into skin details, I would like to mention a few of our criteria for the ranking. First, Aurelion Sol has three stars in orbit around him. Secondly, the champion has a translucent appearance because he contains stars and galaxies. You will also realize that all his offensive abilities have explosive effects.

So, when we examine the Best Aurelion Sol Skins, we will look at the stars around him, his unique appearance, and the particle effects of his offensive abilities.

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3. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol has an overall electric theme. The skin portrays the champion as an entity made up of stormy elements like lightning and clouds. His splash art shows him gazing down on a castle sitting atop a hill.

Instead of his usual cosmic effects, the skin gives him electric-influenced effects and particles. The stars around him become balls of lightning that explode on enemies to leave behind a static effect. Also, instead of his usual galactic model, Aurelion Sol appears as a Dragon made up of storms.

The skin has unique particles, effects, and animations but lacks a smooth feel.

Finally, this skin has the best recall animation of all Aurelion Sol’s skins. You can always pick it up in the shop for 1350 RP.

Fun Fact: In both its splash art and recall animation, this skin shows Aurelion Sol’s connection to Targon. The mountain he climbs before disappearing to the fountain is, in fact, Mount Targon.


  • 1350 RP


  • Powerful appearance
  • Lightning theme
  • Explosive effects
  • Unique recall animation and ability effects


  • It might be too flashy for some players
  • Distracting effects
  • It feels smooth compared to the other skins

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2. Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

While the previous skin presented Aurelion Sol as a Storm Dragon (Although I prefer Lightning Dragon), this one makes him a Fire Dragon. First of all, you will see the champion wearing golden armor with fire on his mane. Also, he has an ash color that accentuates his command of Fire.

The skin has unique fire-themed effects and particles. Also, you will spot balls of fire around the champion instead of the usual stars. I like this skin because of the lava ball that forms at the center of his Q ability. It gives an impression of the champion’s power.

This skin also goes for 1350 RP and has better audio and effects than the previous one. However, its recall animation is a bit underwhelming.


  • 1350 RP


  • Fire Dragon appearance
  • Fire themed
  • Unique animations and effects
  • Smooth feel


  • Underwhelming recall animation

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1. Mecha Aurelion Sol

This skin takes first place because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, we have fighter jets instead of the stars orbiting the champion! Also, in his recall animation, Aurelion Sol transforms into a massive aircraft and takes off.

Mecha skins come from a reality where the Kaiju invaded the world and came close to wiping Mankind. The humans created several gigantic robots to combat these monsters and created Mecha Aurelion Sol.

As a result of this background story, the champion appears a massive airborne fighting machine. All its effects and particles take on robotic appearances and effects. Also, this skin has the best recall animation of the three and gives a non-flashy and smooth feel in-game.

Fun Fact: This skin draws inspiration from the movie Pacific Rim.


  • 1350 RP


  • Smooth feel
  • Fighter jets orbiting the champion
  • Unique animations and effects


  • It feels a bit plain.


Since all these skins cost the same amount of RP, Mecha Aurelion Sol should be your first choice. However, Storm Dragon does it best if you want something more flashy and fearful.

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