Top 5 Best Bans In Bronze In Season 12

No matter whether you’ve just started playing League of Legends or not, you must have a few champions that truly scare you, right? And you’re right in disliking them because the truth is – some champions are simply unhinged in LoL. Their powers are insane and often seem undeserved. We brand them as broken because they shine no matter how hard we punish them. Just think of Veigar and his ultimate. He can one-shot an ADC even if his score says 0-5.

But even though there are many picks in League of Legends that can ruin your day, some are only powerful in specific elos. How is this possible?

Well, players in a certain elo often copy the same champions that they see in their own games. On the other hand, people in higher elos know how to play against many champions, as opposed to lower elos. For example, Zoe may be a scary pick in Masters, but whenever she’s picked in Bronze, she usually feeds, right?

So let’s talk about the top 5 best bans in Bronze and why you should consider them in your own games!

1. Annie

Since the dawn of time, Annie has been the go-to champion for people that like to climb in League of Legends. It’s often the preferred choice of boosters too, so it’s always a good idea to ban her in the lower elos. But why? Is Annie that powerful?

Of course. The very reason why Annie is a recommended pick for getting out of Bronze is that you can’t go wrong with her. Her simplistic ability kit allows you to always be on top of your game, no matter whether it’s your day or not. She’s got single-target damage, AoE damage, crowd control, and quick burst. 

Annie has an extremely safe laning phase. And unless the player piloting her is terrible at LoL, she can’t really die. Her E grants her movement speed on top of the bonus armor, and magic resist, so she can survive most ganks. Her passive allows her to play aggressively but also to stun the enemies as she’s running away.

If you happen to play against a booster Annie player, then you won’t get much of a chance to beat him. He’ll usually wait in brushes and one-shot you before you can do anything. And he’ll also surprise you with some quick Flash+Tibbers combos that most Bronze players can’t avoid.

And you can’t really do anything about it! Playing against Annie often feels like playing against champions with permanent invisibility. She’s always a threat, no matter which role you are. Her damage is insane, and the ability haste she gets from her items allows her to pull out her tibbers every minute!

So truly one of the best bans in Bronze!

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2. Kassadin

Kassadin is another pick from the mid lane that shouldn’t be allowed in a Bronze match. First, because no Bronze player would ever pick Kassadin (it’s always a booster). And secondly, Kassadin can only be defeated by ending the game by the 20th minute, which is almost never the case in Bronze (games last longer on average in lower elos).

There was a time in League of Legends (season 3) when Kassadin had an almost 100% ban rate across all servers and elos. This was due to the fact that his ability kit was too powerful for the average champion at the time. He had damage, mobility, crowd control, and a fat HP of a tank. And while those days are well behind us, Kassadin still holds the reputation of a broken champion. 

The reason why Kassadin can’t be defeated unless you end the game early is that he eventually outscales most champions in LoL, no matter what. His numbers start out low but grow to tremendous heights in the late game. And his ultimate proves that.

Kassadin’s R – Riftwalk allows him to teleport to a short range. It also deals AoE damage in the landing area, which stacks up to 4 times. Well, the cooldown of this ability goes to 0.80 seconds in the late game, when it fully stacks. And with each use at this point, Kassadin does around 700+ magic damage every 0.80 seconds.

As for the build itself, Kassadin still favors the defensive ability power items, which grant both AP and HP. He’s still tanky and definitely hard to kill, although not as much as in the old days. However, Kassadin is a nuisance that you don’t really want to deal with unless you have to. So always ban him in Bronze!

3. Twitch

The easiest way to exploit the players’ knowledge in the lower elos is to play a champion with invisibility. This is because Bronze and Iron players constantly go out of position and make mistakes at the fundamentals of League of Legends. So champions that can hide themselves and spot these mistakes are extremely good at using them as opportunities too.

Twitch is usually the go-to pick here mainly because he can play two roles – ADC and jungle. But no matter the lane, Twitch can constantly roam around the map and gank the mid laner or the jungler. His camouflage is on a relatively short cooldown and can be used to wreak havoc in the early game.

The problem with Twitch, Evelynn, and similar champions is the fact that they can be anywhere at any time. And if you can’t see them, there is a chance that they’re right behind you, trying to gank you. True, players in the lower elos don’t really respect these dynamics, but that’s exactly the reason why they usually lose against Twitch and Eve.

Aside from his invisibility, Twitch’s damage output is pretty good as well. When paired with enchanter support, such as Lulu, he can quickly farm enough gold for Kraken Slayer. This item synergizes well with his ultimate, which deals AoE damage. And if the Twitch player is smart, then it’s very difficult to stop him while channeling this ability.

A fed Twitch is one of the scariest picks in the late game. He’s backed up by the fact that he always has the upper hand in a team fight because he’s the one opening up from invisibility. And because most champions don’t have invisibility, they struggle to stop Twitch from carrying!

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4. Samira

There is a good reason why Samira is the face of the “200 years” memes about Riot Games. It’s simple – she doesn’t have many tools in LoL, she has ALL the possible tools that a marksman might need. Crowd control ranged and melee mode, dash, resets, wind wall, and AoE damage. So can someone really stop her? Well, the better question is: why should you even try stopping her?

All jokes aside, Samira is a seriously broken champion. Her damage is insanely high, and it’s combined with some of the best defensive abilities that ADC champions have. Her W alone is a reason enough for you to ban her, especially if you’re playing skill-shot champions such as Ezreal or Ashe.

On the other hand, playing Samira isn’t that hard! Yes, there are many tricks and mechanics that you can do, but even spamming your buttons randomly is bound to kill a target or two.

And that’s exactly what makes her the perfect ban for the Bronze elo. It’s simply way more difficult to defeat a Samira than it is to defeat Ashe, no matter the player. And if the Samira player is experienced with the champion, they’ll be hyper-aggressive throughout the game. This usually puts your bot lane in a tough situation, so it’s best to avoid it.

Additionally, Samira’s build grants her a shield and a lot of lifesteal. Despite being a marksman, she’s comfortable at dueling mid lane and top lane champions. And that’s something that not too many ADCs can say about themselves!

So that’s why Samira is one of the best Bronze bans in LoL!

5. Lee Sin

And the last champion on this list is Lee Sin. Now, the Lee Sin situation is quite similar to the Yasuo case. When Bronze players lock in Lee, they usually perform terribly and lose the game. But if boosters and smurfs play Lee Sin, then they’re godlike! So it’s often advised to ban Lee in Bronze for the “better safe than sorry” reason.

However, there are more arguments for banning him in lower elos than against it. For example, everybody knows that Lee Sin is a tough champion to play. It takes time to master his moves and understand all of his win conditions. And the reality is that Bronze players never put in the effort to do this before they lock him in a ranked match.

And if there is smurf in your game playing Lee Sin against you, there’s rarely something you can do to stop him. As a jungler, he can quickly clear his camps and start ganking. Players in Bronze won’t respect his early game power and will subsequently feed him. And even if you do very well in your lane, you can’t stop him from going elsewhere and collect paychecks.

On top of that, you can’t duel Lee with every champion, even if you’re fed. For example, mage champions can’t really fight him, and tanks don’t have as much damage as Lee has lifesteal. Fighters and assassins generally do okay versus Lee Sin, but then it’s a game of mechanics. And messing up your combo might easily get you killed.

All in all, Lee Sin is one of the best champions to ban in Bronze, no matter what!

And those are the top 5 bans in Bronze!

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