Top 7 Best Burst Champions in League of Legends

Lately, games in League of Legends have been plagued (or blessed, depending on perspective) with one shots and instant kills that don’t even let you react appropriately. There are many Champions, and seemingly more to come, that can do insane amounts of damage in less than a single second, taking you out of the fight without even giving you a chance. 

In this list, I will go over what are, in my opinion, the 7 Best Burst Champions in League of Legends, focusing solely on their ability to quickly dispose of any squishy (or even tanky) target they see on the Rift. 

Prepare your Guardian angels as we begin with our list. 

7. Kassadin

Kassadin would rank higher on this list if it weren’t for his slow early game. Pre-6, Kassadin does solid damage but cannot precisely one shot. That all changes as he gets his Ultimate Riftwalk, a glorified Flash with tons of damage attached to it. 

A stacked Riftwalk can more or less kill a squishy Champion instantly, especially if you build extra burst items like Luden’s Tempest and AP amplifiers like Archangel’s Staff. Combined with his already powerful W – Nether Blade – Kassadin can obliterate enemies at ease. I recommend taking Lich Bane to deal extra damage with your W, ensuring fast kills. 

As the game goes on, Kassadin progressively grows stronger, and you should definitely keep an eye out for him as he is rarely picked (Only 5.5%!). This makes most players unprepared for his mighty kit, giving you the upper hand in most matchups. 

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6. Gangplank

Apart from damaging capabilities, I cannot help but look at when and how that damage is applied. This makes Gangplank rank lower than he would usually in other lists, as his damage is great, though difficult to achieve. 

Gangplank can kill people in one single barrel. Yes, you’ve heard that right. One barrel is enough to kill one or more, if placed well, enemy Champions that were more than likely unsuspecting. The sheer number of times I have sent the enemy back to the fountain with one single shot is incredible. 

But this damage comes at a cost. You cannot do it every single time. Barrels are relatively easy to destroy and dodge and only become viable in chaotic team fights or from the Fog when the enemy is unaware of them. 

Keep this in mind when playing this fantastic burst Champion, as using your spells correctly will singlehandedly win you fights, as barrels can burst down and chunk even tanks and other high HP Champions that you might face on the Rift.  

5. Malphite 

Malphite is traditionally found in the tank role, but even then, he can dish out great AOE burst damage to multiple enemies. If you build just a little AP and add to his already strong kit, particularly his Ultimate – Unstoppable Force – you can completely disintegrate squishy targets. I recommend Luden’s Tempest as a go-to item for maximum burst damage. 

Malphite is tough to deal with and can be a menace both in the lane and the late game when people tend to group close together. Exactly this is where he shines the most. Applying CC and bursting down multiple enemies at once is his expertise. 

Watch out for your mana pool, as it can drain quickly, limiting your burst combo potential. Other than that Malphite is a well-rounded AOE Burst Tank that cannot help but be included in this list. 

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4. Kha’Zix 

Our favorite bug in the game, Kha’Zix is the epitome of AD burst. He can use his E – Leap – to engage from a distance and kill you before you could even blink. 

His burst damage lies primarily in his passive – Unseen Thread – which applies Isolate on enemies, giving him extra damage on them and bonus damage on his basic attacks. 

His Q – Taste Their Fear – does insane damage, mightily amplified if the target is Isolated. These two simple abilities make Kha’Zix a killer on the prowl, a true hunter. He can pounce from the Fog, hit his enemy once with a basic attack and once with his q, and its game over. 

His Ultimate even makes him invisible, making it extra challenging to deal with him throughout the course of the game. 

3. LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a ranged mage with a kit that can keep her at a safe distance for the most part. For dire situations, she has a great escape in her W – Distortion – which is also where most of her damage lies. 

LeBlanc’s Q – Sigil of Malice – applies a mark on the enemy. This mark can be detonated by any of LeBlanc’s spells for extra damage. The usual combo for dealing the most burst damage is Q W, followed by another W replicated in her Ultimate – Mimic. 

LeBlanc has been in the game since time immemorial and is one of the more well-known burst Champions. She had her ups and downs throughout the years, but she never lost her reputation of killing quickly and escaping just as fast. 

An all in all great mage, she is difficult to deal with from the moment you spawn into the end of the game. 

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2. Zed

Zed only seems to get stronger with every patch. If I were making this list three or four years ago, I’d question even including him, as he had barely any late game potential back then. 

Today that is vastly different. With new items and itemization systems, Zed has grown into a lethal AD assassin that can swiftly deal with all threats he meets. 

Most of this potential lies in his blatantly overpowered Ultimate – Death Mark – that marks a champion for a few seconds and then detonates for obscene amounts of damage. When the target is marked, dealing damage with other abilities amplifies the Ult’s damage, which can deal thousands of AD to even the tankiest of enemies. 

Truly a foe to be feared, Zed is one of the best assassins overall in the entire game. He can take you out and return to his shadows in split seconds, allowing him to engage and yet still remain safe in big fights. 

1. Katarina

Ok, you knew this one was coming. Katarina is one of the Oldest Champions in the game. This, of course, makes her very simple. Despite some reworks her kit had received, Katarina remains very basic in most regards. 

With spells that get reset with every kill, she can continuously do insane AOE damage, making Pentakills a field day for this melee assassin mage. She also shines in 1v1s and is very difficult to lane against, as she can quickly burst you and retreat with her E to the far end of the lane. 

Due to how easy she is to play and how borderline absurd her damage is, Katarina is the queen of burst, and there is scarcely any other qualification for her that does her justice. 

I strongly recommend you play this Champion if you are new to the game. She will help you understand spell combinations better in general and make your first climbs that much easier. 

Honorable Mentions

Some didn’t make this cut, for whatever reason that may be. But I just had to name a few that cannot be skimmed over when talking burst. 

Veigar – a tiny yordle evil wizard that can single-handedly destroy people with a Q and R combo. 

Evelynn – our favorite vampire in the game (sorry, Vlad!), is a treat for junglers that love to kill quickly and silently.

Rengar – another hunting jungler and an endless rival to our number 4, he can come from the shadows and pounce for swift execution. 

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Burst Champions are the most popular in the game in recent seasons. Most new items focus around them, and it just seems like Riot is blatantly amplifying this Champion Class. Why they would do this is beyond me. Fun as they may be, too strong burst Champions can hold games hostage for long periods, making it very dull sometimes to even be in the same game with them. 

But, at any rate, some of you may love to play these Champions. And we would like to hear what your favorite Burst Champions in League of Legends are. Are they on this list? Don’t forget to let us know, as we always love to hear your thoughts.  

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