Top 7 Best Burst Mages in League of Legends

League of Legends is full of Champions whose sole specialty is to kill. Most of you will probably hint towards Assassins. But though that may be true, they’re not our focus in this article. Here we will concentrate our sights on Burst Mages – spell casting beasts that can never satiate their thirst for blood. 

Mages, in general, are all kitted with high damage abilities that can wreck health bars. However, not all of them have bursting capabilities, and that’s where these excel. While still remaining alive, Killing quickly and effectively is their primary goal. 

When you see one of these on the horizon, likely rapidly approaching, my best suggestion is – to run! If you don’t react fast enough, you’ll be sent back to the fountain anyway. But it will be a bit painful. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the 7 best Burst Mages in League of Legends! 

7. Kassadin

Kassadin is an infamous Burst Mage with a history as long as the game itself. He lives in utter notoriety for many reasons, and the bursting is the biggest one. However, differing from some others on the list, Kassadin does require some time to get to his prime, so let’s discuss. 

Kassadin starts the game slowly. Before level 6, there’s nothing much that he can do to hurt his enemies. He’ll have some good harassing abilities, excellent farming, etc. But there isn’t really anything to signify what is to come. Kassadin is truly the embodiment of that old “calm before the storm” schtick, as he appears benevolent at first – only to turn into a Void-rotten monstrosity. 

When he gets his Ultimate, he starts his infamous gameplay minute by minute after that. Kassadin will be walking around the map, seeking enemies to burst down. While it won’t be as strong initially, his bursting keeps growing. By the time the late game rolls around, not even the tankiest of Tanks will be able to withhold his onslaught. 

Kassadin is not an easy Champion but is one I hold near and dear. I highly recommend anyone to give him a try, as there are not many Champions like him in the game. 

6. Katarina

Katarina is one of my favorite Champions to date. Though I don’t play her often, or ever really, I still hold a high level of love for her. Both character and Champion-wise, Katarina is a beautiful Champion for the highly skilled players. Differing from Kassadin vastly, she takes much more skill to execute flawlessly. 

While most Champions on here can just point, click and kill – Katarina needs much more thought than that. Every move she makes has to be meticulously initiated, making her one of the most challenging Champions ever. Katarina can butcher the enemy team with seemingly no effort when she falls into the right hands. 

Her Laning is straightforward and unexciting. She won’t have her full combo unlocked before she gets to level 6, as with most burst Champions. Therefore, she will remain dormant for a while, but that won’t last long. Post level 6, Katarina will prioritize roaming around the map, seeking kills to snowball as quickly as possible. 

After that, it’s hunting season. Katarina doesn’t take much to snowball and will hunt her enemies down wherever they might hide. With as much mobility as one could wish for, Katarina can run rampant on her opponents, with nothing helping their escape. 

As I’ve said in the beginning, I love Katarina. Thus, I have to recommend her to everyone and anyone. She offers so much fun that I just cannot even begin to describe it – you have to experience it. 

5. Malphite

This might be the most surprising entry on this list. Traditionally a tank Top Laner, Malphite is a genuine Mage if you wish to play him like that. He has an insanely high AP ratio on his spells, giving him insane damage with the tiniest bit of AP items. However, if you decide to go full AP, Malphite turns into a raging burst Mage that loves killing people instantly. 

Perhaps the most significant danger for squishies ever to exist, Malphite takes things slowly. Of course, he will have to wait for his level 6, but his Laning doesn’t rely on it. With his Q, Malphite can do severe damage against his opponent quickly. Though it has a high Mana cost, Malphite can use it consistently by picking up a corrupting potion or a Doran’s Ring early. 

After level 6, he becomes a true hunter that will stop at nothing to kill. His R, W, Q combo is enough to kill most Champions in the game. Each item Malphite builds only increases his potential, and he’s mostly unstoppable once he gets in range. Suicide runs are a breeze for him, as he can often take two or three people with him. 

I honestly hate Laning against a Tank Malphite anyway, and that’s only amplified against his AP version. So much damage comes from his spells that I just cannot help but wonder what Riot thought when designing him. I guess the wish to balance out his damage and tankiness gave birth to an unsuspecting burst Mage that everyone loves to hate.

At any rate, you should give him a try. There’s no similar experience in the game, and you’ll be surprised by just how much he can do when played correctly. 

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4. LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a well-known burst Mage in League of Legends. She’s a story told numerous times and as old as the game itself. Her reputation precedes her. However, it wouldn’t be a genuine article if I didn’t tell it once again, so let’s begin. 

