Best Bard Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

League of Legends is a game with several unique champions, and Bard is one of such champions. Also known as the Wandering Caretaker, Bard’s story remains obscure as his ability and pick rate. However, this factor has not affected the unique nature of his various skins.

The champion has never been famous among players because of his kit’s ‘weird’ nature. He has only one offensive and three utility abilities. However, this factor has not stopped dedicated players from mastering this champion.

While details about the champion remain scanty, we have done the work of providing you with the Best Bard Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best. Not only will you see a detailed explanation, but you will also understand why these skins pop off or fall short of positive reception.

Bard has five skins, with three available for 1350 RP, one for 975 RP, and the last one for 750 RP.

5. Bard Bard

This skin had so much potential to offer more, but unfortunately, Riot made it a little more than a mere costume. Since Bards were musicians who performed at palaces, Riot intended to portray the champion as one.

However, it fell short of this expectation as the skin only gave the champion a couple of superficial effects. First, Bard got a wardrobe change that made him look more like a, well, a bard. He also got a trumpet in place of the horn he holds. Finally, musical notes replaced the chimes he picks up around the map.

Beyond these changes, Bard Bard has no other unique effect or animations to offer. You even get the same recall as the original. The skin costs 750 RP, and you pick it up at the shop anytime.


  • Bard gets a Bard costume
  • He got an excellent trumpet
  • He picks musical notes instead of chimes


  • The skin is a little expensive for its limited features.
  • It also feels a little outdated.

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4. Elderwood Bard

The Elderwood skin line has always performed well regardless of any champion Riot features. For Bard, it offers a couple of exciting additions and changes but simply cannot compete with some of his better skins.

In its splash art, you will see Bard with horns and Elderwood-themed beards that give him an appearance of mystery and power. His model and abilities take on a darker and sinister theme that looks cool in-game. Little forest creatures also follow him, and he even gets a hood!

Bard’s portal has a well-defined entrance that some of his other skins lack. Finally, the shrines take on the form of blooming seeds. On the downside, the skin sometimes feels underwhelming.


  • Reveals a little of Bard’s ancient identity
  • Unique effects and animations
  • Elderwood theme


  • It might feel a little underwhelming.

3. Astronaut Bard

Astronaut Bard is a space-themed skin. The lore tells of how Corki assembled a team to colonize a newly discovered planet. His team found little alien creatures called Meeps on the planet and befriended them. However, Rammus stumbled upon evil purple Meeps controlled by a corrupted Overmind.

In the splash art, you will see Bard sitting on a flying saucer and dressed as an Astronaut with little green Meeps around him. The skin gives a couple of superb additions and changes to the champion. He got a unique recall animation, picks up space beacons around the map, and got Meeps following him around.

Fun Facts: When Bard passes through his portal, he becomes a little flying saucer till he exits. Also, the healing shrines grow into space saucers when fully charged.


  • Space theme
  • Bard wears a spacesuit
  • Excellent colors, animations, and effects.


  • Too expensive

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2. Snow Day Bard

This skin comes from lore that produced three different skin lines (Winter Wonder, Snowdown Showdown, and Snow Day). It has a Winter/Snow theme and takes the prize for both best Bard splash art and model.

First of all, his abilities take on a snow-themed effect. He picks up icicles around the map and has an excellent recall. Snow Day Bard has a smooth feel and makes players enjoy their gameplay. 

With well-defined ability ranges, soft colors, and smoother turn-rates, Riot did a great job on this skin.

A significant percentage of Bard players pick this skin as a favorite among the Best Bard Skins.

Fun Facts: Little Penguins follow Bard around. Also, his healing shrines become mugs that fill up with coffee, sugar cubes, and a candy straw when fully charged.


  • Best appearance and splash art for Bard
  • Excellent particles, animations, and effects
  • Smooth feel
  • Unique animations and effects
  • Snow theme


  • Relatively clunky portal entrance
  • Same taunt animations as Original

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1. Cafe Cuties Bard

While Riot released this skin quite recently – 02/12/21-, we placed it first for one reason. Cafe Cuties took all the smoothness of Snow Day Bard and added style and class. Like the other skin, it costs 1350 RP. Players couldn’t have asked for more.

The skin has a smooth feel, clean particles, and unique animations and effects. While its original model features cheerful colors, its chromas allow players to enjoy other colors that appeal to them. 

Cafe Cuties Bard does an excellent job portraying the champion as an efficient and stylish caretaker. You need to experience this skin to appreciate the Riot’s skin team fully.

Fun Facts: Bard’s healing shrines take on the form of teacups filling up while it charges.


  • Bard appears classy and cool
  • Portrays the caretaker aspect of the champion
  • Unique animations and effects
  • Smooth feel


  • It retains the same taunt as Original Bard
  • Some players might find it underwhelming


Now you know the Best Bard Skins out there and can make your choice. For something budget-friendly, go for Elderwood Bard. However, Cafe Cuties and Snow Day Bard give the best value for the price.

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