Best Build For Jhin In URF

Jhin is one of the most fun-to-play champions in URF. He's so fast that nobody can catch him once he's fed! If you haven't already, you should really give Jhin a chance and try him out in URF! If you follow this build guide, I'm sure you'll probably carry every single URF game you play!

Jhin can be a pretty crazy champion in URF. There are certainly more oppressive picks, but in League of Legends, you don’t always have to follow patch notes and play the strongest champion to win! Jhin is the perfect example of that! If you’re familiar with his kit and have the right build, you’ll one-shot people left and right. And if you don’t, then don’t worry – we’ll be covering everything!

So, let’s see a quick overview of what Jhin can do in URF!

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Strengths and Weaknesses

The first thing that you should take advantage of is the range. Jhin has some of the longest spells in League of Legends, which he can use to get total control over his enemies. In URF, Jhin can stay pretty safe while dealing massive amounts of damage, mainly through his RW, and E.

Also, because of URF’s rapid gameplay, Jhin scales extremely quickly with just a couple of early kills. Grabbing Infinity Edge before your opponents can complete their first items means a one-shot potential for the rest of the game.

However, Jhin is also one of the squishiest champions in URF. He doesn’t have any real escape besides his Summoner’s spells. And that can be a real problem against a lot of mobile enemies. Jhin struggles to get away from someone who jumps or dashes every other second, so champions like Fizz, Akali, or Zed can be nightmares for him.

But, Jhin’s greatest friend in URF is his movement speed. A big part of your playstyle will be focused on getting bursts of MS and outrunning your opponents. “Hit and run” is the name of the game here!

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Abilities And Skill Order

In URF, you will be using your abilities way more often than your auto attacks, so it’s vital for you to know what they do before playing.

Jhin’s Q – Dancing Grenade is a bouncing bomb that jumps off of 4 targets and deals damage to them. This is a great filler spell in the kit and URF. You can basically spam it all the time. His W – Deadly Flourish is a perfect follow up for his Q. It is a long-range damaging ability that roots the target if Jhin or any other ally has previously hit him.

The W is perhaps the primary spell for Jhin in URF. Because of the low cooldowns, you can constantly root targets, one after the other. The ability is on a 2-4 seconds cooldown throughout the game, and on a max level, its root effect lasts for 2 seconds! That’s crazy!

The E – Captive Audience is an invisible trap ability that Jhin can lay around the map. Enemies detonate it when they step on it. The trap slows everyone around it and deals damage in its center after a brief delay. What is genius about it on URF is that there is no limit to how many traps you can set! You can literally travel the whole Summoner’s Rift and place 50 or 100 of them, then watch your enemies struggle to pass them by!

With Jhin’s R – Curtain Call, you have four shots to blast your target with, 3 of which are regular, but the 4th one is a critical shot. Every hit also slows your enemies, so it’s a great finisher!

Here is the skill order for Jhin in URF:

Q > W > E > R

However, Jhin should always start with W first. This is because of the level 1 fights in URF, so having a long-range snare is really helpful to win them all. But the Q is the biggest damaging ability early on, so maxing it first is always the best choice!

Best Runes for Jhin in URF

Here is the best set of runes for playing Jhin in URF in Season 10 of League of Legends

Fleet Footwork

  • Fleet Footwork gives a burst of movement speed at 100 stacks, which accumulate as you move and attack. The rune also heals, and it’s overall the most valuable keystone on Jhin.


  • Triumph gives back a small amount of health and mana when you score a kill or an assist. It’s great for URF because of the constant fighting, and especially for the 1v1 duels. That extra amount of HP can often save you from the last tick of Ignite.

Legend: Bloodline

  • Since you won’t be building Lifestyle on Jhin early on and you will focus on getting your Crit up, Legend: Bloodline is awesome! It provides you with enough Lifestyle to survive until you buy a Bloodthirster. If the enemy team contains strong CC champions, I recommend you to go for a tenacity rune.

Coup De Grace

  • Coup de Grace is a straight-up damage buff against targets that are on 40% HP or lower. In URF, you will find such targets much more often than in a normal game, so taking the rune is a no-brainer.

Nimbus Cloak

  • Nimbus Cloak is another movement speed buff that procs every time you use a Summoner’s Spell. And because the cooldown reduction in URF is so high, you’ll be doing that a lot!


  • Celerity completes the whole idea of playing Jhin in URF. It magnifies all the other movement speed bonuses by 7% and converts you into a Formula 1 car!


  • Two Adaptive Forces and an Armor is always the right choice. Magic Resist can be taken if you’re going against AP in the lane.

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Best Items for Jhin in URF

This picture represents best item build guide for Jhin on URF featured game mode in League of Legends


  • Stormrazor applies an on-hit slow effect when the item is at 100 stacks. The stacks build-up passively, so having a free slow on your auto attack every few seconds is invaluable! It helps Jhin to distance from his enemies or to keep chasing them. 

Infinity Edge

  • While Stormrazor should always be purchased first, the Infinity Edge is the most important item for Jhin. Not only will his auto attacks be heavier, but also the 4th shot of his ultimate. So you should always prioritize getting it second.

Rapidfire Cannon

  • Rapidfire Cannon synergizes very well with Stormrazor. It extends the range of your first auto-attack, and it has a very quick recharge too. It’s essential for Jhin’s playstyle.

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Normally, you will never consider Runaan’s Hurricane on Jhin, but in URF, it makes for a great AOE item. Things get pretty crazy when Jhin starts to hit multiple enemies at the same time with only basic attacks.


  • Bloodthirster is a great finishing item. It gives a bunch of AD and Lifestyle, but also a shield when you overheal. In the late game, you won’t find a better item to end the game with!

Boots of Swiftness

  • Boots of Swiftness are the best boots option for Jhin because of the flat MS they provide. Mercury’s Treads can be considered against a heavy CC comp, but running faster is your best escape as Jhin.

Summoner’s Spells

Flash is a mandatory Summoner’s Spell on Jhin. Ghost is the next best thing because you can use it much more frequently in URF than in a normal game. You will practically have it in every fight, and it’s needless to say that it’s better not to get hit by anything than to use Heal or Barrier to mitigate that damage. So Ghost up and run, run, run!

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