LeBlanc will have her bursting unlocked from level 2 and onwards. She can do insane damage right off the bat with a start as early as this. Of course, this is what she’ll do immediately, trying to harass her opponent into submission. Her Q, W combo is all she needs to effectively burst a Champion, with experienced players effectively incorporating her E as well. 

Her Ultimate lets her re-cast her last used ability, which can only add to her bursting. I don’t have to go into much detail on her gameplay for you to understand how strong she can get. With as much mobility as one could wish for, she will roam around and get a ton of kills fast. She doesn’t even have to do this, as her strength by default is quite substantial. 

I highly recommend you give her a try next time you play Mid. 

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3. Veigar

Veigar is likely the strongest burst Mage ever to grace the Summoner’s Rift. This is literally all he does and can do – kill people. Forget everything you know about burst Mages or Champions in general with this crazed Yordle. He bends all expectations and reality itself, all to get as many kills as humanly possible.

With infinite scaling on his passive and abilities, Veigar can have over 1000 AP in a usual game. Every time he lands a spell on his opponent, he gets more AP, amplified through kills and farm. This grants Veigar so much snowballing potential that it’s unlocked almost immediately. By the time he gets any items, he won’t even need his Ultimate to kill effectively. His Q and W are all it takes for him to obliterate a Champion. 

He’s a Champion that rightfully lives in insane notoriety and infamy. Veigar can deal thousands of damage to any Champion with just a few button presses. Whether you’re a Tank, a squishy, or anything else – Veigar just doesn’t care. His Ultimate alone can deal 1500 or 2000 damage, which is enough to tell you how strong his bursting is. 

I highly recommend Veigar. He’s a Champion with which you cannot make mistakes. The margin of error is so insane that even a child could play him. In the right hands, he makes for a genuinely berserk Mage on the path of destruction. 

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2. Evelynn

Everyone’s favorite Vampire seductress always has to be on any list, even vaguely relating to her. Of course, she will be on a bursting one, as her damage is something of a marvel. Able to execute Champions in mere seconds, this prowling Assassin Mage enjoys murder a bit too much. 

Evelynn is our first and only Jungler on this list. She will prioritize hiding in the shadows, slowly but surely lurking towards you – waiting to pounce for the kill. Her Jungling is excellent and fast, leaving her with enough time to gank. Her sustain will keep her healthy, meaning she won’t be recalling too often. 

Evelynn’s base damage is so high that she only needs one complete item, and it’s smooth sailing. She will have the only difficult time pre-level six before getting her invisibility. Invisibility is a remarkable skill, and Evelynn uses it to the fullest. Despite having that proximity vision, I could argue that she even utilizes it better than Shaco. 

I love Evelynn so much – if that wasn’t evident from this detailed praise she is receiving right now. I think that everyone should at least give her a try. She’s definitely among my top Junglers to play since she is so fun. I’ve grown tired of most Junglers, and when I picked her up, it revitalized my liking for the Role. Just do it. 

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1. Fizz

Fizz is a Champion that I find most infuriating out of all on this list. Annoying even more than Veigar, Fizz enjoys as much hate as love from the community. Versatile, mobile, and insanely powerful, Fizz can jump around the map with his giant shark – seeking to do damage and get kills. 

He’s a traditional Mid Laner with an occasional spell in the Jungle and on Top. In whatever Role he plays, he does exceptionally well. Preventing his snowball has become somewhat of a meme, as it is impossible. You can do it, but it takes focusing all of your team’s attention on him, which isn’t really an option. 

Before level 6, he will have a ton of damage, but not that much. His Ultimate is his primary tool for carrying out executions, and his combo just isn’t complete without it. However, Fizz gets strong enough to use only his Q, W, and E in the late game for a full combo. The shark, while amplifying his combo, won’t be a necessity. 

Fizz isn’t exactly an easy Champion, nor is he difficult. His early game and reliance on the shark skill shot do make for a challenging experience. But if you manage through it and reach the later stages, playing Fizz becomes a breeze. His bursting is so insane that he can kill people in the blink of an eye, sometimes leaving even him wondering just how he did it. 

I recommend Fizz to just about anyone. Though I loathe seeing him on the Lane, I just have to do it. He’s excellent, and there’s a ton of potential to him, so go and give him a try. 

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League of Legends Mages are all notorious for their damage. However, not all can do it fast and directly like the Champions above. I highly recommend you give them all a spin and experience firsthand what they’re capable of. And trust me, their potential is not small. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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