Best Camille Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best

Camille is a champion focused on precision, calculated moves, and balance. Also known as The Steel Shadow, she falls under the Divers category under the Bruiser class. Her kit makes her a strong duelist whose kit provides enough agility and defense to go up against multiple champion classes.

The champion is quite famous in the League of Legends Professional scene. Teams have always contested picked her over the years. This factor has made the toplane champion popular for a long time.

Not only that, Camille has another peculiarity – her skins. Her skins cost 1350 RP each, and they exhibit her precise trademark. While they are four in total, each brings unique aspects for players to experience the champion.

We have put together the Best Camille Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best for this post. We have covered you, from brilliant recall animations to efficient visual effects.

4. Program Camille

Program Camille portrays the champion as an AI property of PROJECT corporation. She handles high-risk assassinations and ‘judgment’ missions. Her core programming concentrates on bringing justice to the city where she operates.

The skin excellently presents the champion as an AI with a green techy theme. It features robotic particles that contribute to the overall vibe of the skin. Also, Program Camille has one of the best of her recall animations.

However, the skin retains the same passive icon as Original Camille. It also feels less smooth compared to the other skins. I’ll point out that this skin coming in last place doesn’t mean it is worth buying; you could check it out if it appeals to you.

Fun Fact: Program Camille gets disassembled during her recall animation before disappearing to the fountain. She reassembles at the fountain.


  • Program Theme
  • It has one of the best recall animations


  • It might feel underwhelming to some players.
  • It retains the same passive indicator as to the Original Camille.

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3. Arcana Camille

Arcana Camille is the latest of her skins. Riot released the skin in the first half of 2021, with Arcana Tahm Kench and Arcana Lucian. The skin has a majestic splash that makes Camille look like a vintage work of art.

The skin takes on a predominantly red theme that exhibits the champion’s lofty nature in-game. It has smooth visual and sound effects and her best recall animations. Arcana Camille brings a new perspective to the champion when using it.

It accentuates a crisp sense of duty that several players have found refreshing. However, the skin feels underwhelming to two other Camille skins. We will get to that in a bit.

Fun Fact: Towards the end of her recall animation, Camille takes the form of a magical playing card before disappearing to the fountain.


  • Vintage look
  • Arcana theme
  • Awesome recall animation
  • Unique visual and sound effects
  • Hextech ultimatum has lunar cycle symbols on its edges.


  • One would expect more from a skin released in 2021

2. IG Camille

Riot released IG Camille to celebrate Ning, IG’s toplaner for wining the 2018 League World Championship. While it costs the same amount of RP as the other skins, IG Camille has a splash art that portrays a more serious side of the champion.

The skin has the Black and White theme peculiar to Invictus Gaming (IG). It also has unique visual and sound effects that make it rank higher than her other skins except one. Also, the champion takes on a blonde appearance here.

You will enjoy the smooth particles and feel of this skin as it manages to combine the effects of her abilities while making them less flashy and distracting.

Fun Fact: IG Camille sprouts two black wings when using her E – Hookshot ability.


  • IG theme
  • Smooth particles
  • Unique visual and sound effects
  • Good recall animation
  • Badass splash art
  • Camille goes blonde!


  • Some players might want something more flashy.

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1. Coven Camille

Coven Camille has the best splash art of all her skins. It comes from the Coven universe where a group of witches – Camille included – keep trying to bring back the Old Gods. Camille’s Patron god is the Ram hence the horns on her head.

The skin retains the Coven theme complete, with the dark effects, ethereal voices, and raven feathers. It has smooth particles that help keep combos from distracting players. Also, the skin has an excellent recall animation and has gathered quite a lot of fans among Camille players.


  • Unique recall animations
  • Coven theme
  • Camille got horns!
  • Cool visual and sound effects


  • Though the Ram is her patron god, the skin has no influence of the Ram apart from the horns, unlike some Coven skins.


Compiling the Best Camille Skins was quite tricky because of many things. Firstly, all her skins cost the same amount of RP. Secondly, they all have smooth particles and unique themes and animations.

Also, her skins show the precision for which the community knows her—however, little details matter, which helped us differentiate between her skins.

Finally, we recommend that you pick any of her skins that call to you. The reason is that they cost the same and regardless of the one you pick, you will love it.

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