Top 7 Best Carry Supports in League of Legends

League of Legends Supports are usually a preconceived concept, created by Riot as control and complementary Champions. However, some Champions can cross the threshold between a Support and a Carry, entering the Carry Support category. 

The following list comprises the 7 best Carry Supports in League of Legends. These beasts can both provide the team with great utility while managing to do insane damage. Some can even forsake their ADC entirely and instead focus on their own carrying prowess. 

Though a unique case, more than a few qualify for the category. With how volatile and changeable the meta has become, it’s no wonder that Champion pools only seem to be growing. In any case, we’ve managed to compile this list no matter how hard. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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7. Brand

Brand is one of the most powerful AP Supports out there and just so happens to be a fantastic carry Champion. His kit revolves around doing percentage-based damage, which gives him great stats to begin with. This only grows as the game progresses, with Brand becoming more robust and able to obliterate health bars like there’s no tomorrow. 

Brand’s early game starts off well. All he needs is level 3, and he’s pretty much set until the mid-game. There’s a ton of damage in his kit, both AOE and single-target. He can harass the enemy ADC and Support, causing them to lose on a ton of farm, and likely even XP. His zoning skills are impeccable, and a good Brand player can make life a living hell for his opponents. 

He wouldn’t be on this list without a near-perfect late game. Brand becomes a fiery beast capable of literally blowing up his opponent’s HP. By employing the percentage-based damage mentioned above, Brand can shred through even the tankiest Champions. His team fighting potential is also worth noting, with his Ultimate being notoriously powerful in these situations. 

All in all, Brand lives up to his fame as a potent AP Support. His popularity is justified, and you should join in on the fun while it lasts. You never know when Riot is going to nerf a good Champion. 

6. Zyra

Zyra is a pseudocarry, meaning that despite being a Support, she will emerge as an AP Carry during the late game. This insane carry capability is perhaps why she’s currently considered among the best Supports in the game. 

When I started playing League back in 2012/13, Zyra was often a Champion you’d find on Mid. Ever since her inception, she’s always gravitated towards an AP Carry role in the game, though as the game evolved, she found a comfortable place in Bot as a Support. 

Don’t be fooled by her Support nature. Zyra can dish out insane burst and over-time damage from the earliest points in the game. During the Laning Phase, she can harass, poke, and prepare to engage with her roots. 

However, the Late Game is where she shines, and her damage will be insane. With her Ultimate, Zyra can be one of the most intimidating team fighters. She can knock up the entire enemy team for a solid duration and deal massive damage beforehand.

Zyra is a Mage and an AP Carry veiled in a Support’s clothing. Never let your guard down when facing this thorny menace, as she can shred you like paper. 

5. Veigar

Veigar is likely the strongest burst Mage ever to grace the Summoner’s Rift. This is literally all he does and can do – kill people. Forget everything you know about burst Mages or Champions in general with this crazed Yordle. No matter where he’s played, he manages to do enough and more – bending reality to his will and turning all odds into wins. 

I mean, he doesn’t even need to hit people to get bonus AP. 

With infinite scaling on his passive and abilities, Veigar can have over 1000 AP in a usual game. Every time he lands a spell on his opponent, he gets more AP, amplified through kills and farm. This grants Veigar so much snowballing potential that it’s unlocked almost immediately. By the time he gets any items, he won’t even need his Ultimate to kill effectively. His Q and W are all it takes for him to obliterate a Champion. 

He’s a Champion that rightfully lives in insane notoriety and infamy. Veigar can deal thousands of damage to any Champion with just a few button presses. Whether you’re a Tank, a squishy, or anything else – Veigar just doesn’t care. His Ultimate alone can deal 1500 or 2000 damage, which is enough to tell you how strong his bursting is. 

I highly recommend Veigar. He’s a Champion with which you cannot make mistakes. The margin of error is so insane that even a child could play him. In the right hands, he makes for a genuinely berserk Mage on the path of destruction. 

