Top 7 Best Champions for First Strike Rune

Top 7 Best Champions for First Strike Rune

First Strike is the latest rune in League of Legends that has an interesting effect. It allows you to deal additional damage to the enemy champions after you engage in combat. Once the duration is over, you will get gold based on how much bonus damage you dealt. This is a great rune to gain more gold and deal a bit of extra damage. 

As such, there are certain champions that make the best use of this rune, and some champions can even abuse it. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best champions for the First Strike rune in League of Legends.

The best champions for the First Strike rune are:

  • Lux
  • Gangplank
  • Ezreal
  • Ziggs
  • Zyra
  • Akali
  • Viktor

If you want to know why these champions are so good with this rune, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top 7 best champions for the First Strike rune in League of Legends.

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7. Lux

Lux Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Lux is one of the best champions that can abuse this rune. Since she deals a lot of poke damage, you can earn free gold without doing a lot of work. Continue to spam your E and you will gain insane amounts of gold that will allow you to purchase your items easily. 

However, keep in mind that you will lack some damage because this rune doesn’t allow you to poke like you would be Arcane Comet. If that isn’t a major concern, then you will be able to gain gold quickly and be ahead of the enemy. 

While this might be a slight problem in the early game, you won’t notice the absence of Arcane Comet during the late game. In fact, you will one-shot enemies thanks to having your items quickly. After killing them with your combo, you will get a lot of gold even in the late game. 

6. Gangplank

Gangplank Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Just like Ezreal (the next champion on our list), Gangplank is a solid user of First Strike. He made a lot of gold using the Kleptomancy rune back in season 10 when it was still in the game. However, after Riot Games removed it, Gangplank has been using the Grasp of the Undying. 

While it is still a great rune for the champion, it isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be after the nerf. So, going for First Strike will allow you to get your power spike earlier and start one shotting the enemy carries. Thanks to your low cooldown Q, you can get a lot of gold during the laning phase. Plus, if you deal damage with your barrel and it lands a critical strike, you will be rich within seconds. 

5. Ezreal

Ezreal Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Ezreal is one of those champions that makes the best use of runes that allow you to earn extra gold. He was the biggest user of the Kleptomancy rune before it was changed into First Strike. While you might want to go for Conquerer for consistent damage, choosing First Strike is also quite good. 

Thanks to your low cooldown abilities, you can spam your Q and gain tons of extra gold and deal a lot of damage as well. The more damage you deal, the more bonus gold you get. Combine your Q with your W and you will be making bank while practically doing nothing. 

This is a great method to get your items faster and become quite strong. Once you get your items, it is extremely difficult to kill a fed Ezreal. Since your items provide both damage and tanky stats, you will be almost unkillable if you get ahead of the enemy bot lane. 

The best part is that you do not have to put yourself in any type of danger since you can easily use your Q to damage the enemy from a distance. Plus, you can even use your ultimate to farm gold since it is a global ability. 

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4. Ziggs

Ziggs Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

I didn’t think that First Strike would be good on Ziggs but I was wrong. It is working exceptionally well on this champion thanks to a few things. He has a lot of low cooldown abilities that he can spam during the entirety of the game. On top of that, he also has ridiculous range and a lot of AoE damage as well. 

If you use all of your abilities on the enemy laner, you will gain a lot of gold. Now, if you use all your abilities on the entire enemy team, you will be rich without doing a lot of work. Plus, it isn’t difficult to deal damage to everyone on the enemy team. You need to press R and you can potentially damage everyone on their team. 

3. Zyra

Zyra Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Zyra is a strong support that isn’t seen a lot these days. However, if you do decide to play her, make sure that you choose the First Strike rune since it will get you a lot of gold by doing your basic combo. Her abilities allow you to easily poke the enemy laner while staying at a safe distance.

Due to this, you can get two birds with one stone. You will be poking the enemy bot lane so that they have to leave the farm and run back to base while earning tons of gold thanks to First Strike. Use your root ability and the rest of your spells once they are rooted to get the best results. 

Your ultimate help you benefit the most from this rune. Since it empowers all the plants inside it, you can use it to deal a lot of extra damage. Remember, the more bonus damage you deal, the more gold you get. 

2. Akali

Akali Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Just like Ezreal, Akali has an ability that she can spam during the laning phase. Since it has a low cooldown, you can use it to not only poke the enemy but gain a lot of extra gold. Use your Q on enemy champions to deal more damage to them and go all-in while being in your shroud.

This will allow you to be safe while dealing a lot of damage to the enemy. In most cases, you will force them to retreat while you safely farm the lane and push it. Since you will be getting a lot of gold, you will get your items faster than the enemy mid-laner. An Akali that is ahead is one of the most difficult champions to go up against. 

On top of that, your ultimate is one of the best things that you can use to proc this rune and gain gold. Also, keep in mind that you are not only gaining a lot of gold, but you are also dealing true damage to the enemy. 

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1. Viktor

Viktor Top Best Champion for First Strike Rune

Viktor has a good amount of poke in his kit, which makes him a great user of First Strike. During the laning phase, you can spam your Q to damage the enemy champion and gain gold. While the damage on your Q isn’t the best in the early game, it is good enough to lend you tons of free gold. 

On top of that, you can also use your E to deal more damage. This is also a great ability to clear the wave so make sure that you try to damage the enemy while hitting the minions as well. Finally, when you get your ultimate, you can earn tons of free gold by using your R on an enemy champion and letting it do the rest of the work. 

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