Top 5 Best Champions to Buy For 450 Blue Essence (BE)

Upon first downloading the game, you are hit with the reality that after the first 10 levels blue essence is scarce at most and champion shards are the only viable way of getting an expensive champion you like. 

Champions are spread across varying amounts of BE, from 450 on (usually) old releases to 7800 on newer ones. The rankings below are listed for the 450 BE tier

When picking a champion worth only 450 BE, there are a healthy amount of options to consider. The champions in this tier are Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Kayle, Master Yi, Nunu and Willump, Poppy, Ryze, Singed, Sivir, Soraka, and Warwick.

The champions that have the most bang for BE in terms of how strong they are in the everchanging meta of League are the ones that have made it into the top 5 recommendations

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5. Soraka – The Healer

Soraka is one of the earliest support champions released in League of Legends, making her very consistent and reliable. Her decade-long history of being tried and tested goes a long way toward shaping her into what she is today – a champion that doesn’t get completely revamped from one patch to another.

Soraka is the Queen of healing in League of Legends. No champion in the game can beat Soraka when it comes to raw healing ability. In certain patches, she has surpassed a whopping 52% win-rate consistently due to her sheer stats in terms of health provided to allies.

In addition, any assassin main will tell you that diving an AD carry with Soraka under their tower is utter agony. The silence on her E ability has the power to single-handedly turn the tide, rendering the dive useless 

If this isn’t enough of a reason for you to give her a try, Soraka is amongst the most accessible champions in the game to learn and master, giving her the 5th spot on the list.

4. Ashe – The Utility ADC

Among the early ADC champions of the time, Ashe stands out from the crowd. Sure, she still auto attacks, but additionally, she has the longest stun duration in the game on her ultimate. On top of that, she is the only champion in the game who can potentially permanently slow her target with her passive upon auto-attacking someone.

Furthermore, Ashe’s kit is very simplistic due to her being added to the roster as one of the first AD carries, all while maintaining her unique playstyle.

This does not mean every aspect of playing Ashe is easy though. Playing Ashe eventually makes you learn the attack-move mechanic. This isn’t mandatory, but it allows you to excel on her. By default, Ashe’s ability to have burst potential is replaced with her permanent slow on every auto attack.

This makes Ashe very easy to learn and somewhat hard to fully master. Once you do, she is extremely potent in melting tanks and bruisers while also going head-to-head versus the popular AD carries, landing her the 4th spot on our list.

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3. Warwick – The Tanky Jungler

Warwick has been known to have one of the best jungle clears in the game, all while having little to no issue dueling any champion pre-level 6. Let’s take a look at why that is:

Warwick has a mechanic in his kit that enhances his fighting capability with every dip in his health bar. Essentially, if someone hits Warwick, he hits back faster and heals proportionate to how low his health is. This gain in attack speed and health makes him unbeatable against most junglers in the game.

Warwick is also pretty easy to learn. To master him, you must learn the limits of his kits, along with the efficient utilization of his ultimate. 

Regardless, his semi-unique (only shared with Olaf) playstyle makes his dueling power amazing but also gives him a nice roundup. That is why he is placed 3rd on the list

2. Garen – DEMACIA!!

As you could tell by the heading, Garen loves screaming “Demacia” before you press Q to smack enemy champions with his sword while spinning until they’re low enough for the magic sword’s justice rain.

Garen is one of the simplest toplaners – if not the simplest in the game. Many people reach platinum or diamond playing him, taking advantage of his one-dimensional playstyle. If you compared Garen’s ability description with a newer champion, you would be amazed at how they are even from the same game, let alone the same power level.

This works towards Garen’s advantage because what he lacks in pure skill expression, he makes up for in obnoxious amounts of stats, high resistances, base AD, health, and ratios on abilities. Not to mention, his skill ceiling is just absent, so if you already have an idea of how to play top lane properly, 10-15 games on Garen will be enough to “master” him.

Some players love the simplicity Garen has to offer, and this simplicity does wonders for his power level due to the way the game balances older versus newer mechanics. This makes him good enough to land the 2nd spot on the list

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1. Kayle – The Toplane Hypercarry

While some people may be quick to call Kayle as one-dimensional as Garen, it is also important to consider why she is so unique as a toplaner. Even though her gameplay primarily resolves around auto-attacking, she is the only champion in the game that is both fully melee and fully ranged at different points in the game.

At the beginning of the game, Kayle is melee, with a ranged ability on her e. Upon hitting level 6 and as soon as you upgrade her ultimate, she becomes ranged. Then upon hitting level 11, she gains conditional area of effect (AOE) damage on her auto attacks, and on level 16 she gains unconditional AOE damage.

This makes her the type of champion that has very low power early on (with the exception of level 1 with certain runes) and Unfair levels of power upon reaching 16 and having 3+ items. Certainly, she is hit or miss sometimes, but once you adapt to her playstyle and pick her into the right matchups, there is no other feeling in this 450 BE class that can match Kayle.

If this makes you want to give Kayle a try then go right ahead! Her amazing power level matched with her not-so-hard-to-learn kit makes her the perfect option for someone looking to have some fun while also being skill expressive. It also makes her worthy of the 1st spot on the list.

Final Thoughts

Every person who has downloaded League has been at the point of not knowing what champion to buy when all you have is 1000 blue essence, So we are hopeful this does indeed help those of you out there who have been looking for such a guide.

These champions are not perfect, and in comparison to some more expensive ones they may not be equal in terms of fun or ease of use, but that does not mean they are bad by any means.

We have tried our best to be unbiased in the ranking of these champions. So please do let us know if you feel the same as we do after giving them a try, along with any other suggestions you may have in the comments section below!

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