4. Senna

Senna is a compelling and unique Support case when it comes to carrying. Being an AD marksman, she is basically an ADC in a Support’s clothing. With an infinite scaling passive, she can get insanely powerful just by attacking enemies. Farming and items aren’t even required to have Senna reach her prime. 

She can approach aggressively to her Laning, seeking only to damage the enemies as much as possible. She can collect passive stacks that grant her AD, range, Armor, etc. It’s literally the only thing she ever needs to be a good carry. Though a Support, Senna rarely exerts actual Supporting mechanics, prioritizing instead her carry side.

Senna also has a ton of utility to play the genuine Support. With heals and shields, Senna keeps her team safe from harm. This duality of ADC and Support makes Senna quite the unique case. Despite her prime being long past, Senna is still a trendy pick in almost every division. All Support players appreciate what she can do, and you shouldn’t be underestimating her. 

I recommend Senna to the Supports that also love ADC. Also, if you’re an ADC auto-filled into Support, Senna is a perfect choice. She’s a fantastic Champion with a ton of damage and utility – what more could you want? 

3. Pyke

Riot Games never went out of their way to design a Support as an Assassin or Fighter. Well, except for Pyke. He was an experimental attempt to create something new and refreshing and spice up the Support role. 

It backfired for them, however. Pyke never seemed to wish to stay in the Support role, and he has seen action both in the Jungle and on Mid. The latter one was so popular at some point that it spawned dozens of viral videos detailing how to play him. 

As a Support, Pyke is as good as they come. He has a good pull, a long-lasting stun, and tons of damage. That Ultimate also gives Pyke and his ADC a ton of extra gold, causing them to snowball rapidly. 

Pyke can, therefore, buff his ally exponentially through means of killing. He can prioritize going for kills himself without any cost to his fellow ADC. He will benefit the ADC by taking kills, as they will gain additional gold. 

Pyke is an incredible Support, and I highly recommend you give him a try. 

2. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz has been around for a while and is undoubtedly a powerful one. Prioritizing damage overdoing the traditional Support stuff, Vel’Koz will drive his enemies insane with his excellent spells. With long-range and even true damage, he can harass his opponents endlessly, allowing his ADC to farm worry-free.

Vel’Koz starts off strong and only grows from there. His passive applies stacks that explode, dealing true damage. This gives him leverage over Tanks and squishies alike, making him challenging to fend off. His range is also a marvel, allowing Vel’Koz to keep a great distance while hammering away with his lasers. 

He also has a nice knock-up that can disrupt engaging enemies. Those that try to escape can also be swiftly prevented. Vel’Koz becomes an essential factor by the late game due to his amazing Ultimate. It can deal insane amounts of damage to the entire enemy team, allowing his allies to make quick work of them. 

There’s not much to be said about him due to his lack of any mechanical depth. His spells are straightforward and require no more than a single-use to understand. However, he is dependent on skill shots, so some players might want to stay clear. I recommend Vel’Koz to players who favor damage over utility at the end of the day. 

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1. Shaco

Shaco is a weird one and the uncanny valley entry on this list. Recently, there has been a surge of Shaco Supports that all had varying builds. As Shaco is a Champion who can be played both AP or AD, I consider him viable for this list – he’s just too strange, off-meta, and weird not to. 

Most of your Supporting endeavors with Shaco will be tied into using your stealth and boxes to catch enemies off guard. IF that’s not the case, you’ll simply be poking them with your Shiv, acting as a control/harass Support. 

Once you leave the Lane, it’s just plain old Shaco. You’ll build your regular items and become the insane clown Assassin you always were. Only this time, you might have a Support item on hand. 

Shaco’s simple; wherever you cast him – he’s just the same. I just found it very funny and exciting to see him become a Support, and he just had to be on this list. 


League of Legends has a ton of Champions on its roster, and the Support role is no exception. Despite narrowing down the Champions pool with a particular category, it’s still not easy to compile these lists. If you want to help us improve our format, be sure to leave feedback down below. It’s always lovely to hear back from the community we seek to help. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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