Best Challenger Augments in Teamfight Tactics (2022)

Augments in  Teamfight Tactics are permanent bonuses that are added to the player’s hexcore.

Augment Choices

Throughout the game, the player is offered three choices of augments. During each choice the player must select one out of three augments. Each augment has a rarity (silver, gold, or prismatic).

Over 140 possible TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augments can show up in an Armory, with over 80 more getting added in Set 6.5 Neon Nights. Each player receives options that are equal in power and come from the same tier but are different from each other. A total of three tiers of Hextech Augments exist in Set 6.5: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic.

Some options have multiple versions across tiers, while others are unique. Hextech Augments mean to shift the focus off of TFT items, opening the door for flexible gameplay while also possibly doubling down on early-game decisions.

Options are offered to players a total of three times throughout a game via a Hextech Augment Armory. These Armories will appear at Stages 1-3, 3-5, and 5-1. Hyper Roll Hextech Augments will appear at Stages 3-1, 5-2, and 7-2. The total chance of a Prismatic game in TFT Set 6.5 was increased from 31 to 33 percent

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How to See Augments Explanations In-Game

Players can see what Hextech Augments opponents have received, along with their own, via stationary Hextechs on the board. Right-clicking on the symbols above each Hextech will reveal the Hextech Augments. Prior to the Nov. 3 Set Six launch, Augments Scoped Weapons and Tinker were removed from the list of possible Hextech Augments.

Following Patch 11.24, Innovator Heart was no longer offered as a first Hextech Augment choice, and Innovator Soul was removed as a third Augment option. Silver-tier effects that granted an emblem were renamed to Crests, with a number of them also granting a champion from that trait. And some Prismatic-tier Soul effects were changed to Crown.

From being able to level up to 10 to free Shop refreshes each round, here’s every possible TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augment and its effect, divided up into the three possible

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The time has come to expand our list of guides for patch 6.5 of TFT. In our previous articles, we have talked about Innovators and Sniper compositions. With many more to cover, our top pick of the day is The Challenger composition. This composition is a very strong and dependent choice. If you like high-speed-high-damage compositions, Challengers are the best choice for you. 

Challenger Trait currently holds two of the most powerful units in the game: Trynda and Kai’Sa. These two are incredible powerhouses, as proper itemization on them allows you to win pretty much any matchup. While the Challengers tend to be relatively easy to play, most of the units in the final composition require a lot of Gold and luck to be acquired on time, so you’ll have to know how to properly transition the build into something powerful. In this Teamfight Tactics Challenger Build Guide, I will show the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Challenger build and how to play it throughout the early, mid, and late game, which are the best Hextech Augments for this build, as well as how to gear and position your units.

Challengers get bonus Attack Speed. Upon scoring a takedown, Challengers dash to a new target and double this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

  • 2 – 25% Attack Speed
  • 4 – 55% Attack Speed
  • 6 – 90% Attack Speed
  • 8 – 150% Attack Speed

Top 5 Best Challenger Augments

  1. Challenger Heart: Your team counts as having one additional Challenger and gain a Quinn.
  2. Challenger Emblem: Gain a Challenger Emblem and a Quinn.
  3. Challenger Crest: Gain two Challenger Emblems.
  4. Study the Blade: All units benefit from the Challenger trait as though they were Challenger. This does not affect the number of Challenger units. Gain a Quinn.
  5. En Garde: The first time an enemy is attacked by a Challenger unit, they are disarmed for a total of 2.5 seconds. Gain a Warwick.

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Augments are for sure something that Riot has brought in, not too long ago and they have become the staple sign of TFT. I can not imagine a game without them and the fact that we had a couple of sets in The Teamfight Tactics without them is incredible to me. I just don’t even remember how that used to work since they are one of the most, or maybe even the most influential part of the Tamfight Tactics game and are an integral part of every composition out there.

So we have learned that The Challenger comp is not the one you want to mess with, since in combination with The Clockworks, they make a mighty duo. I am led to believe that they aren’t picked much as well, so in the lower elo’s, you can abuse this to your advantage. This comp is one of the simpler comps and can be taken up rather quickly. 

If you get on the losing streak while waiting for your units and levels, remember not to worry since patience always pays off.

In the latest stages of the game, try to mix your champions a little since your opponent cant be adjusting his team to inflict you as much damage as he can. Remember that your frontline is there to stall until your dmg dealing units start with their spells. That’s where the fun really begins.

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