7 Best CC Champions in League of Legends

CC and Stuns are some of the most vital mechanics in League of Legends. Having a lot of CC/Stuns on your team can help you win that game-deciding team fight. But, it isn’t reserved only for big clashes – CC is essential to have on the Lane and during the mid-game. There are many Champions in League’s diverse roster that can apply CC to enemies.

Over 60 Champions in the game can perform some form of CC, and I’ve cut that list down to the 7 Best CC Champions. This list will surely help you have the best possible option on your team to amplify your CC potential and dominate the Lane and the game. 

As a third of the entire roster has CC, this list is based on my experiences so far with the game. This is subject to change with every patch, so try to look at the list objectively. 

So, without further ado – prepare your Cleanse as we begin with the 7 Best CC Champions in League of Legends. 

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7. Veigar

Veigar is one of the fastest casters in the entire game. He can dish out many of his spells in quick succession and then repeat the process just a few seconds later. He can spam his spells at the enemies in the late game – almost as if he was playing a URF game. This low cooldown and soft reliance on precision give Veigar much power, including the CC aspect. 

His E is a very tedious spell to deal with as a Champion that lacks any sort of Blink spell. If he manages to trap you in the cage, you will have to either Flash over or stay within it until the duration is over. If you try to walk out, it will stun you – and that Stun lasts for a long time

Veigar can use his W with a solid AOE to shove you towards the edges and force you into stunning yourself, as you won’t have much choice. The W can deal tremendous damage that eviscerates health bars; therefore, a two-second stun might be better. Or so you’d think. 

If you get stunned by Veigar’s E, you’ll notice that those two seconds last a lot longer than they seem. This gives Veigar (or his allies) time to use everything they have on you and send you back to the fountain with an express ticket. 

The AOE aspect of this ability means that Veigar can trap in or stun multiple opponents at once, making this one of the most powerful spells in the entire game. Combine this with a spammable cooldown, and you’ve got yourself a CC beast that will dominate his Lane and the late game. 

6. Nautilus

Nautilus is a Support Tank that can hold enemies in place for a solid amount of time. Though most of his kit revolves around other sources of CC, he has a Stun as well. I will, more or less, regard any form of CC (except Slows) as Stuns. 

This is because they are. If it immobilizes the Champion completely – it’s a Stun. The only exception to this might be Snares which only pin a Champion’s movement while attacking still remains possible. 

Nautilus’ Q is a pull that will Stun the enemy and pull both you and them closer to each other. You will meet at the middle of the spell’s range, allowing you to get up in their face and smash them with your big anchor. 

The first basic attack on a Champion will snare them and prevent them from moving. If they manage to survive after these two engages, you can then use your Ultimate for an easy point-and-click knock-up that deals solid damage apart from lasting long. 

These three are your primary sources of CC, apart from your E’s relatively strong slow. Using them in combination and sequence will render any Champion you all-in dead on the spot, as they won’t be able to do almost anything to save themselves. 

Of course, other enemies might intervene, but you’ll surely take at least one of them down with you. Nautilus is easy, cheap, and an excellent Champion to play. Try him out sometime if you get auto-filled in the Support role. 

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5. Morgana

Morgana is a Champion that has been notorious for her Stuns ever since she touched the Rift in 2009. Players often wonder why they’re not getting the AFK warning after Morgana hits them with her Q. 

My theory is the fact that she obliterates you and kills you before the game can kick you. She’s one of the most robust CC Champions ever made in League of Legends, both in single and multi-targeted casts. 

As you might’ve guessed, Morgana’s Q is one of the longest-lasting Stun spells in the game. It can last for three seconds when maxed, which can seem an eternity in real-time. In these 3 seconds, considering you have no tenacity, Morgana herself or, with the help of her allies, can send you back to your base without any effort spent. 

Apart from lasting long as a CC, her Q also deals a crap ton of damage. She usually combines this with her W to do massive damage. 

When it comes to multi-targeted CC, Morgana’s Ultimate is the name of the game here. She can Flash in Ulti and Zhonya’s into an entire enemy team and stun most of them after a short cast duration. This Stun lasts for 1.5 seconds, meaning that if landed on more than one or two opponents, Morgana’s team literally wins the fight right then and there. 

As one of the oldest Champions in the game, she’s remained simple and easy to use despite being recently updated. Like the previous two, she’s simple to learn and doesn’t have too much mechanical depth. Learning her combos will make you a CC master and allow you to annoy the hell out of the enemy team. 

4. Kennen

Kennen is a Champion whose entire kit can proc a stun. This all stems from his passive that applies lightning stacks on enemies whenever Kennen lands an ability. Hell, his W even adds the passive stacking to his basic attacks on every fifth attack. At any rate, when the stacks get to three, they will pop to Stun the enemy for 1.25 seconds. 

