Best Azir Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Azir is a champion like no other in League of Legends. He has a unique playstyle that bears no resemblance to any other League champion. For this special character, his most important ability is to summons sand warriors.

All his other abilities revolve around his soldiers because they directly influence every aspect of his playstyle. However, while this peculiarity made him difficult to pick up, it has established him as a powerful champion.

For a champion as unique as this, the Best Azir Skins should undoubtedly reflect his uniqueness through his soldiers especially. With five skins to his name, ranking them from worst to best will center on gameplay, effects, animations, and sounds.

5. Galactic Azir

This skin comes in the fifth position because it really is nothing beyond a costume. Most players believe that Galactic Azir had the potential to embody several awesome features and we agree. The skin does not even have a model change for his soldiers except a color change.

All of his abilities only take on a new color but retain the same effects as his original model. While the skin has a unique recall animation, it is somewhat ordinary for a space-themed animation.

You will see the champion prepare to teleport to a spaceship, but the animation could have been better. However, the tower he summons takes a completely different shape but could have shot lasers instead of a projectile.

The skin goes for 975 RP which we believe is a little expensive for a costume change.

Fun Fact: The sounds associated with Galactic Azir is similar to the Protoss sounds in Starcraft II.


  • Cool color change
  • Wonderful recall audio


  • Little more than a costume
  • Wasted potential
  • Lacks unique effects

4. SKT T1 Azir

Riot released this skin to celebrate the champions of the World tournament in 2015. As expected, it has the SKT T1 theme complete with the logo and colors. This skin takes a step further from being a costume by changing the appearance of the soldiers and their weapons.

Instead of the usual sand warriors, we have riot-control squad members. While this is so cool, the skin has an ordinary recall animation. The summoned tower takes on the shape of the soldiers’ shield; SKT T1-influenced.

The skin goes for 975 RP, but you can only get it when the legacy vault opens.


  • Cool theme
  • Badass soldiers
  • Unique colors


  • Underwhelming recall animation
  • The skin feels slightly outdated

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3. Gravelord Azir

We have now gotten to the more expensive side of the Best Azir Skins. Gravelord Azir has a dark theme that exhibits Azir wielding the powers of a Death Emperor. The skin comes from a reality where the dead have invaded the living world. Azir does not need partners because he is a standing army.

This skin does a great job of portraying Azir’s dark power. Instead of sand soldiers, the champion summons Wraith Soldiers. Also, it has a unique recall animation befitting of a Death Emperor.

You can always grab Gravelord Azir from the store for 1350 RP.


  • Summons Wraith Soldiers instead of Sand Soldiers
  • Unique animations and effects
  • Grave theme
  • Awesome recall animation


  • It might feel underwhelming to some players
  • Effects feel scanty sometimes.

2. Elderwood Azir

Remember the Coven skin line? Well, Elderwood skins come from the other side of the Coven skins. For this skin, Azir exists as the ruler of the inhabited parts of the Elderwood. However, war with the Coven and Old Gods has started to affect his people, and Azir decided to protect his people.

The first thing to notice about this skin is Azir’s appearance; he got horns! Also, all his soldiers got new Elderwood-themed capes, cool, right? Finally, although the skin has an overall dark theme, it features exceptional particles, animations, and effects.

For 1350 RP, you can pick up this skin from the client store. We believe that the price fits all the features you will get from the skin.


  • New capes and colors for the soldiers
  • Azir got horns
  • Unique effects, animation, and sounds


  • Falls short of Warring Kingdoms Azir’s finesse level

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1. Warring Kingdoms Azir

Of all Azir skins, this one does the best job of portraying his status as Emperor. From the Oriental-influenced theme to his animations and audios, Warring Kingdom Azir remains the best. The skin features bright and vibrant colors that somehow remain soft and relaxing to the eye.

This skin gives a smooth feel for abilities and effects, which helps with gameplay. Enemy players will sometimes miss the range of your ult because of the colors, and won’t you love that? Also, Warring Kingdoms Azir has the best recall animations of all Azir’s skins.

The skin goes for 1350 RP, but you can only get it when the legacy vaults open. 


  • Smooth particles
  • Vibrant colors
  • Best recall animation
  • Unique audio, effects, and animation.


  • Only available when the Legacy vaults open.


From the prices of the Best Azir Skins, you will realize that they fall into two categories. The bottom two cost 975 RP each, while the rest go for 1350 RP each.

For the first category (975 RP), SKT T1 Azir does a better job of providing cool features. Except you want something less flashy, we recommend you pick this one. However, since you can only get it when the vaults open, we will leave the final decision to you.

If you have enough RP or money to afford anyone on the expensive side, we recommend Warring Kingdoms Azir. However, the skin only becomes available when the legacy vaults open, so you can pick Elderwood Azir if you feel impatient.

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