Best Brand Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Four champions have power and mastery over Fire in League of Legends – Annie, Brand, Qiyana, and Shyvana. Of these four, two fight with pure infernal power. Annie and Brand wield only fire through all their abilities and even auto attacks.

Brand has gained popularity because of his easy-to-use but-hard-to-master kit. The champion manages to stay relevant no matter how the meta shifts. We decided to compile the best of his skins for our readers in this post.

Let us dive into the Best Brand Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best.

9. Apocalyptic Brand

Riot set apocalyptic Brand in a wasteland with the champion wearing a gas mask and protective clothing. The skin comes last on our list because it cost 720 RP and has no exceptional sound or visual effect to offer.

This skin had the potential to feature more, but Riot released it back in 2011, making it simply a change of outfit. We would not advise buying this skin as it is not worth it.


  • A change of outfit.


  • It lacks unique visual and sound effects.
  • No unique animation.
  • It is too expensive.

8. Vandal Brand

Vandal Brand is another skin that falls into the change-of-outfit category. The skin’s splash art shows Brand taking a drink in a Vandal’s outfit. However, he only retains the outfit in-game as every other aspect of the champion remains the same.

We only place this skin above Apocalyptic Brand because it costs 520 RP. If you want something cheap, pick this one. However, it is only available when the Legacy Vaults open.


  • You get Brand in a Vandal outfit
  • Cheap skin


  • It lacks unique sound and visual effects
  • No special animation

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7. Cryocore Brand

For 975 RP, you can get Cryocore Brand and experience the champion wield cold Fire. The skin features an arctic-themed visual effect for Brand’s abilities. His outfit also takes on the form of Cryo-armor, a robotic armor powered by cold flames.

However, Cryocore Brand lacks a unique animation recall, and its particles become rough when you cast combos. Asides from these downsides, the skin looks good enough for its cost and performance.


  • Ice-fire theme
  • Brand wears a cryo-armor
  • Unique effects and animation


  • Combos roughen up the effects.
  • The skin feels clunky to use

6. Battle Boss Brand

Battle Boss Brand came from the Arcade universe. A group of game boss characters broke free from their game, and players must enter the game world to destroy them. While other battle bosses work together to subdue the arcade world, Battle Boss Brand simply wants to burn everything down.

The skin features arcade-theme sounds and visual effects that befits the skin’s identity. It cost 1350 RP but falls short of other Best Brand Skins of the same amount.


  • Arcade sound and visual effects
  • Battle Boss theme
  • Unique animation and particles


  • Too expensive
  • Other Brand skins of the same amount perform better.

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5. Eternal Dragon Brand

Eternal Dragon Brand has one of the best splash arts of all his skins. It takes on a dragon theme that shows in all of the champion’s abilities. The skin feature cool visual and sound effects that emphasize the draconic nature of his powers.

However, with a deep purple color that roughens the skin’s particles, visual effects become overwhelming when casting combos. Nevertheless, you can pick Eternal Dragon Brand from the shop for 1350 RP.


  • Awesome splash art
  • Purple fire
  • Dragon-themed effects


  • Combos appear too overwhelming.
  • The purple shade is too thick.
  • The skin might be too distracting to use.

4. Spirit Fire Brand

Spirit Fire Brand portrays the champion as the ethereal spirit that embodies fire. The skin does a better job polishing the purple particles than Eternal Dragon Brand. What this achieved was visually smooth skin with remarkable effects.

Also, the skin has one of the best recall animations. It cost 1350 RP, which makes it a better choice than the previously mentioned ones.


  • It portrays Brand as an ethereal infernal spirit
  • Smoother feel than Eternal Dragon Brand
  • A softer shade of purple
  • Cool recall


  • The skin could use more particle clarity.

3. Zombie Brand

Zombie Brand is a beautiful skin that portrays the champion under the influence of a mutagenic virus. Brand’s outfit takes on the tattered remains of corporate wear with his motions showing his infected nature.

The legendary skin has a new taunt, dance, death, and respawn animation that sets it apart from the others. His abilities take on a green shade that reflects his undead nature. However, the skin has an underwhelming recall animation.


  • New taunt, dance, death, and respawn animation
  • Unique visual and sound effects
  • Undead/Zombie-like animations and motion


  • Underwhelming recall animation

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2. Debonair Brand

Debonair Brand is the latest of his skins and the one with the most class and style. The skin features Brand in a stylish white suit with a green tie in line with the Debonair theme. Riot also released the prestige edition of this skin for 100 Prestige points.

However, the skin costs 1350 RP and features the smoothest sound and visual effects of all his skins. Casting combos on Brand has never been better than with the Debonair skin. On the downside, the skin has an underwhelming recall animation, which dropped it to second place.


  • Stylish and Classy appearance
  • Smoothest visual and sound effects on Brand
  • Seamless feel to casting combos


  • Underwhelming recall animation

1. Arclight Brand

Arclight Brand has a golden theme that makes all his abilities mesmerizing to see. The skin has one of the smoothest particles of all his skins, second only to Debonair Brand. For a skin released in 2019, it has fantastic sounds and visual effects that rank higher than most recent skins.

Since the skin goes for 1350 RP, we recommend you go for it over the others. However, if you want style, Debonair Brand is for you.


  • Second smoothest visual and sound effects on Brand
  • Seamless feel to casting combos
  • Badass look


  • Less classy compared to Debonair Brand


Now that you know the Best Brand Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best, you can decide the one to buy. We recommend Arclight Brand as the skin has lots of excellent features and a smooth feel. 

Debonair Brand comes in second, and, honestly, you can go for either one of them. Finally, if you have enough money or RP, consider getting Zombie Brand, as you will experience the champion on a new level.

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