When you realize that stacks can be applied to multiple enemies at once, you can understand how powerful this Champion’s CC and Stunning can be. When talking single-target Stuns, Kennen can annoy his opposing Laner into madness with the constant stunning. 

He is an energy-based Champion, meaning that he will scarcely run out of it. Even when he does, it will replenish in a few seconds. This allows literal spell spamming and infinite stacking, giving a good Kennen player the ability to dominate the Lane. 

Later on, when team fights become the usual occurrence, Kennen will have the capacity to Stun multiple enemies at once and more than only one time. His stacks can be immediately reapplied after the Stun pops. Though the next Stun will last shorter if activated within 6 seconds of the previous, it will still be substantial and interrupting enough. 

His Ultimate alone can apply stacks with each lightning strike, and a well-placed Flash-Ultimate combo with Kennen can single-handedly win a team fight. He is similar to Morgana, though much more powerful and easier to use. Try him out, and you won’t regret it. 

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3. Jax

Although not as powerful in multi-target situations as the previous mentions, Jax has his high place for a very good reason. He has no cooldowns, especially so in the late game. Early on, his E – the only Stun in his kit – has a relatively high cooldown, which diminishes as the game progresses and will quickly become a spammable spell once you get some items going. 

Jax is a single-target nightmare and has one of the best engagement capabilities in the game. His Q alone can close the gap between you and your enemies, and a pre-activated E can stun one or multiple opponents in a solid AOE around him. 

This Stun also lasts for a solid amount, and as a Jax Main, I’ve had a lot more impactful single and multi-target stuns than you’d believe. It is so easy to use that you might wonder why it is even in the game. 

Jax’s simplicity allows him to be ridiculously powerful, as there’s no spell in his entire kit that takes even the slightest effort to use correctly. Use your E and jump in with your Q. That’s about it for Jax’s Stun strategy. 

Avoid team fighting if your Flash is not up, as it can allow you to perform a Flash-E or Flas-E-Q combo that can Stun vital targets or even multiple vital targets. 

The longevity of this Stun will give your team apt time to dish out damage and remove these enemies from the fight and provide you with the chance to be at their face and beat them to a pulp with your lamp. Imagine if he had a real weapon. I just don’t want to even think about it. 

2. Udyr

Why is Udyr so high on this list, you might be asking yourself. The fact that he can reapply the Stun with 0 effort every few seconds is enough to make him number one if the number one spot wasn’t already taken. Everything about Udyr is speed and might, and his bear stance, i.e., his E, is one of the mightiest forms he can take. 

When activated, it gives him movement speed and the ability to stun on his next attack. He can’t stun the same opponent twice in a row, but the per-target cooldown is so low that he can lock you in place every few seconds. 

He can keep doing this until you’re either dead or you somehow manage to escape, as Udyr’s quick stance switching gives him more and more movement speed. The E itself has the most significant movement speed buff out of all his stances, meaning that he will be running you down and stunning you forever. There’s nothing else to say besides my honest recommendations for this Champion. 

Trick2G knows his reasons for playing him so much, and you should too. He’s simple and very unique. He’s the only Champion of his type in the entire game, so make sure you don’t miss out on this before he is eventually reworked or ruined by Riot. 

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1. Leona  

There’s a reason why Udyr couldn’t be number one. As long as Leona exists, she will be the number one in terms of Stuns. Everything, every single spell about this Champion is about stunning the opponent. 

Most of them are single targeted, but there’s some multi-target Stunning in there as well. I hate playing against Leona, and I’m not alone in that regard. You’ll often see Leona banned in the Champion Select screen, and for a good reason. 

Many Bot Lane players prefer a passive-aggressive playstyle during the Laning Phase. They’ll poke each other, focus on the farm and look for only the most secure opportunities to strike. With Leona, everything changes. She’s an aggressive Champion who can pin down and stun lock the enemy Laner forever. 

Her Q is a single targeted Stun, and it lasts forever. Her E is a skill shot, single target stun, and it too lasts forever. Her Ultimate is an AOE Stun/Slow. Enemies will be stunned for a solid duration in the very center of the spell, while those around will be slowed. 

You can see how much CC she packs in just three spells of her kit. She’s parasitic in her playstyle, meaning she will constantly stick to you using her E that you can rarely escape her without either Flashing or using a similar escape tool. Not everyone has such escape tools so baiting your Flash is her expertise. 

Leona can keep you Stun locked for multiple seconds, giving both her and her allies time to remove you from the fight. She’s one of the best Supports in the game and has been for quite some time. As I’ve said, as long as she exists, she will have her place on top of any CC/Support list. A simple, mighty, and impactful Champion – Leona truly is the Queen of Stuns. 


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select seven of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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